Douglas County is one of the four counties in the United States at the highest risk of having more COVID-19 patients than its hospital can handle, according to a new report from Tech Republic.

Tech Republic is an online technology-focused magazine owned by CBS. Its report is based on Centers for Disease Control and Prevention maps showing how quickly counties across the country could run out of hospital space during the pandemic.

The maps show several possible scenarios, ranging from 20% of the population being infected over 18 months to 60% being infected over 6 months.

The shorter the time and the higher the percentage, the more overwhelmed hospitals will be.

Fewer infections over a longer period allow most hospitals across the country to cope. But in the 60% infected over 6 months scenario, just about every county across the country has twice as many patients as its hospitals can handle.

So why is Douglas County one of the riskiest places in the nation? There are a lot of older people here, for one thing. More than one-third of the population is 60 or older, and older people have a higher risk of becoming seriously ill from COVID-19.

Another problem is there aren’t that many hospital beds here.

According to the report, CHI Mercy Medical Center has 140 staffed beds, 174 licensed beds and 32 intensive care unit beds. That’s enough to meet the need under ordinary circumstances. But amid a COVID-19 pandemic, it might not be.

Poor socioeconomics also hurt the county’s rank.

The other three counties that ranked among the four at highest risk were Highlands County, Florida; Marion County, Florida and Mohave County, Arizona.

Douglas County Public Health Officer Bob Dannenhoffer expressed skepticism about Douglas County’s inclusion in the Tech Republic story.

“Although we know that we have an older population and we are a poorer county compared to many, this article underestimates the number of beds, as we use Riverbend for some of our secondary and tertiary care locally,” Dannenhoffer said.

Peace Health Sacred Heart Medical Center at Riverbend is located in Springfield, but under ordinary circumstances, many patients are sent there from Douglas County. The hospital service area, as a Douglas Public Health Network spokeswoman pointed out, is different from county lines.

However, the CDC’s maps indicate that most of Oregon, including Lane County, would be unable to meet the demand for care if a large percentage of the population is infected with COVID-19 over a short period.

Dannenhoffer said Douglas County has another resource in its people.

“We also have a tremendously involved community that works together, and has been really innovative,” he said.

He cited the community COVID-19 hotline and the county’s drive-thru screening clinics as examples of what’s going right.

Douglas County Commissioner Tim Freeman responded to the article with a statement that county leaders are “fully engaged in the response to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

“We continue to ramp up emergency operations and will continue to meet the needs of our residents,” he said.

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Carisa Cegavske is the senior reporter for The News-Review. She can be reached at or 541-957-4213. Follow her on Twitter @carisa_cegavske

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Remember Ignaz Semmelweis

CDC does not count positive aspects of Douglas County such as it gets enough rainfall to grow a garden and for the most part the people are not N*a*z*i (cannot write that here without the * characters, it is considered "profanity") HOA types so they will not freak out if you have some chickens or other livestock or dared to put a garden in your front yard.

The food supply lines are likely to partly collapse in this crisis, so growing a garden and having some chickens could save your family from starving regardless of infection status.

That's worth more than a few more hospital beds.

Besides, would you really want to be in a hospital? They function as disease incubators and spreaders. Even in the best of times, they are spreading anti-biotic resistant bacteria all over.

You have to weight the odds that simply ending up in a hospital might be more likely to kill you than the virus on its own.

There are heaps of things you can do to boost your immune system to help fight off an infection, and most of those will not be allowed in a hospital. They would rather you die than get well from something that is not a profitable Pharma product.

Medical care around these parts seems incompetent with doctors prescribing addictive painkillers for respiratory infections even more than in the rest of the country. They can make five or six figures from killing you, but maybe not even four from curing you quickly and sending you home.

So maybe a more accurate way to view this is more hospital beds is a major risk factor when they are being run by quacks with a profit motive.

Remember Ignaz Semmelweis

Instead of debating about how few hospital beds there are and which hospitals are to be used, how about using a therapy that can rapidly knock down the infection and do so cheaply, safely, and in a manner that probably does not even require hospital beds for many patients?

