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COVID-19 has claimed the life of another Douglas County resident.

An 85-year-old woman from Douglas County died Monday, becoming the 11th local person to die from the disease, the Douglas County COVID-19 Response Team reported Monday.

The team also reported 22 new cases in the county.

“Another treasured Douglas County resident has been lost to the deadly COVID-19 virus,” said Douglas County Commissioner Tim Freeman in a press release on Monday.

In addition to sending condolences to the family, Freeman said he could not stress enough how important it is to be vigilant following health and safety guidelines to prevent the disease’s spread.

“Looking at our recent spike in cases locally, statewide, nationwide and worldwide, the potential for a continued increase in the numbers of COVID cases and deaths right now is alarming,” Freeman said.

The woman who died tested positive for the disease when she entered the hospital on Nov. 8. The county released no additional information about the woman or her case, citing privacy concerns for her loved ones.

Monday’s new case numbers came on top of the Response Team’s report on Sunday of 10 new positive and presumptive cases.

As of Monday, 20 county residents were hospitalized with the disease, 19 in local hospitals and one out of town. County staff are currently supporting 690 local people in isolation and quarantine.

The new cases bring the county’s total since the pandemic’s start to 645.

Statewide, the Oregon Health Authority reported 781 new confirmed and presumptive COVID-19 cases on Monday. It also reported four new deaths, raising the state’s death toll to 765. Monday’s death in Douglas County was not yet included in the OHA report, which sometimes lags behind local reporting.

Reporter Carisa Cegavske can be reached at or 541-957-4213.

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Carisa Cegavske is the senior reporter for The News-Review. She can be reached at or 541-957-4213. Follow her on Twitter @carisa_cegavske

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The Oregon Health Authority tracks hospital statistics for 7 different regions in Oregon. Region 3 consists of Douglas, Coos, Curry and Lane Counties. The OHA reported only 6 ICU beds and 125 non-ICU beds are available in the four county Region 3 today. There are a RECORD 41 people hospitalized in Region 3 for coronavirus today.

The OHA also reports PPE inventory daily for all hospitals in Oregon except Veteran’s Affairs hospitals. Today’s Hospital PPE report indicates Douglas County hospitals have over 3 months inventory at current usage rates. Meanwhile, there are numerous hospitals throughout Oregon that have less than 2 weeks inventory of PPE.!/vizhome/OregonCOVID-19HospitalCapacity/BedAvailabilitybyRegion




Douglas County Commissioner Tim Freeman said today, “Another treasured Douglas County resident has been lost to the deadly COVID-19 virus…we cannot stress enough how important it is to be vigilant in following the health and safety guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID.” This comes one day after the same Commissioner bragged about how his leadership during this pandemic allowed Douglas County schools to reopen early. It’s hard to stomach reading this from a hypocritical County Commissioner whose repeated actions in defiance of coronavirus restrictions have placed politics above the health and welfare of Douglas County residents.


Your insulting of the Commissioner for sending condolences and remembrances to those who have died of COVID-19 is no different, in my humble viewpoint, then those hundreds of idiots (freedom lovers?) that protested then President Obama’s* visit with the families of the UCC shooting victims. There are some actions by our elected officials that are (or used to be) non-partisan duties of statesmanship and decorum of office. I hope the families find some comfort in his words and recognition of their loved ones.

*I’m not sure if this was an approved use of Obama’s name under the unwritten rules of the comment section.

FACT CHECK: School Districts, not County elected officials, make the decision to open their schools based on metrics approved by the Governor. The metrics are governed by the Oregon Health Authority who reports to the Governor.

SELF-ACKNOWLEDGED OBLIGATORY INFLAMMATORY COMMENT: It is idiotic to believe that there is a conspiracy by the entire medical community, the business community, local elected officials, OHA, and the Governor to gerrymander COVID case numbers to meet metrics.

PLEASE NOTE THIS NEXT SECTION IS NOT PURELY A STATEMENT OF FACT BUT ALSO CONTAINTS MY OPINION: I support our local community’s effort to get schools open as early as possible. We have a large percentage of kids who live in, or near, poverty levels as evident by the number of free and reduced school meals. Aside from the educational component, for a lot of these kids this is their only opportunity to be around a supportive adult, get food and sometimes adequate shelter – often times this is the touch point for other social services (e.g. reporting of child abuse) and health care. I understand why schools have to be closed to prevent the spread of the pandemic, but the cost to other areas of children’s health and safety – on an individual case basis – may be more tragic to them than catching COVID.


The full statement:

“Another treasured Douglas County resident has been lost to the deadly COVID-19 virus. On behalf of my family, my fellow Board of Commissioners, Dr. Dannenhoffer, DPHN staff and the DCCRT team, we send our sincere condolences and prayers to all the family members and friends,” commented Commissioner Tim Freeman. “We cannot stress enough how important it is to be vigilant in following the health and safety guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID right now! Looking at our recent spike in cases locally, statewide, nationwide and worldwide, the potential for a continued increase in the numbers of COVID cases and deaths right now is alarming. We need your help in preventing the spread of COVID-19, NOW! Please keep your distance from others, stay home if you are sick, delay travel plans, postpone gatherings, wash your hands, sanitize surfaces and wear a mask. The life you save by preventing the spread of germs might be your own, your parents, your kids or your neighbors."



I am OK with agreeing to disagree. Most reasonable people are. However, most reasonable people are not OK with discussing a point of view while the other person continually resorts to condescension and name calling, which you so often do ("no different...than those hundreds of idiots"). I'm not the only one to communicate this to you, but still you persist, as do the Commissioners, which is probably why some people may think you are one of them as you claim.

Regarding schools, I believe we may be in agreement, probably more so than you know. I believe schools are MORE important than businesses to reopen. I believe bars, indoor dining, health clubs, etc. are a distant second and should have been shut down when the positive test rate exceeded 3%, months ago to MAKE SURE the schools would be safe to open and stay open. That is my opinion and the strategy undertaken by most European countries. Schools #1. Other businesses #2.

I find fault with our Commissioners failure to prioritize schools remaining open, as being less than #1 in importance. I can provide numerous quotes from our Commissioners defending bars and dine-in restaurants being open, claiming no coronavirus cases in Douglas County originated from a bar or restaurant, knowing experts were saying just the opposite. At the same time, while many, many coronavirus cases in Douglas County schools were being reported, our Commissioners continued to brag about how Douglas County was among the first to reopen schools, as if being the first to reopen schools is more important than keeping those same schools open and safe. Like I said before, that's similar to bragging about being the first to have refrigeration trucks to back up the morgue.

You may disagree with my opinion and offer a different argument. If so, I can only hope it will be more civil. If not, I will choose to disconnect, which is what I suspect you want anyways to justify your continued personal attacks.

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