As Cynthia Armstrong and Amber Sigler left Sherm’s Thunderbird Market with a cart half full of groceries, they peeled off their cloth face masks and took deep breaths.

Behind them, signs around the doors of the market asked customers to put on a mask before entering.

“It’s like the new bra,” Armstrong said, and they both laughed. “I get that they’re there to keep everybody else safe from the spread, but they’re just extra.”

Sigler questioned the benefit of wearing masks, and said she hasn’t seen stores checking the quality of masks people wear.

“It’s about compliance, it’s not about safety,” Sigler said, sharing a widespread sentiment that health experts in Douglas County are working against.

It has been a week since Gov. Kate Brown made it mandatory to wear a mask while inside indoor public spaces statewide, in response to days of record-breaking COVID-19 infections. Around Douglas County, businesses have had to adjust their usual practices to enforce the policy.

As of Wednesday morning, the state of Oregon had reported 10,605 total cases of coronavirus, and Douglas County had reported 54 total cases. Fourteen of those were newly reported from the last week.

Since last Wednesday, face masks have been required in all public indoor spaces such as grocery stores, gyms and churches. There are exceptions for children under 12 and people with medical conditions that make wearing a face mask difficult. Anyone can take their mask off while eating or drinking at a restaurant.

During Brown’s press conference on July 1, she said that she does not want local police issuing tickets to individuals and businesses. Instead, enforcement will come from state agencies such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission and the Oregon Health Authority.

“If covered businesses ignore the rule, then OSHA and other state agencies are ready: following up on complaints and using all the tools available to ensure enforcement,” Brown said. “I’m very serious about this. I’m also willing to bet that Oregonians will want to frequent businesses where they feel safe.”

OSHA spokesman Aaron Corvin said that they have seen an initial surge in complaints against employers and individuals over the weekend.

He said employers who take meaningful steps toward enforcing the mask requirement will not be cited. Willful steps would include stopping unmasked people at the door and offering them a mask. It also includes offering curbside pickup, face shields and other alternatives to people who cannot wear a mask due to a medical condition.

“It is not enough to put up a sign,” Corvin said. “Our expectation is that business representatives engage.”

Violation of the mandate can carry a Class C misdemeanor for individuals or businesses. Corvin said that if businesses refuse to take steps toward mask enforcement, they can be fined for willful violation.

OSHA is offering free, virtual consultations for businesses to assess their risk level and preparedness.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, masks reduce the spread of the virus by blocking the respiratory droplets expelled during speech, coughing and sneezing. Because their use has become politicized, medical experts have had to get creative when teaching people the benefits of wearing a mask.

Douglas Public Health Officer Dr. Bob Dannenhoffer has taken to the Douglas Public Health Network’s Facebook page, making videos out of his garage where he answers viewer questions and does demonstrations. He referred The News-Review to these videos for information.

“I’m not about to tell people what they should or shouldn’t do, but please wear a mask,” Dannenhoffer said in a video last week. “I’m pleading with you to go ahead and socially distance, just be careful about gatherings, and if you can’t maintain social distance because you’re in a crowded place, please wear a mask.”

He recommended using masks in places without social distancing, meaning people from different households are unable to keep at least 6 feet away from each other. These spaces, which include grocery stores, fall under last week’s mask requirement.

Inside Fred Meyer on Monday, almost everyone had some form of face covering. But many let their masks slip below their noses as they shopped in the busy store, and some took their masks off entirely once they were out of sight of employees.

As Willard Mattson left with his groceries, he rode a motorized scooter and donned a blue medical mask. He’s in the high risk category for COVID-19: over 60 with heart problems, and he said he recently left the hospital because of them.

Mattson said he is grateful for the new policy, but thinks it should have happened much sooner.

He said he hopes the people who are against wearing masks will understand the risk they put others in.

“It’s their right, but it’s killing other people. A lot of people like me,” Mattson said. “And it’s not your right to kill people, first of all. I did enough of that in Vietnam.”

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Wearing a mask and keeping a safe distance are clearly the most effective ways we have of slowing the spread of coronavirus. There is no rational justification for ignoring basic science and the advice of trained medical experts. I see people in Costco dropping their mask once they're inside to display their stubborn defiance.

If only the non-maskers got sick, I'd be fine with them not wearing a mask. That's not the way this works, unfortunately. Ego over proven science.


The U.S. and the world both set records today for one day coronavirus cases with 61,800 cases and 213,000 cases respectively.

Remember Ignaz Semmelweis

And how many of those are from false positives?

You could easily manipulate the case counts by switching between tests (some are more prone to false positives than others) and running more tests.

Cases does not equal infections.

Infections does not equal deaths.

Deaths are due to many other factors, not really the virus itself.

The number of deaths would be even lower if MSM was not endlessly lying about things like HCQ+zinc+azithromycin for which there is strong evidence from multiple sources that it is effective when used early. Look at the latest Henry Ford study for instance, it cut the death rate in half even without the zinc.