Ozone therapy could be used to treat SARS-CoV-2 inexpensively and safely. The scientific basis for why it is likely to work against the virus can be found in this recent medical journal article:

A Plausible "Penny" Costing Effective Treatment for Corona Virus - Ozone Therapy

Basically it works by oxidizing cysteine containing proteins that are needed for viruses to infect cells. it also boosts oxygen delivery to tissues which is an important factor given how the lungs are damaged in severe COVID-19 cases.

Ozone therapy has been around for over a hundred years and has been shown to be safe and effective for other viral infections, even against frightening viruses such as Ebola as it also depends upon spike proteins that can be oxidized.

It is likely that other sorts of oxidative therapies could work similarly at directly damaging viruses to render them incapable of infection, but many of the others may not be able to improve oxygen delivery as ozone therapy can.

As ozone therapy can't be patented, Big Pharma can't get rich on it and pay off politicians to do its bidding like it can with the many medicines based upon plant compounds tweaked to make them synthetic and patentable so they can be sold at extreme markups.

What is happening with the skyrocketing number of COVID-19 infections and deaths shows that the psychopaths pulling the control strings from behind the scenes (e.g. Big Pharma) do not value human life except when it can profit them via rapacious profit.

It also shows that the masses of sheeple (sheep-like people) are so brainwashed by their masters that they would rather die than to try something with good evidence that is not liked by their masters.

It comes down to if you mindlessly believe in government and its Big Pharma masters (psychopaths who would rather see you dead than miss out on a chance to make bigger profits), you are more likely to die from this virus than those who are willing to try some of the many things found to be useful against viral infections that are not psychopath-approved.


Then there is the issue of people who are homeless. What has our public health officer done regarding protecting them specifically? The CDC provide guidelines for what counties and cities can do to address COVID19 risk among those who have no place to stay or even wash their hands, yet I have not seen our pubic health official call upon the county and cities, particularly, Roseburg to implement the CDC recommendations.


Regarding the Douglas County Public Health Officer Bob Dannenhoffer expressing skepticism about Douglas County’s inclusion in the Tech Republic story. What a missed opportunity to remind the local population of the importance of staying home and social distancing when needing to go out. Instead he says it isn't true that Douglas County doesn't have enough hospital beds. Very shortsighted.

Remember Ignaz Semmelweis

It's also a missed opportunity to tell people there is a lot they can do to reduce their chances of infection and death beyond staying at home and social distancing.

For instance, stop smoking as it increases the number of ACE2 receptors that are entry points the virus uses to infect cells.

Or get a supply of herbal anti-virals with evidence for use against SARS such as Chinese skullcap, licorice root, and elderberry tincture or syrup.

Or if you want more information on some helpful options (far more herbs than the above short list), buy a copy of Stephen Buhner's book Herbal Antivirals that even explains the science of how some of these herbs work and outlines a protocol to use against SARS-CoV that is likely to work well against SARS-CoV-2 since it is so similar. It does the same for many other viruses, too, from flu to Ebola.

Or explain that vitamins such as A, D3, and C and minerals such as zinc, selenium, and iodine all help arm your immune system to fight viruses and yet many people have low intake of all of these because of their crappy diets. Improving diet can help, and so can supplementing with such nutrients.

But there's little money to be made for the psychopaths in charge from any of the above, so they do not want you to know about any of that.

They want you to believe the virus is so deadly and so mysteriously new (instead of just being another version of the SARS virus on which more than a decade and a half of research has been done) that there is nothing you can do but pray for more profitable products from them and while you give up your economic well-being and civil rights as they prey on your fear and ignorance to exploit you.

It's sad that so many are going to die because the whole system is rigged by evil people for their own profit and power.


Why can’t our County Commissioners and Douglas County Public Health Officer Bob Dannenhoffer stop misleading the public on life and death matters? Douglas County Commissioner Tim Freeman claims in this article county leaders are “fully engaged in the response to the COVID-19 pandemic.” Yet he and his fellow Commissioners cancelled today’s public meeting at a time when local officials nationwide are meeting with the public and answering their myriad of questions. Keep in mind Commissioner Freeman basically told everyone during the last public meeting two weeks to ignore the disease, saying, “People should go about their lives.”

Why is Public Health Officer Bob Dannenhoffer also misleading the public by first saying coronavirus test results from samples taken eight days ago would be back in two to four days contrary to the Oregon Health Authority’s website. Now Dr. Dannenhoffer expresses his skepticism about Douglas County’s inclusion in the Tech Republic story about a shortage of hospital beds in Douglas County, claiming the article underestimates the number of beds and should include the hospital beds in Eugene as part of Douglas County. Dr. Dannenhoffer’s contention is disputed by a another study of hospital beds in counties surrounding Douglas County.

