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Dom and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary this month, and as a surprise, he took me to Skamania Lodge up in Stevenson, Washington. It was the first time we had left the girls alone overnight and in the days leading up to our trip, I had already started to miss the little brats. Frankly, it was a little shocking to me since I’ve been trying to pawn-off our girls on people since Line stopped nursing.

This is a complete 180-degrees from when Ansley was almost a year old. You see, with Ans it was different. With the first it usually is, right? I just wasn’t comfortable leaving her overnight with anyone that wasn’t me. Whenever Dom would suggest mini-vacations I’d always hem-and-haw until it was either too late to make arrangements or until he decided he’d just go fishing with a buddy.

It wasn’t just because I knew I could take care of her best. I knew her cries, her patterns, her likes and dislikes and honestly, I didn’t want to have to share that secret code I’d developed with her with anyone else. She is my baby and I’m going to be the one taking care of her.

The only time I spent twelve hours away from Ans was when she was almost 15-months-old and I was in the hospital giving birth to Eddaline. Even then I worried about her. Dom put her to bed like he does a lot of evenings and the only thing “off” from her normal routine was that her grandmother would be getting her dressed and out the door instead of me. I didn’t like it.

As I’m writing this I’m shaking my head at the little value I placed on my sanity back then. If nothing else, our recent anniversary trip taught me it is good to get out of “mommy mode” for five minutes and just be Dom’s wife. Or better yet, just be Robbin. I know this might come as news to you, but yes, you really can start to lose your identity in your children. Getting away for a while really helped me refocus on me, and I know I needed that in order to be the best wife and mom I can be.

As good as it was for Dom and I to get away for a while, I know it was probably been even better for the girls. Mainly because my mom flew in from Georgia to babysit them and I have a sneaking suspicion their diet consisted primarily of Goldfish and ice cream, but also because I know it is good for them to be around someone other than myself. And if there is any person in the world I trust with my kids, it’s my mom.

For a few days I seriously considered going all Italian-mobster on her and breaking her leg so it’d be too uncomfortable for her to fly home, but she could still hobble around my house and take care of my chores and children. Then I figured my dad would probably eventually start to miss her. Hopefully, she can make it out when the twins arrive so that she can be here to watch the girls because as we are hoping and praying for a healthy pregnancy and safe labor and delivery for the twins, I’m so planning on milking my hospital stay for at least a week.

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