The Douglas County COVID-19 Response Team reported nine people with positive test results for coronavirus and one new presumptive case, increasing the number of cases by 10 for a total of 300. The new cases Wednesday marked the second highest one-day total since the pandemic was declared in March.

The one-day record happened on July 23 when Douglas County reported 20 cases of COVID-19.

The Douglas Public Health Network reported 40 patients currently in isolation, an increase of 10 from Tuesday, and 152 in self-quarantine.

The latest positive numbers have been linked to people who travel outside Douglas County or even outside Oregon.

Before traveling, attending a party or inviting people to visit them, residents should weigh the risks to themselves, their family and their community, according to the COVID-19 Response Team.

“The COVID-19 virus is still here, still infectious and will be around for quite some time,” according to the noon update.

Roseburg Veterans Affairs Health Care and the Riddle plant of Roseburg Forest Products both saw their numbers unchanged from the Oregon Health Authority’s Oct. 7 report, with the VA remaining at six positive cases and RFP at five.

Three additional cases were reported at CHI Mercy Medical Center, according to the state’s weekly report. The total number of cases at the hospital is now 13.

Hospital officials declined to comment on this week’s new cases and instead referred reporters to the county government and the Douglas Public Health Network.

Workplace outbreak cases, as well as those involving care facilities, child care or education, are considered resolved 28 days after the last known instance of someone testing positive for COVID-19.

In addition to its weekly report, the state reported 390 new confirmed and presumptive cases in its daily update Wednesday, as well as three new deaths.

The highest number of new reported cases Wednesday included 88 in Multnomah County, 63 in Marion County and 60 in Lane County.

The three COVID-19 victims — an 80-year-old Wasco County woman, an 82-year-old Washington County woman, and a 93-year-old Multnomah County man — all reportedly had underlying health conditions.

The number of Oregon deaths related to the coronavirus rose to 608, while the new positive and presumptive cases raised the state’s total case count to 38,160 since early March.

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Yesterday, the U.S. had the highest number of new cases since the end of July--over 64,000. The death rate is edging back up, too; it lags increases in new cases by a few weeks, because most people take some weeks to die.

In other news, Dallas Heard will have a rally today. I hope people will keep their distances and wear masks, but I fear they will not. Some folk seem determined to help the virus propagate.

You want somebody who will act in the interest of public health, vote for a nurse: Kat Stone.


A record 26 states reported over 1,000 new coronavirus cases today.


1 new coronavirus case was reported today by the County Commissioners Coronavirus Response Team, bringing the total to 301 cases and 4 deaths in Douglas County. It took 138 days to go from 1 to 101 cases, 58 days to go from 101 to 201 cases and only 26 days to go from 201 to 301 cases.

The County Commissioners Coronavirus Response Team has reported 26 coronavirus cases and received 661 test results over the past week. Dividing 26 cases by 661 test results gives Douglas County a 7-day positive test rate of 3.9% today.

The six counties surrounding Douglas County reported 57 new coronavirus cases and 1 death in Lane County today. The six counties surrounding Douglas County have reported 4,589 cases and 37 deaths.

The Oregon Health Authority reported 365 new coronavirus cases and 3 deaths in Oregon today. The 7-day positive test rate for Oregon is 5.4% today.

The Oregon Health Authority tracks hospital statistics for 7 different regions in Oregon. Region 3 consists of Douglas, Coos, Curry and Lane Counties. The OHA reported 16 ICU beds and a RECORD LOW 94 non-ICU beds are available in Region 3 today.


25% of Douglas County’s coronavirus cases over the last two weeks have NOT been traced back to a known source. This is according to the Oregon Health Authority County Watch List (below link). An increase in untraced cases deemed “sporadic,” is evidence the virus is spreading more widely and unchecked in a region. To reduce the overall number of cases, you have to know where they are coming from.

Douglas County’s number of sporadic cases has doubled in each of the previous three weeks and is now 3 times OHA’s recommended guideline of no more than 5 sporadic cases. It appears additional state resources may be needed in Douglas County to help with contact tracing and case investigations. Counties unable to reduce their sporadic cases can revert back to previous reopening phases, or even the initial stay-at-home order the state instituted in March.


The Oregon Health Authority reported coronavirus cases for each Douglas County zip codes as of October 11 (below link). It appears the OHA report is inaccurate. Douglas County reported a total of 287 cases on October 11. The below zip codes only add up to 264 cases. There is no indication which counties have the 23 missing coronavirus cases.

97417: 9

97435: 9

97457: 34

97462: 14

97467: 9

97469: 9

97470: 49

97471: 69

97479: 50

97496: 12


Mike, last I checked, OHA did not attribute to specific zips small numbers of cases, or zips like mine, that have small numbers of people. We have an infected neighbor; that's why I was checking two weeks ago.


