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Douglas County Chief Financial Officer Jessica Hansen served notice in November that she plans to sue Douglas County Assessor Roger Hartman, and the county, for $3 million. She alleges that Hartman called her derogatory names, and then retaliated against her for reporting it.

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Don’t let those pressed shirts and clean shoes fool you; outside of being an ordinance buff, Roseburg’s new community development director, Stuart Cowie, is both a mountaineer and a basketball player.

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Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin told the Douglas County Board of Commissioners Wednesday that state law bars police from arresting illegal immigrants unless they have broken another law besides federal immigration law.

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The Douglas County Board of Commissioners Wednesday approved creation of a 19-member task force to come up with solutions to the loss of funding for the Douglas County Library System.

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During his nine years as the Woodlands Assistance Forester for Douglas County, Marty Amos has coordinated the spraying of 21,560 acres for 119 small woodland owners across the county and treated 6,260 acres to ready the ground for tree planting.