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Ashley Alliman

Ashley Alliman: I love nap time! | Moms

Guest Mom Monday: Ashley Alliman

On our kitchen counter, we have one of those 'flip' calendars to engage our daily inspiration. The other day, I was captured by the page I turned to as I tip-toed to the coffee pot: "Pray about the big things. Pray about the small things. Because God cares about all things in your life."

Back up. I should have prefaced this with a bit of background. I became a mother on April 25, 2012 to a perfect baby girl. Then, a short 11-months later, on March 26, 2013, we welcomed another babe of pure perfection into our lives. So, you see, I have a lot of stories I could share and so few words to share them in.

Fast-forward to this morning, while I am trying to nurse my Little, my toddler is out in the kitchen rifling through our recyclables, sucking on empty wine bottles and seasoning our linoleum with garlic salt.

She then attempts the daunting task of diving off of the kitchen table. Yes, the top of it. I am then forced to put my 4-month-old down to retrieve my 15-month-old. My 4-month-old is now hysterical that I, Heaven forbid, sat her down for a millisecond to save her sister from a near-death experience. Now my 15-month-old is crying because her sister is crying.

Then the washer ends its cycle. Then the dogs need to go outside. Then the tubs and toilets need cleaning. Did I make that doctor appointment? Lunch needs prepared. And what’s for dinner? It's a vicious cycle. And I am begging the clock to inch faster toward nap time. Ah, I love nap time.

More often than not, I forego any spare time I may have during the day to read the book to my toddler that she's placed in my lap. I thrive on the countless stories from people that God has placed in my path of this journey of what once was 'two under the age of one'. I am reminded daily to embrace their smallness, to do my best to share my time with each one, and know that (hopefully) someday they will become each other's best friend.

I see mothers of four or five kids and think "how in the world does she do it?" A day is labeled a good one if my teeth are brushed by noon, and I only have two children. It is a constant struggle for me to feel like I have allotted each child enough love and affection, especially with two so little. Then there’s a husband, a home and pets to think about, too.

Perhaps you’ve read the blog posts floating around the internet about not rushing, but encouraging children to take their time and to enjoy the littlest of things, or the blog about foregoing your desires and greatest efforts to prove that you’re Super Mom. These are the "big" and "small" things I am reminded to pray about. While I'm pouring my everything into my family, God is pouring His everything into me to give me enough energy and love to go around. And THAT is the only way I can do it. Isn’t it so comforting to know that we are always taken care of?

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