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Robbin Carollo: Government acting like babies, needs mommas | Moms

Do you know anyone who is directly affected by the government shutdown? The answer is probably. But if you’re like Dom and I, you’re day-to-day life isn’t being disrupted by all the hoopla (or lack thereof) in Washington.

I debated on whether or not an opinion piece on the whole shutdown thing was even appropriate for a moms blog, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that we’d be a lot better off if there were a few moms in Washington telling grown men and women they need to straighten up and get along or they’ll have to go home and think about what they did.

Now before you stop reading completely, this is NOT a partisan article that is going to tout the goodness of one party’s actions versus another’s. I’m not even really going to get into the politics of it all.

I just thought I’d share my observations on how a lot of the men and women in Washington, D.C. are acting in a way that would get my own kids punished.

Here are a few ways I see the government shutdown being like a fight between my toddler and my two-year-old:

1: Strong opinions they’re not willing to compromise on.
There’s not a lot of middle ground to be found in D.C. right now, kinda like when Ansley refuses to drink her water because Eddaline is using the Princess cup she wanted.

2: Wanting what they want, when they want, how they want.
Like there’s no one else’s opinion here that matters? Isn’t congress (and the president) supposed to think of others wants (I don’t know, like maybe the poor schmucks who elected them into a job?) before themselves and what they want?

Eddaline uses a paci, Ans never has, but every once in a while she’ll find one of Eddalines on the ground and pop it in her mouth. Like she’s sent up some kind of bat signal, Line rushes at her sister and tackles her to the ground to get the paci out of Ans’s mouth. It’s her paci by golly and she’ll be darned if Ans gets to share it.

3: Appealing to their constituents (or mom) to see it from their point of view.
Much like the pandering that goes on in our government (“The Democrats are yada-yada-yada! It’s their fault!” or “The Republicans aren’t willing to reach across the aisle!”), my girls are shameless in trying to get the other blamed.

There have been times I’ve seen Line walk up to Ans, whose playing peacefully by herself, and yank her big sisters hair, for no reason at all. Then Ansley will push Line to the ground and I will have a screaming cry-fest on my hands for about 15 minutes while each girl is blaming (or gesturing in Line’s case) the other for the incident.

4: Power goes right to their heads.
I feel like the people in Congress might be on a slight power trip. I mean, they shut down the U.S. government! Power is also a heady thing for my girls, who get an inch and take a mile.

Like when I ask Ans what plate she wants for dinner. She’ll answer, then tell me which fork and cup she’d also like, as well as where she’s going to sit and then all the same info for her sister.

See what I mean? In some ways my kids remind me of the politicians in Washington, but then again there are ways in which I am infinitely more impressed with my girls’ behavior.

For example:

1: They apologize when they’ve done something wrong.
Maybe I haven’t been watching the right news casts, but I’m pretty sure I haven’t heard anyone apologize or take any accountability for this mess our government is in. It might be forced, but at least Ans will mutter “Sorry, Line” and hug her sister if told to.

2: The concept of sharing (or compromise) is not completely foreign to them.
The fact that there is this this stalemate in the first part shows that folks out there don’t know what it means to compromise.
Meanwhile, in the Carollo household, we know that if someone wants a toy you’re playing with, you need to get them a different one or let them have it and get yourself a new toy.

3: They try to help one another when there is a problem
. Ans will at least try and comfort Eddaline if she is crying. My two-year-old recognizes that my one-year-old needs something and she tries to fix it.

There are 535 men and women in Congress (536 when you include the man who is running this horse and pony show) who recognize our country and government is broken and they’ve done nothing to fix it.

So, yea. I think there are a lot of ways in which my kids are a lot like those men and women in D.C.; however, I also think my kids behave way better than most of those folks in Washington.

So I propose that if this shutdown continues for much longer, we get a lot of mommas and their babies up to Washington to show them how grown-ups should act.

we’d be a lot better off if there were a few moms in Washington

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