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April 19, 2014
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A story you'll want to read again | Moms

It’s hard for someone in our house to tell an uninterrupted story.

There are six of us on most occasions and each has their own version, their own highlights and most important points to make, and taking turns to talk might mean missing your chance…so we interrupt each other.

Or we finish each other’s sentences.

Or we wait for the story-teller to take a breath and we jump in with our own words.

It sounds like Fox News, quite often. Our stories can contradict and run right over the next person’s story.

We can watch the same movie and have completely different reactions.

We can be at the same event and have polar opposite feelings about what happened – because of our ages, our interests, our backgrounds and our experiences.

We all want to share our point of view, but few of us are as good at listening.

Did we see the same thing? Yes.

Do we interpret the experience the same way? No.

If we handed out six pieces of paper after dinner and asked each person to write about the meal – the food, the atmosphere, the conversation – we’d get six different-but-similar stories.

Last week I talked here about stories – reading them, telling them, listening and living good stories with our kids.

There’s a story that is true and life changing that we read over and over, from a few different people with different points of view, and we never tire of it.

It’s the reason we celebrate tomorrow, Resurrection Sunday.

We read it from Matthew’s perspective; a shorter account from Mark; a detailed description from Luke, the doctor; and lastly we have John’s account, emphasizing that Jesus truly is the Son of God and our life is in Him.

“And truly Jesus did many other signs in the presence of His disciples, which are not written in this book; but these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that believing you may have life in His name.” John 20:30-31

My son asks me why I’m reading my Bible again if I’ve already read the whole thing.

I ask him why he wants to watch his favorite movie again, and we talk about the things you notice the second time you watch a movie – things you missed the first time through.

Have you heard about all the trivia in Frozen? It might be worth watching a second time.

Or, it might be a lot of hype and nonsense made up to get you to buy the movie.

Either way, life is full of things that are good enough to repeat.

Tomorrow, a group of us will be on stage and singing on the risers to tell a story that you’ve heard dozens of times.

We’ve spent hours preparing, pushing ourselves out of our elements and being reminded of why we’re not in Hollywood or Nashville.

We won’t do the story justice, but our hearts desire is to tell you the story again, maybe in a way you haven’t heard yet.

It’s the story of a Man who took someone else’s punishment.

We celebrate His resurrection because God confirms all our hope in that one miracle – that Jesus is who He says He is; that we can be who He says we are; and that He is strong enough to carry all our burdens.

Read the story again. I know you’ve heard it or read it or maybe even seen it re-enacted on the big screen, but open up to John chapter 19 and 20.

Read again about all the abuse Jesus suffered, the mocking and beating, the humiliation.

Read through to the end and find your Hero, invincible and alive and giving you the same opportunity.

It’s a good story, and it’s true, which makes it the best kind of good story.

life is full of things that are good enough to repeat.

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