Jill Fay: We will remember

My sweet little 5-year-old says the funniest, most off the wall things right out of the blue... all the time. She is so honest and innocent with her discoveries and opinions. When she learns something new, we are always sure to hear ALL about it.

Something she has learned in school recently and has shared with me is about the American flag. She points flags out wherever she notices them. I, on the other hand, have noticed I have had no eye during my busy life for these amazing waving symbols of freedom, history, pride, etc.

Either that or I have taken for granted the beauty of the red, white and blue waving through the beautiful air.

My daugther voluntarily shares that "the flag is for sad times and happy times. It flies full mast at happy times and half mast during sad times... like when people die."

And then she adds, "America has a birthday, Mom, and we are all happy and celebrate. It's the same month as my birthday."

Such sweet innocence! As she shares this information and I realize I don't ever seem to take time to think about these things, I am reminded that Memorial Day is coming up this weekend.

All those lives lost. For the fight. The fight for our freedom. Fight for our land. Fight for our beliefs. Or the rescuers who heroicly lost lives trying to save their fellow Americans, or those who have touched my life personally and individually. Family members, friends and servicemen. All these who have impacted and paved my American way of life. Thank you, God, for them. Thank you for those beautiful, blessed souls.

Remember your loved ones who have gone before you. Talk about them, keep ther memories alive and share the special historical meanings of our America with your children. My daughter has sparked my pride and appreciation for my country by her innocent love for our land, people and flag. Thank you, God, for the littles and continue to keep your American dreams alive in them. God Bless you all and those who have gone before us. Take time out to remember on Memorial Day.

Jill Fay is married with two children. Read her Fridays on Douglas County Moms.

My daughter has sparked my pride and appreciation for my country by her innocent love for our land, people and flag.

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