An analysis of the state’s hospital capacity, as well as key demographic metrics, help illustrate the potential gaps in health care services if COVID-19 infections become rampant, as public health experts (other than Douglas County Public Health Officer Bob Dannenhoffer) predict. Information was collected from the Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems about the number of existing hospitals and staffed hospital beds in every county in the state. Bed counts are based on data from 2019 and provide a snapshot of the state’s health care system before the COVID-19 outbreak. Because people over 60 are especially vulnerable to the worst outcomes associated with COVID-19, census data that tracks how many residents are 65 and older was included. The analysis results indicate:

Douglas County beds per 1000 residents = 1.3

Total beds = 145

Available beds = 70 (average beds available to coronavirus patients)

Population = 110,283

Population over 65 = 28,374

Lane County beds per 1000 residents = 1.5

Total beds = 584

Available beds = 125

Population = 379,611

Population over 65 = 73,392

Jackson County beds per 1000 residents = 0.8

Total beds = 176

Available beds = 86

Population = 219,564

Population over 65 = 48,236

Josephine County beds per 1000 residents = 1.4

Total beds = 121

Available beds = 50

Population = 87,393

Population over 65 = 22,709

Coos County beds per 1000 residents = 2.6

Total beds = 165

Available beds = 90

Population = 64,389

Population over 65 = 16,626

Klamath County beds per 1000 residents = 1.5

Total beds = 100

Available beds = 55

Population = 67,653

Population over 65 = 14,340

Douglas County has 26,671 residents 65 or older and only 145 total hospital beds. Lane County is not much better with 73,392 residents 65 or older and only 584 total beds. As our County Public Health Officer, surely Dr. Dannenhoffer know this and understands Douglas County cannot rely on hospital systems in neighboring counties with higher populations or similar bed ratios. So, why is he saying exactly that?

Dr. Dannenhoffer and/or our County Commissioners have been misleading the public since the coronavirus pandemic beginning. Their cavalier attitude and untruthful statements to the media will/are causing additional lives to be lost.


“When we see ourselves in a situation which must be endured and gone through, it is best to make up our minds to it. Meet it with firmness, and accommodate everything to it in the best way practicable. This lessens the evil, while fretting and fuming only serves to increase your own torment.” — Thomas Jefferson.

We are fretting and we are fuming. As a country, we have been caught miserably flat-footed after receiving warnings about what lay ahead when cases of COVID-19 began exploding in Wuhan, China. Messages from local and state leaders about how to respond to the pandemic change almost daily — a sure sign they have no idea what they are doing. Before we bend to the next reactionary spasms of our political leaders, take a look at what we know.

Epidemiologists around the world have been accurately modeling disease outbreaks for years. They have studied the COVID-19 virus’ transmission characteristics and are confident about their projections. The epidemiologic models indicate the shutdowns and school closures will temporarily slow the virus’ spread in the U.S., but when they’re lifted, we will essentially emerge right back where we started. And, no matter what, our hospitals will still be overwhelmed. There has already been too much community spread to prevent this inevitability. The only potential savior that would prevent this scenario is an effective vaccine, but the estimates put us 12–18 months away from making that a reality. Either way, models indicate that our hospitals, at current capacity, will be overwhelmed, with or without shutdowns.

Don’t believe politicians who say we can control this pandemic with a few weeks of shutdown. None of the models supports this as a possibility. As soon as restrictions are lifted, the virus will once again tear through our communities with abandon, until one day we have an effective vaccine. Heartbreakingly, people you know will die. At this point, no matter what we do, we tragically will lose many Americans. How many depends on whether we make up our minds.


Mike, spot on. No doubt, you have seen some of the log – scale graphs and watched our doubling time speed up. Here is one set, but I've seen a few more recent and better executed.

2019: “Dude they hate me! They said I was the worst year they'd ever seen. I killed it!” 2020: “Here, hold my corona.”


