The Douglas County Courthouse and county parks will close this week after Gov. Kate Brown’s announcement of new restrictions intended to slow the spread of the COVID-19.

The Douglas County Courthouse in Roseburg will close 8 a.m. on Tuesday. Staff members will continue working in the buildings, and most will be available by phone, email and online.

Effective 8 a.m. on Wednesday, all Douglas County-operated parks and campgrounds will be closed. This will include the closure of entrances, parking, restrooms and showers, playgrounds, picnic areas, gazebos and pavilions, disc golf courses, campsites, docks and boat ramps.

Anyone who currently has campground reservations will be notified of the closure and offered a refund or have their reservation placed on hold for a future date. The parks department will not be processing any new reservations or approving any special day-use or permits during the closure.

The Douglas County Fairgrounds and RV Park will also close at 8 a.m. on Wednesday. Anyone with reservations or planned events will be notified of the closure and can communicate with the county about canceling or postponing events.

The fairgrounds staff can be reached at 541-957-7010.

Douglas County Senior Services had already closed its senior dining rooms but is offering curbside service for meals at all locations.

Douglas County Museum and Umpqua River Lighthouse Museum will close at 10 a.m. on Wednesday.

The Douglas County Juvenile Department has locked its doors and restricted visits for all outside visitors, except when visits are necessary. Phone and video conferences are available to communicate with youth in juvenile programs. More information is available at the detention center, 541-464-6401; Rising Light, 541-464-6660; River Rock, 541-464-6406; Fowler, 541-464-6585.

To communicate with a youth in one of the juvenile programs, please call the following numbers and arrange a phone or video conference with Juvenile Department staff. Detention Center: (541) 464-6401; Rising Light: (541) 464-6660; River Rock: (541) 464-6406; Fowler: (541) 464-6585.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office business lobby will be closed to the public until further notice unless the individual is directed by the Douglas County Circuit Court to conduct court-related business within. Emergency dispatch, law enforcement and jail services remain operational 24/7.

In-person inmate visitation has been suspended until further notice. The sheriff’s office has arranged for inmates to have two phone calls per week free of charge. Additional calls or video chat is also available for a fee by visiting Video visitation can be done from any electronic device equipped with a webcam.

All public fingerprinting services have been suspended until further notice, including pre-employment and background fingerprinting.

The Citizen Ride-Along Program is also suspended until further notice.

There is a temporary hold on the processing of new concealed handgun license applications, which require fingerprints and photographs.

Residents are highly encouraged to visit the sheriff’s website before coming to the lobby as many answers to questions and forms may be available online.

Additional inquires may be made by telephone by calling 541-440-4450 or by e-mail to

The sheriff’s office will continue to provide law enforcement services 24/7, even during this emergency. It is, however, encouraging citizens to take additional precautions, including taking reports by telephone when circumstances allow.

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Senior Reporter

Carisa Cegavske is the senior reporter for The News-Review. She can be reached at or 541-957-4213. Follow her on Twitter @carisa_cegavske

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Diane Brown

Actually the County employees at the court house are not all working inside the building! Most of them have been sent home with paid time off. A few are being made to work, while others are getting a paid vacation in essence. I don't think this is what the governor had in mind! We are not going to stop this virus if people continue to go out to work! And how is it fair that some people have to work and others don't in the same building?


I think the County employees are pretty fortunate to still be getting paid by us taxpayers when they are sent home. A large segment of the workforce is being laid off without pay when they are sent home. Hence the dramatic increase in unemployment claims.


Oregon now has 6 deaths from Coronavirus. The woman actually died Sunday but it wasn't reported until now.


Trump for weeks denied the seriousness of the outbreak when it first emerged in China. In January, he assured the nation that “we have it very well under control" and he compared the virus to the seasonal flu. He lashed out, accusing the media and political opponents of pushing the pandemic as a “new hoax.” He took to calling COVID-19 “the Chinese virus.” He so intimidated his coronavirus team that each member was compelled to lavish praise on the president, with Pence so driven that he sounded like the warm-up act at a campaign rally. The daily briefings have become a soap opera with the president providing a dangerous mix of faulty assumptions, personal hunches and outright distortions.

The nation deserves better. Trump has a unique opportunity to at least play the part of a responsible leader even if it’s against his true nature. He could enhance his re-election prospects just by being humble and presidential. Failing to do so, I fear Americans may be on their own.


Why doesn’t Kate Brown immediately suspend Oregon’s 10 cent Bottle Bill to help put a few bucks back into the pockets of Oregonians who are out of work? Most people aren’t going to take their recyclables to the redemption center and risk catching coronavirus.


"Most people aren’t going to take their recyclables to the redemption center and risk catching coronavirus."

I take it you must not have a job that deals with the general public, or maybe you're retired and just don't observe people here much? I'd expect people to still go there with no care or concern. The people here from what I can see are either oblivious to whats going on, or have no care or concern about why they need to change their lifestyle temporarily. The last few days we're being urged not to leave the house unless its for work or essential reasons. I drive through garden valley and stewart parkways on my way to work, just as many cars on the road as any other day before all this. With 90 percent of the businesses on those roads closed right now, you can't tell me all those people were driving to work or going to an essential place when douglas county is the welfare/unemployment capital of oregon going from recent numbers.

From what you mentioned in your other posts and evidence, our own county leaders don't seem to concerned either. Like I said yesterday, we're being told not leave the house unless its for essential things, and Boice is seen at Costco getting a new cell phone. Hopefully he can use that to better educate himself and Freeman about current events and work more "diligently".


All good points, thank you.

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