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Jayne Gautreau: Are you too busy to be mom? | Moms

A few weeks ago I was walking hand in hand with my youngest son. He just started walking and it has been fun watching him enjoy this new stage in his life.

As we were walking along, he tripped and fell over. Normally my reaction is to quickly put him back on his feet or to pick him up and carry him. This particular time as I bent down to pick him up, I was very aware of the need to just slow down.

I decided that I would help him slowly back up on his feet and we would try to walk hand in hand again. It made me realize how we often just hurry through life.

As moms, we hurry through our days from the moment our feet hit the bedroom floor until we go to bed. We have our agenda for the day and quite often it is just so full that we don’t have time to just stop and admire the small things.

As I stooped down that day to help my little one back on his feet, all of a sudden I was very aware of the need to embrace this moment.

Very soon I will not be helping him back up on his feet again. This thought provoking incident made me decide to choose the word “embrace” for my word this year.

I want to embrace each and every moment God allows me with my children and my husband. I am not sure what this year holds for our family, but I want to embrace whatever is ahead.

I know some things will be hard and some things will be good. In embracing I want to learn, grow and experience life and the blessings God showers me with each and every day.

I feel sometimes I am so busy being a mom that I don’t take time to be mom.

This hit home just recently when my middle son asked me to read him a book. I was in the middle of doing dishes, I told him that I would read to him as soon as I finished the dishes.

As we were getting the boys ready for bed several hours later, I realized I had not read that book.

It made me aware again that I was not embracing the moments with my children like sitting down and enjoying a book. I was too busy doing and not embracing.

Those dishes could have waited, but for some reason they sadly they seemed more important.

Each and every day is filled with those sweet moments where we can slow down and embrace, whether it is enjoying the warmth of that tiny hand as we walk along or that time reading to our older boys.

My challenge and encouragement to all of you moms is to embrace each and every moment of the year ahead.

I am so busy being a mom that I don’t take time to be mom.

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