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Ashley Alliman

Ashley Alliman: A smart switch to cloth | Moms

Guest Mom Monday: Ashley Alliman

It started with a dozen trips to the dump and countless trips to the store before we got exhausted with it all. My family caught the “green” bug years ago, but we were stepping into unfamiliar territory.

While browsing around at a local children's second hand store, I came across the modern cloth diaper system. I picked this thing up with curiosity and just became dumbfounded. I quickly snatched up the three that were on the shelf and anxiously rushed home to get them washed and ready for the Big Test. I snapped one onto my daughter and instantly became hooked. How cute is her fluffy little toosh? And how neat is this?

According to Cotton Babies, a popular company in the 'green' community, 7.6 billion pounds of disposable diapers are thrown away in US landfills each year! That’s enough to circle around the globe 90-times and it can take up to 500-years to decompose each diaper. These numbers were so disturbing to me. Upon investigating, I also learned how many harmful chemicals (like chlorine) are in disposables, therefore, within direct contact of our children's skin. My husband and I collectively made the decision to make the switch to cloth and our stash grew quickly to accommodate for two babies in diapers.

Typically, when I share that we cloth diaper our babies, people assume and envision the flat, off-white sheets of material and safety pins. The good news is: they are nothing like that anymore. In fact, had we known how simplistic the modern system was, we would never have blown money on disposables, rather, invested in cloth. And had I never gone to the thrift store that day, I probably never would have known!

Since then, I have discovered that they are making a comeback, as more big name retailers are offering them online. Target even has them readily available in the store. There are so many different brands and a great variety of styles. It makes it so easy to find a modern system that works for you and your family. Sure, the old style flats and pins are still out there, but there are other versions that make it just as convenient as it would be to change a disposable, and who doesn’t like convenience?

My husband and I both enjoy sharing our experience with people who stop to admire them. The designs nowadays are so cute, that we get more compliments on their diapers than we do their dresses. It was an all-around win for our family, as our trash was cut in half; the late night trips to the store were no longer (running low? Just wash them!); the adorable designs became a hit (rather, an accessory);“blow-outs” became a thing of the past; the smell just disappeared; we saved TONS of money; and lastly, rid our little ones from potentially harmful chemicals.

In fact, had we known how simplistic the modern system was, we would never have blown money on disposables

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