A Roseburg restaurant that was fined for reopening in violation of state orders has started a GoFundMe site to raise money to help pay for its legal costs.

Casey’s Restaurant, 326 NW Garden Valley Blvd., posted an item about opening the GoFundMe account on its Facebook page shortly before 6 p.m. on Thursday. By Saturday night, the site had raised nearly $8,179 from 98 people, and donations continue to come in. The listed goal for the GoFundMe post is $14,000.

“To our customers and supporters, it has come to our attention that many of you would like to stand side by side with us to uphold our freedom and constitutional rights,” Casey’s owners, Lance and Laurie Mounts, wrote in a post on their GoFundMe page. “As you all may know, we chose to open our restaurant outside of Governor Kate Brown’s executive order. We want you all to know that we did not have any malicious intentions. Rather, we wish to support our employees, customers, business and rights…We have made a GoFundMe for our customers to show the love and support that they’ve been begging to give us.”

The post went on to say that the money will be used to pay for legal costs and that Casey’s is refusing to pay any fines handed out by Oregon Occupational Safety & Health Administration. Casey’s has hired an attorney, and any donations not used for legal fees will be given back to the community, the restaurant said.

The Mounts declined to comment Saturday.

Casey’s reopened for dine-in service on May 5. On May 14, OSHA fined the restaurant two fines equaling $13,900 for reopening for dine-in service against Gov. Kate Brown’s executive order. OSHA said the restaurant “willfully” disobeying the order and in doing so put employees at “serious” risk.

OSHA alleged that Casey’s opened with about nine employees who worked within a couple of feet of customers without face coverings, according to media reports. Customers were seated in every other booth. OSHA officials also said when they visited they saw the parking lot at the restaurant was full and there were as many as nine customers waiting in line.

OSHA said the agency posted a “red-tag notice” at the entrance to the restaurant on May 8, which warned that further use of the facility was prohibited.

Casey’s has 30 calendar days from the date the citation was issued to appeal it, OSHA said.

Those who gave to the restaurant’s GoFundMe account added words of encouragement, which were posted on the restaurant’s Facebook page.

“I don’t believe Kate Brown should have the authority to fine folks who are trying to support their community and their families. Casey’s is owned by good Christian people and has a very friendly staff. My kudos to them all!” wrote Dolores Kirkham, who donated $100.

“Casey’s is owned and operated by a group of true American Patriots that are just trying to provide our community with a needed essential service. They have followed and gone beyond the CDC COVID-19 guidelines, and are as safe as your local hospital. It’s time to stand up and fight for our patriots, our rights, and our freedoms,” wrote Glen Langwell, who also donated $100.

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There's a very simple solution here: vote with your feet!

Don't enter the building. Don't order any food. Don't eat any food. Don't pay for any food. Don't step onto the parking lot. Don't cross the property perimeter. Adults in Roseburg don't need criminals in DC to dictate where we eat, what we eat and with whom we associate. I will continue to dine at Casey's, knowing that representatives of the ignorant and uneducated masses are staying far away, particularly when they still need help tying their shoes. I know for a fact that certain veterans who dine at Casey's on a regular basis are also combat veterans. If you think the whimpering noise makers that frequent these COMMENT sections have any persuasive influence on military combat veterans, you are already suffering from the STRONG DELUSION described in The New Testament.




If people want socialism, they should move to a socialist country.

The Guarantee Clause is not only the Law in America, it's the Supreme Law.

To put it bluntly, people are free to advocate a different form of government

because the First Amendment protects freedom of speech for everyone.

However, when State and local government personnel commit funds and

make a habit of violating Federal laws that apply to them, they can and

should be prosecuted and punished according to the law.

This is well known as the Rule of Law, NOT majority rule and

NOT the rule of monarchs, dictators or despots.

I regret needing to be blunt here, but there are thousands of American soldiers interred in cemeteries on the Coast of France, who made the ultimate sacrifice to defend Liberty and the Rule of Law.

Many of you socialists are effectively urinating on their graves!

National Socialism is abbreviated NAZISM. Do you get it now??


Douglas County Public Health Network just reported a new coronavirus case today for a total of 28.

That makes it 3 new cases in the past week. The second week of April, before reopen Douglas County began, is the last time Douglas County experienced 3 new cases in one week.


I wonder if that will impact Phase 2 reopening.


Not according to DPHN's Dr. Dannenhoffer who was quoted by NRToday saying, “I don’t think there is anything that would suggest that we’re not in good shape to go to stage two,”

Rev up

I think Kate Brown should be more concerned about sending the right information out to the public. Instead of chasing down people who may choose to engage indoors; Wrong ot right as it may be.

She was sending out notices for weeks with wrong statistics. Myself and several others had to notify her with correct info. She later apologized?