That study is deeply flawed. The median age of the age group not receiving HCQ was 71; the median age of the HCQ group was 53, for example.

Remember Ignaz Semmelweis

It appears there could be a typo in that paper at because the data in the table does not make sense to have a median of 53 with IQR of of 64 to 74 for HCQ alone.

How do you get a median outside of the IQR? Seems very unlikely to happen, especially with how the adjacent columns read.

More likely, it should have shown 64 with IQR of 53 to 74. Look at the bottom of the total (n=2541) column in that same row where it shows "64 (53-76)" to further back this up.

In my view, the major flaw in this study is that they did not use zinc. That would almost certainly have improved outcomes even further given that one of the proposed mechanisms for action of HCQ with scientific evidence is how it acts as a zinc ionophore to raise intracellular zinc levels which functions to slow or block viral replication.

One of arguments I've heard for why azithromycin may be useful in this protocol is that it helps with latent C. pneumoniae infections (an intracellular infection often tied to pneumonia) that are reactivated by the SARS-CoV-2 infection.

Also, there are some studies showing zinc is protective also against pneumonia deaths such as this one .

Remember Ignaz Semmelweis

One of the study authors (Marcus Zervos) confirmed to me that the point you are making is a typo as I said it probably is and pointed out to you and also to him.

He said:

"it is a typo, I think has been corrected, age over 65 is a factor associated with mortality, but hydroxychloroquine was independently associated with mortality in the multivariate and propensity analysis"


I encourage DougIas County to foIIow the state guideIines regarding reporting of confirmed cases and presumptive cases. It's siIIy to use a different system and it's worse than siIIy if the intent is to disguise the increased number of cases. It wouId aIso heIp if the generaI Iocation of cases was made pubIic, such as saying cases were in North, South, CentraI or CoastaI areas of our geographicaIIy huge county. If peopIe were made aware of hot spots, they might become extra motivated to wear face coverings, to sociaI distance and to avoid gatherings in those areas. If cases are evenIy distributed, peopIe might become more motivated to practice precautions everywhere. Accurate information heIps peopIe practice wise decisions in daiIy Iife. PIease, Commissioners, stop downpIaying what's going on, give us good info and trust that the good citizens of DougIas County wiII respond with gratitude and wiser behavior.


The Oregon Health Authority publishes a weekly summary report (below link) every Wednesday. In it, OHA reported this is the second consecutive week fewer (doesn’t say how much fewer) than 95% of new cases were contacted by local public health staff within 24 hours, repeating for the second week that more contract tracing resources are needed.

Oregon’s positivity rate increased from 4.2% to 5.0% over the last week, indicating coronavirus is worsening/spreading in the state.

OHA provided the following Douglas County zip codes with the number of coronavirus cases for each. Douglas County zip codes that have fewer than 10 cases were reported as “1–9”.

97417: 1-9

97435: 1-9

97462: 1-9

97467: 1-9

97469: 1-9

97470: 12

97471: 11

97479: 1-9

97457: 1-9


Thanks for the info. Appreciate it.


I need to help out where I can since I know our Commissioners aren't going to do so.

Remember Ignaz Semmelweis

Masks and social distancing are not going to stop the spread. All it takes is a few hundred virions at most to have a high likelihood of infection, and any tiny gap in a mask is going to let more than that through.

A quote from :


Such small particles (< 2.5 μm) are part of air fluidity, are not subject to gravitational sedimentation, and would not be stopped by long-range inertial impact. This means that the slightest (even momentary) facial misfit of a mask or respirator renders the design filtration norm of the mask or respirator entirely irrelevant. In any case, the filtration material itself of N95 (average pore size ~0.3-0.5 μm) does not block virion penetration, not to mention surgical masks. For example, see Balazy et al. (2006).

Mask stoppage efficiency and host inhalation are only half of the equation, however, because the minimal infective dose (MID) must also be considered. For example, if a large number of pathogen- laden particles must be delivered to the lung within a certain time for the illness to take hold, then partial blocking by any mask or cloth can be enough to make a significant difference.

On the other hand, if the MID is amply surpassed by the virions carried in a single aerosol particle able to evade mask-capture, then the mask is of no practical utility, which is the case.

... bunch of interesting and useful statistics that do not cut and paste well, so read the article ...

All of this to say that: if anything gets through (and it always does, irrespective of the mask), then you are going to be infected. Masks cannot possibly work. It is not surprising, therefore, that no bias-free study has ever found a benefit from wearing a mask or respirator in this application.

Therefore, the studies that show partial stopping power of masks, or that show that masks can capture many large droplets produced by a sneezing or coughing mask-wearer, in light of the above -described features of the problem, are irrelevant. For example, such studies as these: Leung (2020), Davies (2013), Lai (2012), and Sande (2008).


People need to be focusing on nutrition and their other health conditions, that will make it likely they can rapidly fight back any infection and they will be very unlikely to die.

