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Robbin Carollo: Two new babies; one sick toddler | Moms

If you’ve been keeping up with any of my blog posts, by now you know that I have recently become the frazzled, fried, yet proud momma to four little darlings less than three years old.

And while the use of the word “darlings” might be slightly tongue in cheek, I got to say I’m still operating on a hormone high that is really helping me cope with my new position.

It also helps that my mother flew in from Atlanta a couple days after the boys were born and has taken over my role as head housekeeper around these digs, which is fortuitous since from the moment I walked in the door, our one-and-a-half year old became a stage five clinger.

She came down with the stomach bug that has been kicking most of Douglas County’s butt recently. Ah, the joys!

It is because of this stomach bug that I learned my first lesson on sick kids and being a mom of four: With one kid, you and your partner can care for a sick one and still live in a clean home; with two, you and your partner can divide and conquer the children and the cleanliness of your home might not even suffer too badly; with three-plus (especially two newborns), the game changes.

With four children at home, you will inevitably neglect a kid or two while caring for the sick one(s); the healthy ones will get sick because you can’t watch them constantly to make sure they don’t swap sippy cups with the infected kid; and your house will become a disaster zone, safe to enter by only people in full hazmat gear.

Had I only known what was waiting for me when I left the hospital, I would have milked my stay for all I was worth. As it is, we’re going on day four of vomit-watch around here.

Poor Little Girl has been quarantined and the transition of bringing home “Bea-beeees!” hasn’t been made any easier on her since any time she gets within a foot of her baby brothers, I go all jail warden on her and forcibly remove her from their general vicinity.

It’s actually pretty sad because she was so excited about the babies initially and now I think they’ve just become the forbidden fruit to her – she’s going to touch those boys come hades or high water.

I can already tell that all those, “You’re gonna have your hands full!” and “Whoa, busy Momma!” comments that I got while I was pregnant were nothing if not prophetic.

On a different note, I want to give a shout-out to all of the nurses at Mercy. I was a little (a lot) nervous going into the hospital on the day of my induction.

Even though this wasn’t my first rodeo, it was the first time I was to be induced and would get an epidural.

Identical twins carry their own set of risks and I just generally wasn’t super excited about all the possible complications and unknowns that can come with a delivery like mine (PS: Yes, I totally understand that women are induced everyday, but like I’ve said before, this was 180 degrees different from my labor and deliveries with my daughters).

But my fears were for naught. Everyone at Mercy handled the labor and delivery with kindness and professionalism. I was made super comfortable, I felt the nurses knew their stuff and that my boys were always taken excellent care of.

So, thank you to all the nurses and staff at Mercy who took care of my boys and me!

With four children at home, you will inevitably neglect a kid or two while caring for the sick one(s)

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