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The real definition of friendship | Moms

The word friend or friendship can mean a lot to us at different times in our lives and each individual sees friendship in a different way.

Do you count your number of friends by how many you’ve added on your Facebook page?

Or do you count your friends by the ones you see once a week in church?

For many people these are considered friendships and that may be OK for those people, but it gives me the feeling that they do not know what a friendship should really be like.

I like to think that a friendship should stir up many feelings in us. It can make us happy and we feel loved.

We feel cared about because our friends listen to us and genuinely want to help if they can, and we can feel comforted by our friends in times of need.

Friendship is not shared with someone you see every once in awhile. Those people would be considered acquaintances.

And it isn’t someone who is only your friend when they need you – the act of friendship is always reciprocated.

A friend always tells you when you’re acting irrational, and they know how to say it in a polite or at least tactful way.

A friend is there for you when you are hurt, angry or stressed and instead of just letting you vent they give you some good advice to move forward with.

A friend wants to know how you are doing, not just by saying “hello” and “how are you?” when they happen to see you, but they genuinely care and want to know how you are.

They show you this by calling you, texting you or messaging you, and they do not give up until you answer.

Friends love you unconditionally, they know your faults and flaws and they choose to stand by your side anyway.

They are encouraging and uplifting and they never try to bring you down.

All friends have bad days. We are all human and we are entitled to have faults of our own, but a friend will also come to you, apologize, and ask your forgiveness when they have wronged you in some way.

The actual definition for friendship is: “The state of being a friend; association as friends: to value a person’s friendship.” It is also described as “a friendly relation, and a friendly feeling.”

I think that the definition definitely needs to be revamped because friendship means so much more than just being or the association you have with someone.

Friendship stands for so much more. I think that real friendships are the ones that help us to learn and grow!

Friends are amazing and incredibly necessary, especially for women I believe.

We need to have someone other than our spouse who we can connect with, share experiences with, laugh and cry with, and simply love.

You all have that certain friend, or maybe even a few, that you know you just couldn’t stand the thought of living without.

And if for some reason you are reading this and you do not have that kind of a friend, than I encourage you to find one!

Look me up if you’d like to, maybe we can be friends or I can steer you in the right direction of some amazing people.

A certain friend of mine who happens to be one of the smartest people I know, always has something wise to say even when she isn’t trying.

She has picked me up many times and helped me overcome obstacles when nobody else could.

Every day I am thankful for her and every single day I am thankful for my relationship with God, something in common we both share – I am thankful for this because that is what brought us together.

There are certainly people that we will always remember throughout our lives. Certain friends that have impacted us in some way at some point in our life journey, but the honest truth is that a real friendship is one that is active in your life and on-going, those are the friendships that are most important and deserve most of our focus.

We need to have someone other than our spouse who we can connect with...

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