Remember Ignaz Semmelweis

Masks are giving you a false sense of security that causes you to not fix other problems and will therefore increase risk of death.

Why do you trust government health authorities? Such people are responsible for huge criminal atrocities such as the Tuskegee Experiment. Never trust somebody just because they work for the government.

There are multiple medical doctors contending that masks are ineffective for viral infections such as influenza virus and coronavirus (e.g. common cold is said to be often caused by a coronavirus other than SARS-CoV-2, SARS-CoV, and MERS-CoV) and may increase harm to those wearing them such as by increasing headaches and respiratory problems.

Here's an MD writing about this, citing many scientific studies to support his opinions:

He also points to many other factors to consider, for example citing research that shows the R0 (infectious spread rate) of viruses is largely influenced by humidity of the air and how this affects viral particles. That could at least partly explain why the concentration of infections shifts around from area to area as weather changes and social factors like how much time people spend in dry indoor air.

Please read the article.

If you take the time, you will see that there are other viewpoints that have scientific basis that may be far more helpful than the dogma of those who helped create this disaster and profit from it.

There are also many other scientifically based viewpoints that are highly relevant, but which are being censored by Big Tech that seeks to ensure that only WHO propaganda is seen by the masses.

As if the WHO has done such a great job handling all of this.

They cannot keep their story straight from week to week, lied for China to help it cover up what is going on, and are controlled by Bill Gates (reportedly the 2nd largest funder of WHO after the US government!) who plans to make a huge profit on the pandemic.

YouTube, Facebook, and other Big Tech corporations have even censored MDs discussing what they are seeing in their practices.

SARS-CoV-2 itself is not killing people because for a healthy person, it is a minor health challenge that many reports say often results in zero or minimal symptoms. That's why there is all the talk about asymptomatic carriers.

People who are seriously injured or die from COVID-19 are doing so because they have other health conditions, particularly high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and type 2 diabetes.

These conditions are all preventable and largely curable.

Most of the people with these conditions are malnourished, meaning very inadequate levels of vitamins and minerals and excessive intake of immune system suppressing sugars. Vitamin D3 and zinc are examples of common nutrients of which most people are deficient, but there are many more.

Also, there is the factor that many such people are being murdered by incompetent treatment such as uncovered in New York in this undercover hospital video.

Focus on fixing the underlying problems leading to serious symptoms, injury, or death.

What typical people (not psychopaths or Big Pharma employees) would really care about this virus even if everybody gets infected with SARS-CoV-2 if nobody got seriously sick or worse?

The exclusive focus on masks and social distancing is going to increase the level of disaster.


The Douglas County Public Health Network reported ANOTHER 2 new coronavirus cases today, bringing the total number of cases to 56. Douglas County had 24 total cases when our Commissioners decided for us to re-open Douglas County. Total cases have increased 133% since they made that decision without allowing the public to voice its opinion.

Positivity rate is an indicator of whether coronavirus cases are increasing or decreasing in a community and is defined by the number of positive coronavirus cases divided by the number of test results. Douglas County’s 7-day rolling average positivity rate was 0.36% before it began re-opening. Since then, the 7-day rolling average positivity rate has steadily increased to where it is today at 2.5%, which is Douglas County’s highest positivity rate since April 20. Oregon’s 7-day positivity rate is currently 4.7%.

The six counties surrounding Douglas County reported 22 new coronavirus cases today and 186 cases and one death over the past week.

The Oregon Health Authority reported 212 new coronavirus cases and 4 more deaths today in Oregon. OHA reported 82.3% of all (ICU and non-ICU) hospital beds are occupied in Oregon today.


Numerous people contracted coronavirus last weekend during a legion baseball tournament in Roseburg consisting of ten teams from all around Oregon and California. This event and the source of the coronavirus were reported by several different Medias. Nearly all of those Medias reported a “Roseburg team” as the source of the coronavirus outbreak. Below is their quote;

“During a weekend tournament in Roseburg, the Newberg team learned that a team from Roseburg had reported two cases of COVID-19 among their players, according to Newberg School District Superintendent Dr. Joe Morelock. The Newberg team had no contact with the Roseburg team but they decided to leave the tournament early anyway, Morelock said.”

Yet the News-Review claims to have quoted the same Newberg media when it said;

“Newberg Schools Superintendent Joe Morelock said one of those eight people was reported to have symptoms. Morelock said the Newberg team had no contact with the Grants Pass team that left the tournament early because two people that were associated with that team had tested positive.”

The two quotes from the same person are entirely different. I have been unable to find the quote attributed to Dr. Morelock by the News-Review in any other media. All medias that identify the source claim it was a “Roseburg team,” NOT a “Grants Pass team.”

My searching leads me to believe the News-Review intentionally changed Dr. Morelock’s quote. I challenge the News-Review to provide the report from KOIN-TV in Portland that quotes Dr. Morelock saying it was a “Grants Pass team.”


The Mail Tribune (Medford) stated it was Grants Pass' team that had the two players who tested positive. They reported that last week and I haven't seen a correction from them.