Mercy Medical Center workplace outbreak increased by 3 coronavirus cases since last week for a total of 23 cases between Mercy’s two separate workplace outbreaks according to the Oregon Health Authority weekly report (below link). Mercy’s most recent outbreak began on September 25. The one before that began on August 3.

There is NO mention of Mercy’s most recent workplace outbreak on their Facebook page (below link). The last reference to a workplace outbreak on Mercy Medical Center’s Facebook page referenced the FIRST outbreak on September 30 and claims Mercy had 5 cases when OHA reported the day before Mercy had 10 cases.


There is a coronavirus outbreak occurring at the Umpqua Valley Nursing Center where the outbreak has expanded from 3 confirmed cases last week to 10 cases this week according to the Oregon Health Authority weekly report (below link). The OHA opened an investigation after the first 3 cases on August 31, almost 45 days ago. Meanwhile, NONE of our County Commissioner Coronavirus Response Team daily press releases mentions this outbreak. Our Commissioners have failed to notify the public about this outbreak or warn people who have loved ones at this facility.


Contrary to what this article says, 20 coronavirus cases were NOT reported in Douglas County on July 24. Douglas County has NEVER reported 20 cases in one day. Per the below link, the County Commissioners Response Team reported 15 cases on July 23 and 6 cases on July 24.


The Oregon Health Authority tracks hospital statistics for 7 different regions in Oregon. Region 3 consists of Douglas, Coos, Curry and Lane Counties. The OHA reported a RECORD LOW 12 ICU beds and a RECORD LOW 101 non-ICU beds available in Region 3 today.

The OHA reported 25 hospitalizations for coronavirus today in Region 3, which is the highest number in region 3 since April 29.

If you suspect you have coronavirus, you may consider heading to Portland/Salem Area Hospitals where they still have over 100 ICU beds and 270 non-ICU hospital beds available.

You can find these statistics on OHA's coronavirus dashboard. I'd attach the link but News-Review considers it spam.


Thanks for sharing this info on available beds. It's good info.

I hope that before anyone goes hospital or doctor hunting without knowing what they have, that you'll call your primary care provider to arrange a test. If you don't have a primary, you can call Sutherlin Aviva Health Clinic at (541) 459-3788. Most covid patients don't need to be hospitalized, but you do need to know for sure what you have if you have symptoms and if you are positive, you need to isolate and to have follow-up. Stay alert, but not anxious about this.

If you are well, with no symptoms of any type of bug, please consider getting a flu shot as soon as possible. I received mine at no cost to me at my local pharmacy/grocery store and received a coupon for 10% off my next grocery purchase. I'll use it when I next need to stock up. The shot did not hurt.

The flu is not disabling for the long haul, but covid can be for a significant portion of patients. The flu is nowhere near as deadly as covid. But if a person gets a bad case of the flu they can feel really bad, really sick, totally weak and prostrated. Some people with the worst flu and underlying disorders end up hospitalized. We risk a disaster if the hospitals get overwhelmed with both flu and covid this winter.

If you're an elder, please talk to your provider about a pneumonia shot. One of my extended family members had pneumonia 8 out of 10 years. After getting the pneumonia vaccine at age 65, no more pneumonia. It's recommended for smokers at an earlier age. Please consider talking to your doctor or pharmacist.


My medical insurance requires I have a doctor's referral to get tested. In early September, my wife became sick and called her primary care doctor's office about getting a coronavirus test. The doctor's office said the doctor would call her back. After not receiving a call back from her doctor, she again called the doctor's office the next day again requesting a coronavirus test and was again told her doctor would call her back shortly. 12 days later, my wife's doctors office, not the doctor, called her back and asked about her symptoms. By that time, my wife was feeling much better except she was spitting mad.


Spitting mad sounds like a legit reaction. Very sorry she got such poor treatment.


It took 161 days for Douglas County to go from 100 to 200 cases and only 26 days to go from 200 to 300 cases.

The County Commissioners Coronavirus Response Team has reported 32 coronavirus cases and received 723 test results over the past week. Dividing 32 cases by 723 test results gives Douglas County a 7-day positive test rate of 4.4% today.

The six counties surrounding Douglas County reported 102 new coronavirus cases today and 606 cases and 2 deaths over the past week.

The Oregon Health Authority reported 380 new coronavirus cases and 3 deaths in Oregon today. The 7-day positive test rate for Oregon is 5.9% today.

The OHA reported a RECORD low 13.5% of 4,849 total non-ICU hospital beds are available throughout Oregon today.


Correction: It took Douglas County 58 days to go from 100 to 200 cases and 26 days to go from 200 to 300 cases.


Maybe this will help people understand. It's part of a PBS Program, It's Okay To Be Smart and explains exponential growth of a pandemic. Yes, it looks like a grade school production, but facts are facts.



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