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An error at a laboratory led to an overcount of Douglas County COVID-19 cases.

The Douglas County COVID-19 Response Team reported Monday that there have been 20 fewer cases than originally reported.

Case investigators at the Douglas Public Health Network review and verify that each positive lab result is accurate.

The health network’s staff noticed a potential anomaly‚ as a sudden rise in cases involved 20 positive test results in asymptomatic people. The results came from a new out-of-state testing lab.

So network staff decided to do its own investigation, in addition to notifying the Oregon Health Authority.

The health network asked that the samples in question be immediately retested.

The retesting showed that the previous results were incorrect, and Douglas County dropped those test results from its total case numbers.

People who had been in isolation or quarantine because of the incorrect results were released.

Another two cases that had previously been reported by the county turned out to be from non-county residents, and these too were dropped from the list.

Combined, those corrections mean 22 people were dropped from the list.

With 10 new cases reported on Sunday and three new cases reported on Monday, that brings the county’s total cases since the pandemic’s beginning to 1,344.

No new deaths of county residents were reported Sunday or Monday, leaving the death toll at 37.

Eleven patients are currently hospitalized with the disease, nine locally and two out of the area.

Douglas Public Health Network is monitoring 103 people who have the disease and are in isolation, as well as another 221 people who’ve been in contact with an infected person and are in quarantine.

Statewide, the Oregon Health Authority reported 865 new cases and six new deaths Monday. It reported 1,416 new cases and five new deaths Sunday.

Douglas County Public Health Officer Bob Dannenhoffer will hold a Facebook Live question and answer session at 6 p.m. Tuesday on the Douglas Public Health Network Facebook page.

Reporter Carisa Cegavske can be reached at or 541-957-4213.

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Senior Reporter

Carisa Cegavske is the senior reporter for The News-Review. She can be reached at or 541-957-4213. Follow her on Twitter @carisa_cegavske

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I posted today and there was a response that i want to read and don't see either post. Were they removed for some reason?


9 Douglas County residents were vaccinated yesterday and a total of 15 people have been vaccinated over the past 5 days. In fact, 214 Douglas County residents have been vaccinated since Mercy Medical Center and Roseburg’s VA Hospital received 1,595 doses since December 14. Douglas County vaccinations have averaged 15 people per day. At that rate, it will take 41 years for everyone in Douglas County to receive both of their coronavirus vaccine doses.

The Oregon Health Authority reported 4,356 people were vaccinated in Oregon yesterday, bringing Oregon’s total to 25,972. Oregon has received over 200,000 doses of Moderna and Pfizer vaccine over the past two weeks.


Trump blames the states for COVID-19 vaccine roll-out being slow.


The typical American expects to be eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine within the next 3 months. That's not likely.


10 new coronavirus cases and a 61-year old man who died 17 days ago on December 12 were reported in today’s press release by the County Commissioners Coronavirus Task Force. This brings Douglas County totals to 1,354 cases and 38 deaths.

The Commissioners Response Team reported 132 coronavirus cases over the past two weeks which calculates to a 14-day case rate of 117.6 today for Douglas County, which is less than the case rate of 200 required for in-dining restaurants, bars, theaters and health clubs to reopen.

The County Commissioners Coronavirus Response Team reported 132 coronavirus cases and the OHA reported Douglas County received 3,641 test results over the past two weeks. Dividing 132 cases by 3,641 test results gives Douglas County a 14-day positive test rate of 3.6% today.

The six counties surrounding Douglas County reported 155 new coronavirus cases and 6 deaths today. The six counties surrounding Douglas County reported 1,135 cases and 22 deaths over the past week.

The Oregon Health Authority reported 682 new coronavirus cases and 16 deaths today in Oregon. Oregon’s 7-day positive test rate is 5.0% today.

The Oregon Health Authority tracks hospital statistics for seven different regions in Oregon. Region 3 consists of Douglas, Coos, Curry and Lane Counties. The OHA reported 13 ICU beds and 100 non-ICU beds are available in Region 3 today. 45 coronavirus cases are hospitalized in Region 3 today. 7 of them are in ICU. There were 93 new coronavirus cases reported in Region 3 today.


What’s the hold up? Douglas County has received over 1,595 doses of coronavirus vaccine but ONLY 205 people have been vaccinated. This despite 795 doses of Pfizer vaccine being received by Mercy Medical Center almost two weeks ago on December 16 and another 800 doses of Moderna vaccine received at Roseburg Veteran Affairs hospital on December 21. Why is it taking so long?

Where’s the urgency. Only 7 people over the past 3 days have been administered the vaccine in Douglas County. At the current vaccination rate of 17 people per day, it will take 36 years for everyone in Douglas County to be vaccinated with two doses.

All of this data is provided on the Oregon Health Authority’s vaccination website which indicates Oregon has received 189,725 total doses of vaccine, 95,400 doses of Pfizer vaccine and 94,325 doses of Moderna vaccine. The first batches of vaccine were distributed to Oregon counties on December 16.

Statewide, Oregon has vaccinated 20,299 people since December 16. This is less than 11% of the 189,725 doses Oregon has received. Oregon currently has enough vaccine for 77% of the approximately 200,000 health-care workers and 48,000 nursing home residents and workers in phase 1a. But at this vaccination rate, there will be a lot more dead people before everyone has a chance to receive the cure.


[thumbup] It's my understanding that the total number of doses received would vaccinate half the number of people as two doses are required, the second one 3 weeks after the first. Given that the 1,595 doses will vaccinate 798 people, and only 205 have currently been vaccinated there indeed seems to be some feet-dragging when it comes to distributing the remaining 593 double-doses. That would be a very direct question asked of CHI's Mercy Medical Center's Director and Board, or maybe easier to just question Dannenhoffer. There's no shame in better transparency, only shame in hiding that transparency.


Not sure about your math. 1,595 doses will vaccinate 1,595 people who a month from now can get their second dose when the next vaccine shipments arrive.


Oregon Department of Corrections begins giving coronavirus vaccine to staff and inmates.


Interesting. In essence, due to faulty tests, 20 people lost their freedom because they were forced to quarantine. It seems similar to losing your freedom because someone made a false claim and you were arrested and held without bail. In those cases, the person who lost their freedom often times files suit and is awarded damages for the lost freedom, etc.. Does this mean those who were quarantined can file suit for damages?

Our freedom is very precious. Some people in government and other places forget how precious freedom is when they dictate rules for you to follow which steal your freedom.

Having said that, there is also the responsibility for all of us to do no harm to our fellow man. Voluntary quarantining, social distancing, cleanliness, and respect for others is all our responsibility.


They could file a law suit for having their freedom violated or simply get retested. After all, that's what these folks did to get out of quarantine anyway, only they waited a while.

My sister and one my friends did just that. They tested positive and then retested negative and were allowed out of quarantine. According to my sister who works in a Sheriffs Department, it is quite common for emergency responders who test frequently to occasionally have a false positive. They retest and go back to work if it comes up negative the second time.


GIGO. But good news.

Lab testing with newly developed tests is always problematic. And SARS-CoV-2 testing has been particularly problematic. South Korea had a pretty good one in about 46 hours. (Yeah. Not 46 days, or weeks. 46 hours.) We botched ours pretty badly and adopted a go-it-alone "strategy" -- to our sorrow.

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