Maybe you missed my point. Can you direct me to where Newberg Schools Superintendent Joe Morelock said it was Grants Pass as quoted by Reporter Dan Bain of the News-Review? I don't believe Dr. Morelock ever said that.

Correct me if I'm wrong. My understanding is Grants Pass has three summer baseball programs; the Nuggets, the Riverside Ready Mixers and the Diggers. The Nuggets were the team competing in Roseburgs' 4th of July tournament. However the two players who tested positive were on the Diggers and never attended the Roseburg tournament. As a precaution, Grants Pass made the decision to cancel the season for all three teams after the cases were diagnosed. I've been reading the Mail Tribune and haven't read where any more cases have been diagnosed on the three teams. Have you additional information?


According to the Mail Tribune, the Grants Pass Diggers (not the Nuggets) participated in an earlier baseball tournament in Roseburg against Dr. Randol’s baseball team from June 24 – 29.

Roseburg’s Dr. Stewart’s were playing in the Medford tournament at that same time and actually lost to the Grants Pass Nuggets on July 28 as part of that tournament.


I didn't contradict what you've stated. I merely stated what I had read in the Mail Tribune last week. The Oregonian now has the story up. In the comments section, a man claiming to be the coach of one of the Eugene teams added some information. He stated, as you did, that neither player from Grants Pass came to our tournament as they play on one of the single A teams (the Nuggets are AAA). He further stated that Newberg has now traced their issues to a tournament from the weekend before. I'm not sure how they did that, but that's what he said.

Sadly, there are lot of reports out there and they are different. One stated Newberg went home when they heard Grants Pass had two players with Covid. Two days later, one of their kids went to the hospital with a fever. Well, if the kids weren't there, why did Newberg really go home? There are pieces to this story that are still missing in my opinion. Oh well, the season is on hold and that's best.


Here's a post from Doc Stewart's FB page.

First and foremost: We take the health and safety of our players, coaches and fans extremely seriously, which is why we voted to cancel the final day of the tournament before we even knew that there were positive cases.

This article attempts to set the record straight from a poor distribution of misinformation from the Portland area news outlets, however does not clear up the questions.

Upon entry into our field fans were able to view of list of symptoms and use provided hand sanitizer before entering our stadium. Teams-players and coaches-all had to review the symptoms check list and questions on possible exposure to COVID-19, as well as have their temperature taken and use hand sanitizer before being allowed into the stadium. Records of those were kept by the coaching staff at legion field. Between games-once a team left the dugout- the dugouts were sprayed down with disinfectant including the fencing where players stand while in the dugout.

On Thursday evening after the grants pass team had played in our tournament their board voted to cancel all baseball for the summer due to two players from a 15U teams in Grants Pass were exhibiting symptoms but had not confirmed positive testes yet. Those players were never at legion field and were not known to us to have had contact with the Grants Pass team present for our tournament-as we were hosting a 19U tournament.

Friday morning our coaching staff communicated with the remaining teams about what happened with Grants Pass pulling out. The Newberg team-which also had no contact with our Doc’s team- voted to pull out of the tournament as well due to concerns of losing the opportunity to host their own tournament at the end of this month.

Saturday morning it was brought to our attention by the Newberg coaching staff that one of their players had a fever upon arriving home and was going to get tested. The coaches were all notified and the Springfield teams voted to not finish the tournament. The remaining coaches then had a meeting and decided to play out Saturday-as none of them had contact with the Newberg team-and then cancel the remaining championship games for Sunday.

Monday evening it was confirmed that the player from Newberg had tested positive and that others from the team were getting tested.

Tuesday we read that the Newberg team had 8 players and coaches who tested positive for Covid. Several of their players had participated in a tournament outside of Oregon and had contracted Covid while there unbeknownst to them.

This post is simply to assure our fans and players that NONE of the Doc’s players have test positive for COVID-19 or are exhibiting any symptoms associated with Covid.


Let me see if I got this straight:

1. Grants Pass Nuggets never participated in Roseburg’s tournament. They pulled out before the tournament started and then cancelled their entire system after learning two players on a different Grants Pass team were diagnosed with coronavirus.

2. Newberg’s baseball team participated in Roseburg’s tournament but left early because they heard about two players NOT in Roseburg’s tournament that tested positive for coronavirus and soon afterwards reported 8 coronavirus cases (now up to 12) of their own.

3. Newberg School District Superintendent Dr. Joe Morelock was quoted by Newberg’s local media saying, “a team from Roseburg had reported two cases of COVID-19 among their players.”

4. News-Review reporter Dan Bain intentionally misquoted Newberg School District Superintendent Dr. Joe Morelock to make it appear as if the Newberg team’s coronavirus cases may have come from the Grants Pass Team that didn’t even participate in the tournament.

It is now reported that “Twelve confirmed cases of COVID-19 are associated with a Newberg youth baseball team that traveled to Roseburg for a tournament. Yamhill County Health and Human Services Director Lindsey Manfrin said there is also one case in another county.”


