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Jemelene Wilson: Best thing to do when there's grief | Moms

While planning out this piece on comfort, a Facebook status update came across my feed. It was so full of wisdom and words of beauty.

She spoke about the importance of living life to the fullest, doing the most with every day and using your time for the things that matter.

What made these thoughts sink in deep was the journey of the woman who wrote it: a woman in our community who is walking a dark tunnel in her life.

Her husband has an insidious cancer plaguing his body. It is taking them both down a path no one asks to go down, but like so many, she is finding the strength to take inventory. Today she took it a step further as she passed it onto her friends.

She spoke of finding positive in every day no matter what her life was like in that moment.

Reminders of the beauty right here in Douglas County that should never be taken for granted. Embracing moments and each other and living life to its fullest.

As I read her words, I could feel her pleading with those of us who aren't in the middle of a tragedy at this moment. It struck me that as I have been writing about how to comfort those gripped in pain, this was one very important thing we could do to bless those who need us.

We can live our lives the way they are meant to be. Instead of squandering the few moments we have on earth, we can make the most of every breath. Rather than wasting the lessons of a family in distress, we can heed the reminder that we are all one heartbeat away from being done.

It is in the now that the building of our legacy begins. We are created for relationship and the stunning world around us has been entrusted to our care.

Every blink of our eye, all the sunsets to warm our face and the music of the Umpqua River – they wash our soul and are within our reach.

We can take it in and return it as a gift to those who can no longer take it all in.

Living our days to honor those who no longer can is often the comfort many need the most.

Our hope for you remains firm. We know that you suffer just as we do. In the same way, God comforts you just as he comforts us. 2 Corinthians 1:7

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