Douglas County reported one new positive COVID-19 case Monday, although it doesn’t change the county’s total cases of 119 since it was a presumptive case which was already included in the total count.

Of the 119, four are presumptive and 115 are confirmed positive. The Douglas County COVID-19 Response Team reports that 40 people are in isolation. Those are people with a recent confirmed positive test or those in contact with a known case and possible COVID symptoms and awaiting test results.

The one person that was hospitalized has no left the hospital, so none of the positive cases in the county are now hospitalized. The death toll remains at one.

Oregon reported 340 new confirmed and presumptive cases but no new deaths in the state. The state has had 17,088 cases since the first case was recorded in the state in February.

There were no new deaths in the state, and the total number of deaths from COVID-19 remains at 289.

Multnomah County continues to pile up big numbers with 119 new cases through the weekend — matching Douglas County’s total since the beginning of the pandemic — and now has 4,039 total cases. Washington County was second with 61 new cases, now at 2,553.

Umatilla County’s numbers also continue to increase. That county had 47 new cases, has recorded 16 deaths and now has 1,723 total cases in a county with a population of roughly 78,000.

The Douglas County COVID-19 Response Team reported that several of the new positive test results have been linked to travel outside Douglas County and many of those have been from outside the state. Now officials are starting to see cases linked to close-contact at social gatherings.

Cases have been determined to have come to Douglas County from Washington, Idaho, California, Nevada, Texas, Florida, Michigan, Alaska and Louisiana.

The COVID-19 response team recommends every person take personal responsibility for their actions and adopt the proper precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the disease.

Reporter Dan Bain can be reached at 541-957-4221 or e-mail at

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Dan Bain is the health reporter for The News-Review. He previously worked at KPIC and 541 Radio.

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The Oregon Health Authority reported 328 new coronavirus cases TODAY and a record 14 deaths. The OHA has also reported a record 32 deaths over the past week. The OHA data reported in this article is from yesterday.

Douglas County Public Health Network has reported 29 new cases over the last week. That means Douglas County had as many cases over just the last week as it had when it re-opened Douglas County on June 5.

The six counties surrounding Douglas County reported 27 new coronavirus cases today and 212 new cases over the past week. Theses six counties have reported 1,141 total cases and 6 deaths.

The OHA reported 18.3% of Oregon’s 5,764 hospital beds are available statewide.

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