"Medical Conditions"

Thats the magic word now in douglas county. At Costco where I work where they made masks mandatory before the it reached state level its seems most of the town developed a medical condition over night so they didn't have to wear one. Now that its state level, it seems even more people have mysteriously developed medical conditions over night. Its to the point now where we have more maskless people inside Costco at one time than we do masked ones on some days. Talking to people that go to/work at other retail/grocery stores here, it seems to be a similar story. Even if its a governor order, the state has no authority to mandate or overturn federal related things like the american's with disabilities act so it makes the mask policy a huge laughing stock. Now if it was a presidential order to wear a mask that might be another story, but our president apparently would rather die than be seen wearing a silly mask, so that'll never happen.

Remember Ignaz Semmelweis

There are plenty of scientific reasons to doubt that masks work for preventing the spread of viral infections. This article links to many such studies, some of which also point out health problems worsened by masks.


Wow, I guess healthcare workers should stop wearing masks then since they are so ineffective for all these years.

Remember Ignaz Semmelweis

They are effective for bacteria, not so much for viruses. If you read the science paper references, it explains this better. Did you bother to read it before attacking it?


38 years as a high level healthcare workers in infectious diseases proves it to me, not some armchair scientist

Remember Ignaz Semmelweis

You clearly didn't read the material.

The studies cited are not by "armchair scientists" but by professional researchers. This article has been linked to by medical doctors who agree that masks are being pushed as a solution they are not.

Here is a quote containing some of these studies cited, but there are many more in the paper I linked to:


Here are key anchor points to the extensive scientific literature that establishes that wearing surgical masks and respirators (e.g., "N95") does not reduce the risk of contracting a verified illness:

Jacobs, J. L. et al. (2009) "Use of surgical face masks to reduce the incidence of the common cold among health care workers in Japan: A randomized controlled trial", American Journal of Infection Control, Volume 37, Issue 5, 417 - 419.

N95-masked health-care workers (HCW) were significantly more likely to experience headaches. Face mask use in HCW was not demonstrated to provide benefit in terms of cold symptoms or getting colds.

Cowling, B. et al. (2010) "Face masks to prevent transmission of influenza virus: A systematic review", Epidemiology and Infection, 138(4), 449-456. doi:10.1017/S0950268809991658 e-masks-to-prevent-transmission-of-influenza-virus-a-systematicreview/64D368496EBDE0AFCC6639CCC9D8BC05

None of the studies reviewed showed a benefit from wearing a mask, in either HCW or community members in households (H). See summary Tables 1 and 2 therein.

bin-Reza et al. (2012) "The use of masks and respirators to prevent transmission of influenza: a systematic review of the scientific evidence", Influenza and Other Respiratory Viruses 6(4), 257-267.

"There were 17 eligible studies. … None of the studies established a conclusive relationship between mask ⁄ respirator use and protection against influenza infection."

Smith, J.D. et al. (2016) "Effectiveness of N95 respirators versus surgical masks in protecting health care workers from acute respiratory infection: a systematic review and meta-analysis", CMAJ Mar 2016, cmaj.150835; DOI: 10.1503/cmaj.150835

"We identified 6 clinical studies ... In the meta-analysis of the clinical studies, we found no significant difference between N95 respirators and surgical masks in associated risk of (a) laboratory-confirmed respiratory infection, (b) influenza-like illness, or (c) reported work-place absenteeism."

Offeddu, V. et al. (2017) "Effectiveness of Masks and Respirators Against Respiratory Infections in Healthcare Workers: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis", Clinical Infectious Diseases, Volume 65, Issue 11, 1 December 2017, Pages 1934-1942,

"Self-reported assessment of clinical outcomes was prone to bias. Evidence of a protective effect of masks or respirators against verified respiratory infection (VRI) was not statistically significant"; as per Fig. 2c therein:


Masks are far from a guarantee of spreading the illness, and create additional risks that they will spread it other ways than direct airborne droplets containing virions.

Further, masks are often worn incorrectly or removed and reused which causes other risks.

Then there is the problem of defective masks. China is a major supplier of masks and there have been recent shipments of large quantities of defective masks to the US and other nations.

Spreading all of this mask and social distancing hype falsely reassures people they are making themselves and others safe when in fact they are not and need to be taking other steps.

In the meantime, the panic being created over what turns out to be a minor easily overcome virus is also destroying the economy which will independently of the virus kill a lot of people.

For example, part of the reason why police departments are being shut down is that there is no money to pay for them with businesses destroyed, employment crushed, and tax revenues way down.

You claim to be a healthcare worker for 38 years.

The medical profession as a whole is incompetently murdering (minimum manslaughter) people by many means, especially COVID-19 murders.

Putting suspected COVID-19 patients into nursing homes is criminal level manslaughter.

Putting them on ventilators when it is widely known that is

damaging their lungs and it is not appropriate treatment is murder.