This is what's most important! False documentation is the most concerning and creating more harm to the public than anything.


Mike, I sympathize with your desire to count widgets. My question for you is this: Are you or are you not concerned that NIH issued an official BAN on gain-of-function R&D in 2014, and 38 months later NIH lifted that BAN? During that same period, NIH awarded a $3.7 Million grant to the BSL-4 lab in Wuhan, China. Less than 3 weeks before that BAN was LIFTED, that lab published a scientific paper describing a 5-year longitudinal study of bats in caves some 1,000 miles removed from Wuhan. That study reported discovery of 11 new viruses, in addition to the 4 they already knew about. Gains-of-function include making a virus more contagious, more lethal, and finding a biological pathway for the virus to "jump species" i.e. from bats to humans. Dr. Fauci has now failed to produce credentials required by Federal credential laws. So, are you now going to join the ignorant crowd who recommend that everyone else follow Fauci's every last directive, to the letter? Why did he announce, during the Obama administration, that "there is going to be a surprise outbreak"??? That outbreak could not have been a surprise to him when he made that statement, and it was no longer a surprise to anyone in his audience who witnessed that statement. Although SARS-CoV-2 is contagious, it is evidently not as lethal as intended by the labs that did the gene-splicing. If you don't believe anything I just wrote above, go here, read, and weep:



I don't see anyone asking "why is the the News Review giving front page free publicity to this?" How about promoting places to contribute to families in need and small businesses that have respect the law and the health of our community. Put those on the front page.


The NRToday does what our county commissioners tell them to do.


Meh. Dumpy restaurant that has become a mecca for Trump lovers. They get all giggly when they can "stick it to the libs", and puff up in defiance to that evil dictator, Governor Brown. It's the Trumpiest restaurant in town, and their safe space. Rewarding a business owner for breaking the law is a no go for most Americans.



Casey's could have applied for the generous federal bailout money and respected everyone's health, but they didn't.

Country Craftsman

From what i am reading here a lot of you are forgetting a document called the constitution. What is going on today is illegal. No government federal state or local can pass laws or uphold the laws written against the constitution. I remember when we were a free nation. Do not trade your rights for a fake since of security. I am only guessing this part of coarse but i will bet most people that think Casey's did was wrong or threatened your safety in some way. Did not follow the stay at home orders. Making everyone hypocrites. If you don't feel safe by all means stay home as suggest. And that is the only authority they have is to strongly suggest you stay home they have no authority to force you to stay home. As to many people today they need to worry about them selves and not what everyone else is doing. If you are fearful to go to casey's by all means stay home and worry about dying in your sleep. We ate extremely blessed in this country to have the freedoms we do. DO NOT LET THE TYRANTS TAKE YOUR FREEDOM.


Over the past six days, there have now been 24 new coronavirus cases and one death in the six counties surrounding Douglas County.


This really takes the attention away from their terrible food and unsanitary dining establishment. Casey's is like if Denny's and Shari's had a baby and raised it in a trailer park. Thanks a lot, guys. I lost my betting pool on which health violation they would get hit with first. My money was on rats in the kitchen and roaches in the food.


In my opinion, Casey’s owners took on a significant amount of risk to their business and possibly their own freedom by defying the governor’s stay-home order. While noble to say “Casey’s is refusing to pay any fines handed out by Oregon Occupational Safety & Health Administration,” the statement appears more macho than sensible.

OSHA fined Casey’s $8,900 for one willful violation and $5,000 for failing to comply with OSHA’s warning notice. A willful violation is a big deal. It occurs when an employer either knowingly failed to comply with a legal requirement (purposeful disregard) or acted with plain indifference to employee safety. With Casey’s chest beating on Facebook, and in the NRToday, it will be hard to explain how their violation wasn’t willful.

It appears Casey’s did not seek legal advice before deciding to defy the Governor’s order? If they did, they may have been advised OSHA can still escalate their fines to $70,000 and six months in prison if later determined employees were harmed as a result of the employer’s negligence. That’s a big risk.

Additional legal advice they should have received was it is unlikely Casey’s insurance company will bail it out if an employee or customer files a lawsuit for contracting coronavirus because Casey’s violated the Governor’s state health order. That’s another big risk.

While it may sound noble for Casey’s to say they are refusing to pay the fine, it is highly likely the U.S. government would prevail in their following District Court lawsuit against Casey’s. Bottom line, OSHA can shut Casey’s down for not paying its fine. But, who am I to question patriotism. Go for it. Let’s find out whether we have a justice system or a legal system.


Agreed. If someone there would have gotten sick from something that wasn't the food, they would have been sued into bankruptcy. Opening the restaurant early was a totally boneheaded business decision. I like that they said they weren't going to pay the fine but their campaign is for almost the exact amount of the fine. Would you like some fraud to go with your fine?


