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5 characteristics of the mom | Moms

There are as many approaches to motherhood as there are moms on the planet.

There are the moms who practice attachment parenting; moms who breastfeed; moms who bottle feed.

There are the moms who birthed their children and the moms who became mothers through adoption

There are the suburban soccer moms; the stay-at-home moms; the career-driven moms and the single moms.

There are the moms who have one child; and the moms who have 19 children (well, there’s that one anyway).

There are the super-structured moms and the moms who don’t keep schedules. There are the perfectionist moms and the moms just wanting to be their kids’ best friend.

Suffice it to say, we moms are a diverse species.

But for as many variations there are of mothers there are, there are also some basic traits that we all share:

We’re all scardy cats. From the minute we know we’re pregnant to the first time we’re left alone with a new baby, we become afraid of what it all means. We’re afraid of screwing up and even when our babies get bigger, the worry never stops. Sending them off into the world alone, be it to kindergarten or college, is a scary thing.

We’re all crazy. We were all teenagers once, right? And we’ve signed up to live with (one or two or four or however many kids you have) of them 24/7. And don’t forget, we also sign up to get pooped on, puked on, and woken up every two to four hours for at least six months for every kid we add to our family.

We’re all clueless. Some of us talk a pretty good game about pretending to know what we’re doing. But no matter how many books you read or years under your belt, parenting is basically just a guessing game. No matter who are you, you always want to do the best by your kids, but it’s going to take a lot of guesswork to figure what works best for your kid.

We’re all our own worst critics. There will always something we could have handled differently or done better when it comes to our kids.

We’re all brave. For all that we are afraid, we choose to wake up every day loving our kids and hope that they’re secure enough to go out into the world and succeed without us. We give our hearts to these little people who have the power to trample on it or throw it back in out face, and yet we wake up every day and choose to love them.

We’re all members of the most prestigious club on earth.

parenting is basically just a guessing game.

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