Conducting fake science studies to falsely malign one of the few inexpensive mainstream medical drugs that can treat COVID-19 aids and abets murder, and it was done for political and profit purposes so it in effect is aiding and abetting mass murder for profit.

Mainstream doctors commonly disregard substantial scientific and clinical evidence for treatment protocols that use cheap, safe, and widely available materials such as vitamin C in Dr. Paul Marik MD's anti-sepsis "HAT Therapy" protocol which has been adapted for COVID-19 and shown to save many lives.

Then there is the widespread failure of the medical profession to inform patients of basic biological and medical science about nutrition such as vitamin D3, zinc, and other simple, low-risk, cheap ways to boost immune function and reduce the risk of deadly cytokine storms. Plus this would help reduce or reverse many other widespread chronic health problems that are causing economic ruination and many needless deaths in far higher numbers than COVID-19.

I wonder how many current medical "professionals" are the sorts of people who would have participated in the many thousands of ignorant doctor induced deaths alluded to by my use of "Ignaz Semmelweis". It is not all of them, but possibly the majority.

Maybe you don't even know who he was? Would not surprise me, especially with Big Pharma calling all the shots in medicine these days and always looking to cover up its crimes and evade liability for the huge numbers of injuries and deaths it causes every year.

His story should be a caution to people in your profession that they should knock it off with their supremacist dogma and exploitative profiteering and pay more attention to basic science that can save lives.

Remember Ignaz Semmelweis

Also consider multiple studies I referenced in the previous reply were showing N95 masks do not appear to be statistically effective.

Then consider that is not even what most people are using.

I hardly see anybody with N95 masks. They are wearing masks with much bigger pores and looser fits that will let through far more droplets and have no hope of blocking individual virions.

Masks are a delusion that is fooling people into feeling safer, while actually doing little to make them safer.

The same with social distancing. There are studies showing the virions could easily spread much further, this one shows more like 27 feet.

There simply must be more attention to making the infections minor and not lethal by appropriate nutrition and effective early treatments using safe, cheap drugs such as hydroxychloroquine.

If that is argued against for safety, consider pretty much every pharma drug on the market is more dangerous and even many over the counter drugs are more dangerous.

Even acetaminophen (such as in many "safe" painkillers, even over the counter Tylenol) kills many people and does this in a way that could be easily and cheaply prevented (adding N-acetyl cysteine and vitamin C to each dose is known to work, and possibly licorice root could also work given its glycyrrhizin protects the liver from many insults).

But the FDA (Fraud and Death Administration) blocks such easy, safe, and scientifically substantiated improvements to drugs that are hospitalizing tens of thousands and killing several hundred people in the US each year.

Maybe the profits from those injuries and deaths exceeds the profits from acetaminophen?

Allowing people to be killed for higher profit is the Big Pharma way, they have taken the Ford Pinto concept and magnified it by many magnitudes.

#BlackLivesMatter should be paying attention to all of this, because Big Pharma kills way more blacks than the police do. But of course, that does not support the terrorize the public and work to impose more tyranny agenda of the people who control that group.

The virus crisis and race protests/riots are not about the virus or racism, they are about other similar agendas and the virus and the George Floyd incident are simply opportunities to create a crisis that benefits very bad people and harms America and the world.


Blah, blah, blah ... go eat your pine cones with Euell .. I never specified mask types.

Want to go off on ABO groups too?


According to Richard Galanti, the chief financial officer for Costco, If someone comes in without a mask, we just ask them to leave.” Too bad more stores, restaurants and medical practices aren't doing the same.


The chief financial officer isn't even inside any of the physicals stores. I'm pretty sure hes not even part of the mob of corporate managers that flies down to inspect the stores every few months, thats just publicity talk right there. I have not seen anyone from management at my store go out of their way to tell someone to leave for refusing to wear a mask. You'd also be really taking your chances in this day age with the americans with disabilities act. Even if the person is lying about having a medical condition so they don't have to wear a mask, its the very fact that a businesses even asked or questioned about someone having a medical condition is enough for a potential lawsuit, not to mention all the trouble you can get into with privacy violations these days. That being said, its probably why I haven't seen anyone refuse to let someone in, and honestly I don't blame them for fear of getting in trouble or hot water legally.


Thanks. I've read your previous comments along the same line in the past and was curious whether Costco had changed anything. Sounds like Costco says one thing but does another.


Is Costco considering curbside pick-up like they have at Fred Meyer, Dominoes and Lowes?


They've kinda had a similar program for years called "fax and pull" but you have to have a min order of $500 I think? Mostly it's the small businesses and stores around here that use it. The employees basically shop it all ahead of time and the person picks it up. We also have instacart service that people can use if they want costco stuff delivered.




The Douglas County Commissioner’s COVID-19 Response Team issued a “Special Report” yesterday to Douglas County residents regarding the threat of coronavirus that said;

“Many of our residents have been asking why we have seen a steady increase in our positive confirmed cases in the last few weeks. The answer is TRAVEL! Yes, the majority of our recent cases have been directly linked to travel outside Douglas County, and especially those residents that have chosen to travel outside of Oregon.”

