SALEM — Oregon’s coronavirus case numbers increased by 514 people during the weekend and Monday, officials reported.

A quarter of the new cases are based in Multnomah County, where officials say a majority of the spread is occurring among “close social networks.”

“It’s human nature, I think, to expect that the people that might be more risky to someone would be strangers,” said Kim Toevs, who leads the Multnomah County’s infectious disease team. “And the people they feel more safe (with), are the people they know – especially family and friends.”

However authorities say when people are around friends or family they may opt not to wear a mask or not practice physical distancing.

“Those are more likely the people to infect you, because they are going to be closer to you, in your personal space and, usually, you are going to be interacting with them for a longer period of time,” Toevs said.

Multnomah, which is Oregon’s most populous county and home to Portland, implemented phase 1 of the state’s reopening plan Friday. Hood River, Marion, and Polk Counties also entered new reopening phases Friday.

While health officials reiterated Monday they expect an increase in cases during reopening, the goal remains to minimize the number of people that are hospitalized.

Currently, there are 93 people, who have tested positive for coronavirus Oregon, who are in the hospital — 24 of those patients are on ventilators, according to data on the state’s website.

“The measure of hospitalizations and hospital capacity is something that we are going to be watching very closely,” Jennifer Vines, the lead health officer for the tri-county area, said Monday.

As of Monday’s case count, the total number of people who have tested positive for the deadly disease in the state is 7,083. In addition the state’s death toll has increased to 192 people.

Since the start of the pandemic, 206,381 people in Oregon, have been tested for coronavirus.

Last week, the state implemented a new safety measure — in seven counties, beginning Wednesday, people will be required to wear face coverings while at an indoor public space.

In addition, a special legislative session will be held Wednesday, where one of the main topics of conversation will be about the pandemic.

Gov. Kate Brown said she will likely call for a second special session later in the summer to address the huge budget hit coronavirus limitations on businesses and spending.

For most, the coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms, such as fever and cough that clear up in two to three weeks. For some, especially older adults and people with existing health problems, it can cause more severe illness, including pneumonia and death.

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Remember Ignaz Semmelweis

If you were on the Titanic, would you be giving moment by moment statistical updates about problems with the dance floor, food service, and kitchen operations as the ship was sinking?

The number of COVID-19 cases is not the main issue at all, and on top of that you will never really be able to know what those numbers are even if you ran a lot more tests.

COVID-19 tests are not reliable. There are many false positives (which help spread false alarm and cause damage to economics, freedom, and psychological health) and false negatives (which help spread infection).

Unless something has changed recently, many of the tests being used were not even validated for reliablity.

Ventilators the way they are being used kill people. Hospitals murder people by spreading COVID-19 (via totally nonsensical mixing of people of differing infection statuses) and putting them on ventilators instead of using the many viable treatments that exist. They will not tell you of the many viable treatments because they are cheap, unpatentable, unprofitable, they work better than the expensive highly profitable patentable pretty much totally ineffective treatments, and really they want you dead anyway.

They are financially rewarded for murder because each death of a COVID-19 patient is reportedly worth something like a $29,000 bonus for no extra work or services. Here's undercover footage from NYC via nurse who worked in one of these hospitals.


Starting today, Douglas County NO LONGER follows CDC and OHA guidelines for reporting the number of coronavirus cases because it appears our county commissioners wish to downplay the increasing number of coronavirus cases in Douglas County. The Oregon Health Authority reports Douglas County now has 38 coronavirus cases (2 new cases). DPHN continues to report 36 cases in the county. Starting today, Douglas County no longer reports presumptive coronavirus cases, those cases exhibiting all of the symptoms but not yet confirmed by testing. Rather than continue to follow conservative CDC reporting guidelines, DPHN has chosen to minimize the reported number of cases in our county. NONE of this is explained on DPHN’s website.

It is also important to understand Douglas County received only 9 coronavirus test results yesterday and 36 the day before. At this low testing rate, there is little chance to confirm anyone has coronavirus let alone confirm presumptive cases which will then continue to go unreported. It appears our county commissioners have decided to follow President Trump’s advice to stop testing to reduce the number of new coronavirus cases. The problem is people may die as a result.


The six Oregon counties surrounding Douglas County reported 20 new cases today after reporting 20 new cases the day before. The six counties have reported 86 new cases over the past week. Does it make any sense that Douglas County has had zero new cases when all of the surrounding counties continue to report so many new cases? Could that be possible because our county commissioners have decided to minimize testing in Douglas County to keep the number of new cases down?