The Douglas County Commissioner’s meeting scheduled for this morning was cancelled without notice. I sat in front of my computer waiting to get the latest webcast meeting update to no avail. The next meeting isn’t scheduled until April 8. It’s been weeks since the public has heard from the ghostlike Commissioners. Keep in mind, the following is the coronavirus guidance our Commissioners gave the public during their most recent public meeting:

1. “There is no call for social distancing.”

2. “There is no call to close events.”

3. “People should go about their lives.”

4. “This virus, like most viruses, will cycle through and we’ll move on to the next thing.”

Is this still their guidance? Are they too busy imitating Casper to give the public a truthful update or even post a notice that the meeting was cancelled?


Yesterday, the Oregon Health Authority released information about Oregon coronavirus cases and deaths. During the last Douglas County Commissioner's meeting, Commissioner Freeman said he was receiving inquiries about the same information but said it was illegal to release the information. Was it possible our our Commissioner was misleading the public or were Federal laws changed since the last Commissioner's meeting.

Mike, thank you for being the voice of reason. Years ago Mercy made a commitment to our county that one hospital could handle the needs of the county, however even before this virus they have been shipping many patients for any neurological and cardiac surgical care and many other serious injuries to Riverbend. Having 32 ICU beds is not a place for contagious patients as there is no separate ventilation. Many of these beds are occupied anyway. Oregon is in serious trouble and have thought that way for many years. Our family does not seek care from Douglas County physicians and try very hard to stay away from Mercy. I pray for the people of Oregon. Now that the is some testing being done, are they testing folks after 14 days to ensure they are now negative?

Remember Ignaz Semmelweis

Counting on a vaccine as a "potential savior" is a bad idea.

SARS-CoV-2 is an RNA virus. This complicates making an effective vaccine because they mutate rapidly. This is the main reason why flu vaccine changes every year and is seldom very useful because the strains selected seldom cover all the wild type strains that are spreading rapidly.

Vaccines themselves have huge technical problems that are not being fixed because in the US, vaccine manufacturers are not liable for the people their products injure and kill. Victims' families have to sue the US government in a kangaroo court system set up by the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Act in which normal court rules such as juries, subpoenas, appeals, and so forth do not apply.

Despite it being rigged against the families of the vaccine holocaust, the payouts from taxpayers to the families have been over $4 billion.

If it were not a rigged system, it would likely be 10 to 100 times that. Few doctors even know this system exists, and they are indoctrinated to believe that vaccines do not cause harm just like their counterparts in the 1800s believe that not washing hands between performing autopsies and delivering babies had nothing to do with very high rates of maternal and newborn death. If you have never heard of this, look up what they did to Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis when he pointed this out. Little has changed, the medical profession continues to destroy those who point to science and facts showing they are doing harm.

Some vaccines use live virus, and these vaccines essentially infect the vaccine victim with the virus in the hope the immune response will trigger antibody production. These people are prone to shed viruses, so they can infect others.

If such a vaccine technology is used for a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine, it is reasonable to expect that those vaccinated will be infectious and should be quarantined for a month to protect the public. Since this probably would not be done because of the lies spread to serve Pharma interests, such a vaccine may actually increase the level of infections. And if it has to be modified every year to try to track seasonal viral strains variations the way flu vaccines have been produced, then it may be it continually spreads infection by new viral strains.

Efforts to date by China to create a SARS-CoV vaccine have failed. The vaccine causes hyperactive immune response that results in test animals becoming far more sick and their deaths occur at a higher rate when exposed to wild type SARS-CoV than if they had never been vaccinated. So in a very real way, the vaccine is worse than the virus.

The idea that a useful vaccine can be made for any infection is not accurate. Look at attempts to make a vaccine against scarlet fever in the early 1900s. The nurses on whom it was tested often died from the vaccine.

The sheeple have been brainwashed into believing that vaccines have wiped out illnesses such as smallpox. But if you actually research what eradicated smallpox, the people who did the work report it was rapid detection, quarantine, and hygiene. There was never enough usage of a vaccine to eradicate smallpox, particuarly in India where it was being fought at the end.

Polio vaccine is now the main way that polio spreads in nations such as India. That's because it is a live virus vaccine. Even in the US, people have caught polio from the diapers of children given live polio vaccine.

You could write a book on the problems with vaccine technologies uncovered by scientific research. Several such books have been written, often by doctors who woke up to the harm vaccines are doing to US health.