While the vast majority of cases are kept secret from the community, we know a number of the recent cases were not related to residents traveling outside of Oregon or even out of the county. According to the KGW8 news station in Portland, at least 8 people associated with Newberg’s baseball team contracted coronavirus at a ten team 4th of July baseball tournament in Roseburg. It was reported at least 2 Grants Pass Nuggets players also contracted the disease. The Commissioner’s COVID-19 Response Team refuses to release the number of Roseburg ball players, coaches or adults who were infected. But DPHN reported at least 8 Douglas County residents were infected during the duration of the tournament.

Why don’t you ask our County Commissioners why they failed to mention the numerous coronavirus cases diagnosed on multiple baseball teams because our county leaders made the highly questionable decision to bring potentially infected baseball teams from all around Oregon and California to Roseburg to participate in a baseball tournament during the middle of a pandemic? While you are at it, also ask our Commissioners whether the two coronavirus cases reported by Roseburg’s VA over the last week resulted from travel outside Oregon. I think you will find none of those cases had anything to do with Douglas County residents traveling outside the State or County.

Like our country’s President, our County Commissioners are coming under increasing pressure from their mishandling of coronavirus in Douglas County. They are fielding more and more question about the rapid increase in Douglas County coronavirus cases resulting from their push to reopen Douglas County and felt it necessary to email their “Special Report” today in an hopeful attempt to appease those questions and concerns over their leadership.

Now that you have more information indicating not all new coronavirus cases were caused by residents bringing the disease back from their travels, give the Commissioners a call and ask them again why we are seeing more cases. Isn't it about time they should start taking more responsibility for their questionable decisions and misleading information.

Remember Ignaz Semmelweis

What about the effect of weather such as discussed in this article?

This cites research that shows the R0 (infectious spread rate) of viruses is largely influenced by humidity of the air and how this affects viral particles. That could at least partly explain why the concentration of infections shifts around from area to area as weather changes and social factors like how much time people spend in dry indoor air.

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Mike, it seems to me you are well-intentioned, but keep focusing on tests (which are unreliable with huge false positive rates) and masks and social distancing which are also unreliable or even simply ineffective.

Mainstream media keeps claiming tests and masks and social distancing are so important while Big Tech censors so many other points of view, even when they are scientifically valid with evidence to support them and are being presented by doctors and scientists.

There are other explanations for the rise in infections in the less humid weather we have now.

A quote from :

In fact, Shaman et al. showed that R0 must be understood to seasonally vary between humid-summer values of just larger than "1" and dry-winter values typically as large as "4" (for example, see their Table 2). In other words, the seasonal infectious viral respiratory diseases that plague temperate latitudes every year go from being intrinsically mildly contagious to virulently contagious, due simply to the bio-physical mode of transmission controlled by atmospheric humidity, irrespective of any other consideration.

Therefore, all the epidemiological mathematical modelling of the benefits of mediating policies (such as social distancing), which assumes humidity-independent R0 values, has a large likelihood of being of little value, on this basis alone. For studies about modelling and regarding mediation effects on the effective reproduction number, see Coburn (2009) and Tracht (2010).

To put it simply, the "second wave" of an epidemic is not a consequence of human sin regarding mask wearing and hand shaking. Rather, the "second wave" is an inescapable consequence of an air-dryness-driven many-fold increase in disease contagiousness, in a population that has not yet attained immunity.


So what you're saying is: its not the heat but the humidity.

Remember Ignaz Semmelweis

That is what the research seems to be saying, yes. But there may be other factors, and it is always good to look for confirmations from other sources and approaches to a problem or question.


What happens if our population NEVER attains immunity or the immunity only lasts a couple of months like several new studies indicate?

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All the more reason to focus on nutrition and fixing underlying medical conditions such as type 2 diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease. People should be paying attention to fixing those anyway, instead of just taking drugs to mask symptoms as doctors push.

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It looks like just getting vitamin D3 levels up to above 30 ng/mL may be enough to pretty much eliminate severe infections and deaths.


Florida is setting records every day. it's humid there. It's also humid in Houston, TX and their ICUs are full. It's humid in New Orleans and they have major issues. It's humid all over Brazil and they're right behind us with Covid infections. Humidity isn't killing Covid-19, but social distancing and mask usage sure is working well in Europe.

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Is it humid inside in air conditioning where the people are spending time? I think not. Same issue with heating in cold areas, could also lower humidity.

Remember Ignaz Semmelweis

OregonHusker, it is good you made those points. if the humidity theory is correct, and it is not the first place I've seen it mentioned, then dehumidifiers, air conditioning, and forced hot air heating systems could be lowering humidity and potentiating infection.

The article mentions the theory that humidity causes precipitation of viral particles.

Air contains bacteria, also, so bacteria could be degrading viruses such as to digest them for their contents such as the lipid membranes and protein innards.

