Douglas County health officials reported five new positive COVID-19 test results Saturday, bringing the total number of positive and presumptive cases in the county to 83.

The Douglas County COVID-19 Response Team reports there are 22 people in the county that are in isolation, down from 24 on Friday. There has been one death, and no one from the county is currently hospitalized that has the coronavirus.

There are 353 new positive tests for COVID-19 and three new deaths, according to the Oregon Health Authority.

All three victims were over age 60 and two of the three had underlying health issues. Details of the third death are still being confirmed.

The state has now seen 14,149 positive tests with 259 total deaths.

Multnomah County had the most new cases with 87 and Washington County had 47.

Douglas Public Health officials say the majority of new positive cases have been directly linked to travel outside Douglas County, and especially those residents that have chosen to travel outside of Oregon.

Whenever traveling, people are encouraged to weigh the risks and do everything possible to limit the spread of COVID-19.

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Dan Bain is the health reporter for The News-Review. He previously worked at KPIC and 541 Radio.

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The public should be questioning why our County Commissioners are not shutting down county parks, boat ramps and county campgrounds to stem the increasing spread of coronavirus. The Commissioners have the authority. These parks and campgrounds attract people from other states with higher transmission rates and encourage groups of people to comingle while ignoring social distancing guidance. Arizona currently rates inner tubing as a prohibited activity at the same level as its bars and nightclubs.

Our County Commissioners loudly and proudly proclaimed Douglas County was the first county in Oregon to reopen. Since then, coronavirus cases in Douglas County have increased over 200% with one death. The positive test rate has increased from zero to over 3.5% in little over a month. Shouldn’t our Commissioners take action to protect county residents by closing county parks, boat ramps and campgrounds, at least until the county positive test rate starts going back down?


I just tested positive covid-19. I feel this gives me the right to post this. I do not blame the government for me catching us as some people have posted. The government in my opinion has done everything that they could in their power to limit the spread of this awful disease. They have limited people coming into the country that's a real. They have made sure that we have had enough ventilators they have talk people into making things here in the United States that no other president would have been able to do. The other post seem to have been listening to other news services that have been posting fake news the truth is this government Federal Government has been doing a great job it has come down to the States and local governments that have failed us not federal government. Actor Douglas County Star gate opening up approximately 90% of people not wearing masks in the store's not wearing masks in the parking lot I personally did everything right I didn't go anywhere I'm a high-risk person I went to the grocery store to the pet store and home. I got the virus anyway where else could I have gotten it from but somebody else that was not wearing a mask they have people running around suing the government because they don't want to wear a mask will thank you very much I could have just gotten death sentence from you. I heard of a man 40 years old that attended a Corona party as he lay dying in the hospital he told the nurse I think I made a mistake he was dead that same day. What is wrong with our nation we don't care to protect the elderly I'll. you are promoting a death sentence for people that are disabled are ill that has no one to stop for them to pick up their medicines for them my final words is learn the truth wear a mask and stop messing around with the disease that is killing hundreds of thousands of people. I could be the next one. Wear a mask PLEASE


So sorry to hear your bad news. I hope to read your comment that you are getting better soon.


Sending best wishes for your recovery.


The Douglas County Public Health Network reported 2 new coronavirus cases today. DPHN is now reporting 88 total coronavirus cases for Douglas County and 23 new cases over the past week which is a new record.

Positive test rate indicates whether coronavirus cases are increasing or decreasing in a community and is defined as the percentage of total tests that are positive. 33 days ago, Douglas County’s positive test rate was zero. Since then, Douglas County’s 7-day rolling average positive test rate has steadily increased to where it is today at 3.52%, also a new record.

The six counties surrounding Douglas County reported 18 new coronavirus cases today and a record high 213 cases over the past week.

The Oregon Health Authority reported 268 new coronavirus cases today and 2 deaths in Oregon.

The below link provides graphical views of Oregon’s statistics.


America is fast approaching a tipping point at which its public health systems could become so overwhelmed they begin to collapse. Coronavirus test results now take so long they render contact tracing ineffectual. Containing the virus by isolation is becoming impossible. As hospitals fill, the virus’s fatality rate will undoubtedly increase as a limited number of overtaxed ICU nurses and doctors struggle to care for so many.

Meanwhile, Spain, Italy, Germany and France — all devastated by the virus months ago — have drove coronavirus cases and deaths to low levels. In Taiwan, baseball fans sit in the stands and watch their teams play. Japan has had fewer than 1,000 deaths from coronavirus. South Korea has had fewer than 300. Vietnam has recorded no deaths from the virus.

Coronavirus was not an earthquake that hit us suddenly, without warning. We saw it coming for many months. Yet, many believed our elected leaders who downplayed the viral threat, advocating people to ignore the warnings, saying, “this virus, like most viruses, will cycle through and we’ll move on to the next thing,” and claiming the cure cannot be worse than the disease. It was science denial meets government incompetence. While not the first time for government incompetence to have been displayed, it may be the first time its ultimate consequences is so personal...for all our families. Time will tell.


America's public health system has been under assault for years. One of the consequences of this pandemic will, I think, be a revival of support for public health. Here is Benjamin Disraeli (introducing his Public Health Act to British Parliament in 1875), “public health is the foundation for the happiness of the people and the power of the country. The care of the public health is the first duty of statesmen.” It's about time we acted on this truth.




Some Oregonians waiting 2 weeks to learn coronavirus test results, hindering efforts to slow the virus.


The U.S. is the world’s coronavirus laughingstock. Take a look at the graphs in the below linked article that compare U.S. case numbers and deaths to Europe, Canada and Japan on a per capita basis. All of these countries had coronavirus spikes. Except for the U.S., all of these countries brought coronavirus cases and deaths under control.

The U.S. now has 20 times more per capita coronavirus cases and 10 times more deaths than Europe, Canada and Japan.


Not only is your information inaccurate and misleading, much of it is plain wrong. First, your article published at 3:00 on Sunday is quoting Saturday’s noon data rather than Sunday’s noon data (below link). This makes your headline not only misleading, but just plain wrong. The Douglas County Public Health Network reported 3 new coronavirus cases TODAY, not 5 as reported in your headline. Furthermore, Douglas County now has 86 total cases, not 83 cases and 24 people in isolation, up from 22 on Saturday.

Your statement that “there are 353 new positive tests for COVID-19 and three new deaths” is Saturday’s information. The OHA’s noon report today (below link) indicates there were a record 430 new coronavirus cases TODAY and 3 deaths in Oregon. Furthermore, the state has NOW seen 14,579 positive tests with 260 total deaths, NOT 14,149 positive tests with 259 total deaths.

Why, other than to mislead the public, do you publish days old and wrong coronavirus data?


Maybe instead of News-Review, it should be Outdated-Review....

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