Yet the public has the mistaken belief that vaccines are safe. They are safe like playing Russian Roulette is safe, meaning that most of the time you won't end up with obvious damage but sometimes the damage is severe. And the times the damage is not so severe as to be obvious does not mean there was no damage, it just means it is harder to pinpoint the adverse results. Playing Russian Roulette might leave you with PTSD if you do not end up dead, and playing vaccine roulette may likewise leave you with narcolepsy, Gullain-Barre Syndrome, autism, autoimmune diseases, or just a trashed immune system.

Counting on vaccines to "save" people is foolish and plays into the hands of corporations that profit from shoddy quality vaccines that injure and kill many and would like to have the government force their defective products on the entire population. It saves marketing expenses, and since there is no product liability they care not if they kill many thousands or more people which is exactly what should be expected of a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine if the Chinese experiments are indicative of the difficulty of the problem.

Nutrition, lifestyle factors, supplements, and avoidance of drugs that damage immune system function (most vaccines and many Pharma drugs) can go a long way towards protecting a population from widespread illness and death.

Obviously such strategies have not been implemented in the US which sadly has the highest vaccination load and the worst health out of developed nations, despite spending by far the most money on its medical system.

Government experts such as CDC's William S. Thompson who have tried to speak out against government and industry fraud that covers up harm caused by vaccines and prevents quality improvements that are badly needed get nowhere. They are not allowed to testify to the Congress that is owned and operated by the very same Pharma companies that make the vaccines the government forces on the masses.

Anybody who thinks there is no problem with vaccines and that they are safe is an anti-science quack, like the original quacks. The term "quack" is derived from

"quacksalver" which refers to those who treat illness with mercury, one of the most biologically toxic substances known to science.

Ironically, mercury is still used in many vaccines today, particularly multi-dose vaccines in which it is claimed to be a preservative despite being inadequate to kill off certain kinds of pathogenic bacteria such as those in the Serratia genus. Flu vaccines are frequently multi-dose, and they are also tied to elevated rates of miscarriage of pregnancies. Since that is fairly well known among the well-informed, one should wonder if recommending flu vaccines for pregnant women, a population on which they were not tested and for which vaccines never used to be recommended due to obvious safety concerns, has become a means of population control against those so poorly educated they believe the official vaccine propaganda.


Interesting and something to keep an eye on. Besides not wanting chemicals injected into my body, sounds like more reasons to avoid getting an annual flu shot.

Remember Ignaz Semmelweis

The annual flu shot is likely to increase one's odds of death by COVID-19 as there is research that shows it overall increases the number of respiratory tract infections.

Children ages 6 to 15 when injected with a flu vaccine get about 4 times the number of upper respiratory tract infections:

People who are given flu vaccine two years in a row get worse results than those who did not have it the previous year:

Remember Ignaz Semmelweis

This article is worth a read:

It points to a study in which probiotic drinks were found to lower flu infection rates in children and that the protective effect was stronger in children who had not been vaccinated.

Why doesn't the government recommended safer, less expensive, and effective options like this?

Probably because it won't help Big Pharma make billions in profits. "Profits over people" is one of their fascist memes. The top administrators at government agencies such as FDA and CDC often end up with lucrative jobs in Big Pharma companies, so they parrot the corporate agenda during their time in government.

It also discusses and links to some of the evidence that those vaccinated with live-virus vaccines (nasal flu vaccine, measles, mumps, varicella (chicken pox), and rotavirus) are a threat to the health of others because they shed viruses that could cause infections in others.

Based upon the evidence I've run across over the years, people who freely choose (with no coercion or mandates) to be vaccinated with a live-virus vaccine should be quarantined for about 5 to 6 weeks to protect the public, especially people with damaged immune systems like the many being treated for cancer. After 5 to 6 weeks, they are unlikely to still be shedding infectious viruses from such vaccines.

But all of those live-virus vaccines in the list above are tied to serious adverse effects, and they are not even for illnesses that are serious threats to anybody in a developed country. So it would be better for Americans to just avoid such toxic medicine when there are better options available.

Also the article mentions and links to information on how flu vaccines may worsen immune response when those vaccinated are later exposed to a new flu virus.

There's also discussion of the elevated rates of miscarriages and stillbirths in pregnant women who received flu vaccine.

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