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Jayne Gautreau: People change, so should your perception | Moms

A few years ago I received a Facebook friend request from someone whom I had known years ago. I was a little surprised, as we didn't have a great relationship.

I contacted her and told her it was nice to connect with her again, but I was surprised because of our previous history. She apologized for her behavior and said she was much younger then and was not like that anymore.

It is interesting how we remember people for who they used to be, especially if we have not seen or heard from them in a long time.

We often forget that as people, we change and we are not always the same as we were in high school or whenever we last had contact with them.

I know my mum tells me people are often surprised when they find out I am now married, living in America and raising a family. I was very quiet, shy and not very outgoing when I was younger, so the fact I ventured off to “lands unknown” is a surprise to them.

For many of us, age has matured us. But furthermore, circumstances have changed us too. Each of us are on a journey and we are all learning and growing from what we have experienced in life.

We have a choice, though, whether we will let time and circumstances help us to become a better person and most importantly the person God created us to be.

As I was thinking about how we change as people. It reminded me of a quote I heard from author Bob Goff at a conference this past summer: "See people for who they are becoming.”

I love this quote; it reminds me that we should not allow the labels of the past or even our former perceptions of people to hinder us in how we view them.

Thankfully, God does not see us this way or let it become a factor in the purpose He has for our lives.

As a mother I need to remember this with my children. When we are in the daily grind of raising our children, teaching, training and correcting, it seems like it is never ending and we wonder if things will ever change.

We can loose sight and get caught up in the now and forget this is part of what makes them become the person they will be as they get older.

As I keep this in mind, I feel like it changes my attitude and perception of not only my own children, but of those I have relationships with on a daily basis.

The greatest part is that I am also realizing the importance of the process of seeing people for who they are becoming.

See people for who they are becoming, Bob Goff

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