Also, the four major medical centers in Houston got together a week or two ago for a press conference to say that the media is deceiving the public about the situation in their facilities. Now it is a common practice to test anybody coming into a hospital for any reason for COVID-19, even people who came in for no symptoms but for some procedure get listed as COVID-19 cases if a test comes back positive. With all the false positives from the unreliable tests, many of them are not even infected.

Much of Europe (especially the coastal southern part) has a Mediterranean climate with dry summers. Could that have some effect?


Do you reallyl think people are spending all of their time inside? If they were doing that, they wouldn't be having the problems they currently have.

The humidity thing came out months ago. Trump talked about it when he said this whole thing would be over when the weather got hotter. Like the flu. Well, it's summer and we're breaking records day after day. So no, this thing doesn't die with hot weather or humidity.

Where did you get your news about Houston? It is the opposite of what I watched on CNN and they had a department head talk about how they were getting overrun.

Europe's coastal cities in the Mediterranean are humid. Barcelona had a big outbreak three or four days ago. Otherwise, they are doing well. They're being smart about it. It's not a political issue there.

Remember Ignaz Semmelweis

They do not have to spend all their time inside.

How do you figure spending time inside is going to reduce infection rate? It concentrates virions in the airspace indoors and removes environmental factors that disinfect such as UV-A and UV-B from sunlight and external humidity (since Texas at this time of year is likely using air conditioning indoors) if that previously mentioning study is accurate about its theory regarding humidity affecting viral infection rates.

So with concentrated virions in shared airspace, spending time indoors should raise infection rates.

But if people are in isolation with isolated or UV treated airflows into and out of their isolated spaces, then I could see how it may not raise the rates. How many places offer such indoor conditions? Probably few to none that most people are going to encounter.

This article has some text that matches up with what I remember reading:

A quote:


HOUSTON – Leaders from the four largest hospital systems in Houston said Thursday that they are in good shape to handle a surge of coronavirus patients if it happens.

The CEOs of Houston Methodist, Memorial Hermann Health System, St. Luke’s Health and Texas Children’s Hospital held a virtual news conference aimed at reassuring the public that the systems are ready to handle whatever may come.

According to data released by the Texas Medical Center, the Houston-area ICUs are currently at 100% capacity with less than a third of those patients having COVID-19.

Still, CEOs from four leading hospitals in the medical center say they’re prepared to handle surge capacity.

“There is not a scenario, in my opinion, to where the demand for our beds, especially ICUs, ventilators, PPE, etcetera, would eclipse our capability,” said Mark Wallace, the President and CEO of Texas Children’s Hospital said.


The above is what I remember running across a week or so ago. Maybe things have changed since, or maybe there is just a lot of distortion in the news media that seems to be focused on creating panic and engaging in political manipulations?

I do not in general trust news media because so many of them lie about things I've checked into or know well from my own data and experience. In 2020, the lying is even more extreme than usual.

Summer affects humidity differently in different areas based upon factors such as airflows over bodies of water. So humidity could go up in some areas and down in others. The weather lately around the world is full of many extreme incidents with extreme rains in some areas leading to floods even breaking dams. So general humidity patterns in 2020 may vary from past years.

Summer raises UV-B light levels and vitamin D3 production in exposed skin, assuming people spend signficant time outside with large areas of skin exposed to full sunlight like is needed to get good vitamin D3 levels in the best possible form of vitamin D3 sulfate.

A new study using data from 20 European countries is claimed to be showing severe COVID-19 infection and deaths pretty much drops to near zero if vitamin D3 blood test levels go above 30 ng/mL.

The study and a bunch of other relevant information is discussed here:

In my experience, CNN is not trustworthy or accurate. I've previously seen footage where they were even exposed making fake Gulf War news segments pretending they were in Iraq when they were on a set with a potted palm tree.


It appears misleading on your part to quote Houston hospital executives from a June 25 article that says capacity is in good shape. That article is over 2-weeks old and not reflective of what is happening today.

Recent data indicates a hospital system increasingly inundated, forcing the governor to again ban elective procedures.

Remember Ignaz Semmelweis

Mike, it is clearly not misleading when I noted:

"The above is what I remember running across a week or so ago. Maybe things have changed since, or maybe there is just a lot of distortion in the news media that seems to be focused on creating panic and engaging in political manipulations?"

That article was published around the time the mainstream media was already spreading lots of fear-mongering about the virus in Houston, hence the wording of what the hospital staff were saying in their virtual press conference.

How do you know mainstream media is being truthful now when they were distorting earlier and are caught lying over and over again?

Remember Ignaz Semmelweis

Mike, I've heard reports that the Texas governor is doing what he is doing because he is under a lot of pressure from Big Pharma which can on its own sway elections and determine politicians' futures.

Big Pharma advertising and the tight control of mainstream media by them and by a handful of large corporations tied to them mean you should be very skeptical of anything that they publish regarding health and the virus.


Please cite those reports.

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