It just makes me wonder if there are other safety and health guidelines that Casey's thinks don't apply to them.


c'mon Rise drive throughs are not sit down dinning in a closed environment where you are breathing the same air as 25 other patrons.


Over the past five days, there have been 18 new coronavirus cases and one death in the six counties surrounding Douglas County.


How about all of the restaurants that never closed at all? The drive-thrus were continuous - so that makes them more dangerous, eh?


No. Less dangerous. Because, science. ******* magnets, how do they work?


Imagine if there were laws regarding food safety that all restaurants are required to follow and one restaurant in town refused to follow them. No refrigeration, no sanitation, no safety net between raw food and you.

that's what Casey's did, but they did it to everyone in the community. They disregarded the safety guidelines put in place to keep us all from getting sick from eating there during a pandemic where all could see. What do you think they're doing in that kitchen when they clearly don't care about public safety?


[love] We love Casey’s and We support Roseburg’s small businesses.


Oh get real! Can we be anymore fake here? This topic is a direct result of the Corona Virus. Last month you had a rather lengthy article (rant) published in the paper about what we all should have been doing the months before March when things went downhill to prevent things from getting to where they were from the virus. The comical thing is during those last 2 months you, and the majority of the people that worked in the courthouse and city council gave little to no concern or mention about the virus during those times. If you had just single handily fought off the virus like you made it sound you were doing in that article, this incident from the topic in this article never would have had happened!

Robert Heilman

If I ever get in trouble with the law all I'll have to do is to whine about my constitutional rights being violated and people will send me thousands of dollars?


I don't think I could patronize this establishment, that according to this article put the employees in a dangerous situation .


I do not believe any employees were forced to go back to work or do anything they weren’t comfortable with. It’s all about freedom to make your own choices.

we ate there for years but they lost our business forever. that is the price you pay when everyone else in the same situation followed the states rules.


Does the same apply to Gilberto's which also opened early?



There actually are two GoFundMe websites for Casey’s. The first GoFundMe site was organized six days ago by Debbie Lopez-Stitt and has collected $890 from seven donors.


The second GoFundMe site mentioned in this article was organized two days ago by owners Lance & Laurie Mounts and has collected $8,179 from ninety-eight donors.



One of the first donors to Casey’s GoFundMe was Douglas County Commissioner Chris Boice who donated $500. State Representative Gary Leif and his wife Carol donated $100 a day later.


So? That can’t be a surprise for anyone whose paying attention. They are small business owners that believe in the importance of personal freedom and liberties. They could just as easily have donated as Anonymous, but I prefer seeing them be transparent and putting their money where there mouth is.


I find it real interesting that Leif gave any money out for this when it showed during his commissioner election run from public records, he was in a lot of hot water for not paying some tax related things and child support from a previous marriage. Though I do find it funny hes made to look like a cheap a** when compared to how much Boice forked over


Commissioner Chris Boice's comment on Casey's facebook page prior to them opening illegally:

" Chris Boice: heard you guys were planning to open tomorrow. True? How can I help."

David Sayers

Blindly following the State's "rules" does not necessarily equate to doing the "right" thing. California for instance, requires that prison inmates be released and that they state be a "sanctuary" state. that proved unhealthy for several people didn't it? So kudos to Casey's and the people who have supported them. Douglas County has had no deaths except small businesses. We need to get businesses and people back to work and quit listening to Kate Brown. She has already done enough damage to this state as governor.


I would argue Douglas County had "no deaths" because of the stay-home order. Are you saying there would still have been "no deaths" without the stay-home order? If so, please help me understand how you know this to be true. Sweden and Brazil are examples of countries that didn't instituted stay-home orders and it doesn't seem to be working out too well for them.

Rev up

Right or wrong as it may have been to be defiant...it was a choice. They made it and the people supporting it are giving money.

From the beginning of time Eve had a choice. Eat the Apple or obey God and not eat the Apple.

People take away choice and you take away what we are built on.

We should strive foe good choices, but some take alternate routes.

Still ...let there be choice!


Regardless of your political stance and where you side with this topic, I just find this rather amazing and baffling that people here will throw away over $8000 for this? Yet we have various local fundraisers the last few years for cancer, foster children, and other things that in my opinion are more meaningful than this, but they rarely get over triple digits in funds.

Why aren't the local churches getting fined for breaking the rules? Several of them I drive past Sunday morning since Phase 1 started seem to have gave no care or concern about the rules and followed in our Sherriff's example of "if you don't like it, don't do it!" The Wellspring church on Garden Valley next to the Wells Fargo bank is the most notorious I've seen so far. Last 2 sundays the parking lot has been filled to near max capacity of over 60+ cars. There is no way even if just one person came out of all those cars that people can be spaced out inside of that building!

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