The Oregon Health Authority reported 250 new coronavirus cases today in Oregon. This is the second highest number ever reported in Oregon, after 278 cases reported on June 16. Today marks the sixteenth consecutive day OHA has reported over 100 cases in Oregon. There have been 1,246 new cases reported in Oregon over the past seven days.

After yesterday reporting a record low 800 available non-ICU hospital beds in Oregon, OHA broke that record by reporting 797 available non-ICU beds in Oregon today. This comes two days after reporting a record low number of available ICU hospital beds in Oregon.

OHA reported today 35 people in Oregon are on ventilators. This is the highest number of people on ventilators since April 23.


DPHN finally reported 1 new coronavirus case today in Douglas County that was actually reported on the Department of Veterans Affairs website yesterday for Roseburg’s VA. DPHN did NOT report this new case to the Oregon Health Authority when they updated their statistics this morning. OHA statistics indicate Douglas County has 34 cases, not the 35 cases that should have been communicated yesterday. DPHN wrote on their website they immediately requested OHA correct their numbers when OHA over reported Douglas County cases a month ago. There has been no similar note on the DPHN website requesting OHA to correct their numbers for under reporting.

The six counties surrounding Douglas County reported 20 new coronavirus cases today and 83 cases over the past week. Both of those are new record high number of cases.

The Oregon Health Authority reported 124 new coronavirus cases today in Oregon. Today marks the fifteenth consecutive day OHA has reported over 100 cases in Oregon. There have been 1,202 new cases reported in Oregon over the past seven days.

After yesterday reporting a record low number of available ICU hospital beds in Oregon, OHA today reported a record low number of available non-ICU hospital beds in Oregon. Currently, 82.3% of Oregon’s total 5,824 staffed hospital beds are already occupied.


Every day, the Douglas County Public Health Network and our county commissioners fail in their promise to notify the public of workplaces experiencing 5 or more coronavirus cases. Roseburg Veterans Affairs facility reported 6 coronavirus cases over a month ago and reported its 7th coronavirus case yesterday.

According to DPHN’s website and daily email updates, “DPHN is following OHA policy related to outbreaks and will be reporting workplace outbreaks with 5 or more cases and only for workplaces where there are at least 30 employees.”

Not only did DPHN not report the new coronavirus case at Roseburg’s VA, it has not reported the VA as a workplace experiencing an outbreak of 5 or more cases as it should have done a month ago. What other important information is the DPHN and our county commissioners hiding from the public?


Roseburg Veterans Affairs reported one new coronavirus case today by one of their patients. This is the seventh total case reported Roseburg’s VA.

Strangely, the Douglas County Public Health Network did not include this new VA case in their count of coronavirus cases in Douglas County. Why?


How confident are you that DPHN is properly tracing this new VA coronavirus case and preventing further infections if it doesn't even report the new case on their website?


The six counties surrounding Douglas County reported 5 new coronavirus cases today and 70 cases over the past week.

The Oregon Health Authority reported 170 new coronavirus cases today, the eighth highest total ever. Today marks the fourteenth consecutive day OHA has reported over 100 cases in Oregon. There have been 1,226 new cases reported in Oregon over the past seven days.

The Oregon Health Authority reported today record low numbers of available hospital beds in the state. The 220 available intensive care unit beds and 873 available non-ICU beds are both record low numbers since OHA began tracking these numbers


The U.S. reported 36,015 new coronavirus cases yesterday. That was the second highest U.S. number ever reported. It appears today’s new cases are on track to surpass that number and break the record established on April 24.


The U.S. reported 39,103 new coronavirus cases today. That is a new all time record high. The U.S. also broke its one-week record for new cases at 22,544.

Seven states reported over 1,200 new cases today. Two states reported over 5,500 new cases.

The U.S. reported 1,671 coronavirus deaths in the past two days. Keep in mind, peak deaths typically lag peak cases by 10 - 14 days. Just in time for 4th of July.


Coronavirus deaths lag behind surging infections but may catch up soon.


The International Monetary Fund addressed the impacts of coronavirus on the world economy by saying, "advanced economies have been particularly hard-hit, with U.S. output now expected to shrink 8.0% and the euro zone 10.2% in 2020, both more than 2 percentage points worse than the April forecast...China, where businesses started reopening in April and new infections have been minimal, is the only major economy now expected to show positive growth in 2020, now forecast at 1.0% compared to 1.2% in the April forecast...The IMF said that more policy actions from governments and central banks would be needed to support jobs and businesses to limit further damage and set the stage for recovery."

And our President still chooses to ignore the virus spread.


Trump declares COVID victory In COVID hotspot.

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