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Hey y’all.

My name is Robbin Carollo and if the “y’all” wasn’t clue enough, I am an Oregon transplant. I was born and raised right outside of Atlanta, Georgia. I never thought I’d wind up in Roseburg, Oregon (of all places!) but God has a funny way of making sure His will pans out.

The summer of 2007 I decided to take a break from my college studies as an English major at a small liberal arts school in Georgia and I moved to Alaska to work in a fishing lodge. There, I met a fishing guide who would change my life forever. What started off as a summer fling turned into something more. I won’t bore you with the details, but basically Dominic decided he couldn’t possibly live without me and needed me to move to Portland to be with him, which I did the day after Christmas that same year.

We dated until January 2009, when we got engaged. We got married after my graduate program ended the summer of 2010 and got pregnant with our eldest daughter about three seconds after that. Ansley was born nine months and one week after our wedding. We moved from the Salem area where I had been teaching high school English to Roseburg in the summer of 2011. It was here that our second daughter, Eddaline, was born almost exactly 15 months after Ans.
A lot of people will probably read that and say, “Whew! That’s a lot!” and they’d be right; however, God decided our little family could handle even more and now I’m about three-and-a-half months pregnant with twins (yep… twins). Line turned one this month. I’ll save you the trouble of busting out a calendar and just tell you, yes: God willing and these babies are healthy, we’ll have four kids under three come about mid-January. Feel free to stop reading until your hysterical laughing subsides.

A lot has happened to bring me to this place and I’m really looking forward to sharing my journey with you. I think that no matter what stage of life we are in, we can all learn something from one another. I know it is incredibly cliché but I really believe that. I have friends who are young moms like myself, grandmothers, and strong, powerful women in their thirties without kids. Daily, I learn lessons from each of them. I hope to inspire you (or at least amuse you), and be a reassuring voice that you’re not alone, nor a terrible parent, nor are you going crazy…well, you might be crazy, but you’re not alone there either!

Robbin Carollo, kid-corraller, reluctant housekeeper and sometimes blogger can be seen at on Wednesdays.

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