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The Douglas County COVID-19 Response Team reported 12 new cases and one new death Wednesday.

The death was the county’s 42nd since the pandemic’s beginning. It was of a 60-year-old man who was diagnosed with COVID-19 on Nov. 11 and died Sunday.

In its noon update, the Douglas County COVID-19 Response Team touted its new seven-day COVID-19 case county total as one of the best in the country.

“The headline today should read, ‘Douglas County, Oregon had the lowest 7-day COVID new case count in the United States for a county over 100,000 in population. Keep up the great work Douglas County!’”

There was also some good news in the Oregon Health Authority’s weekly outbreak report. There were three new cases for local nursing homes and no new deaths.

Curry Manor Memory Care is listed with 65 cases, one more than last week, and eight deaths. Forest Hill Assisted Living, formerly Forest Glen, in Canyonville, showed 67 cases and two deaths, one more case than last week. Umpqua Valley Nursing and Rehabilitation reported 22 cases, one more than the Dec. 30 report from Oregon Health Authority.

Among workplace outbreaks, Costco listed two new cases, the first case reported Nov. 8 and the most recent case Dec. 29.

Standing firm with no new cases were CHI Mercy Medical Center at 61 cases, Roseburg VA Medical Center at 21 cases, Sherm’s Thunderbird Market with seven cases, Ingram Book Company with six cases, and Fred Meyer with nine cases.

There was also one more reported case at Maple Corner Montessori, a child care facility on the Umpqua Community College campus.

Statewide, the Oregon Health Authority reported 764 new COVID-19 cases and 8 new deaths Wednesday.

Currently, 3 county residents are hospitalized with the illness, two locally and one out of the area.

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This is from today's daily report. I'm posting it for people who had questions about the vaccine and weren't sure where to look. It's not very satisfying info, but it's what we have. I inserted paragraphs for easier reading:

Please Be Patient – COVID-19 Vaccines Are Coming!

We know you are all anxious, but we ask for your continued patience as we await more information on the availability of the COVID vaccine for the next phases of distribution. Oregon is still in the first phase of COVID vaccine distribution. The January vaccine distribution looks like it will continue to be for front line health care workers and people who live or work in long-term care or skilled nursing facilities.

For more information about Oregon’s vaccine plan, priority groups, and the implementation process please visit:

For information about county vaccine distribution numbers, please visit OHA at

As a reminder, the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the Oregon Health Authority are in charge of distributing, prioritizing and establishing the guidelines for the release of the COVID vaccines in Oregon.

Much like when testing started, they are still working out all the details. According to OHA, Oregon, like other US states, has not received enough vaccines to immunize everyone in Phase 1a yet. As soon as we receive a definite timeline for the next phases, we will pass along the information.

In the meantime, for the most up to date information on the COVID19 Vaccine in Oregon, log onto the COVID-19 Vaccine in Oregon website.

We ask that you not call us, but instead contact CDC or OHA, for the latest updates and information on the status of vaccine availability.


I called OHA and they told me it was a local issue and I should talk with my local Health department. Don't believe me, call them yourself.


Lost in all of yesterday's terrorism might have been the news that we had the most single-day deaths from COVID-19. We are at 4,000. It's an undercount from the turmoil, plus the usual 1/3 that are undiagnosed because of lack of testing and lags in reporting.


According to the article, "Douglas County, Oregon had the lowest 7-day COVID new case count in the United States."

Yet, the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) said today that, "case counts are lower than anticipated because a server outage led to unscheduled database downtime.”


We have all these cases because of testing and reporting. Also, cell phone videos are responsible for all this police brutality.

Gotta run. It's time for chicken chores. The rooster is about to cause sunrise.


A mere 107 people in Douglas County were vaccinated yesterday. Though it is the most people vaccinated since Douglas County received its first 795 doses of Pfizer vaccine on December 16, this is still totally unacceptable. If Douglas County only vaccinates 107 people per day, it will take nearly 6 years for everyone in Douglas County to receive their two doses.

It has now taken 3-weeks to vaccinate a total of 683 people in Douglas County. That is 0.61% Douglas County residents. Only two counties in Oregon have vaccinated a lower percentage of their residents. Malhuer County (0.59%) and Grant County (.57%) have vaccinated a lower percentage of their residents. Lives are being lost every day in Douglas County while literally hundreds, if not thousands, of vaccine doses sit on the shelves at Mercy Medical center collecting dust.

4,828 people in Oregon were vaccinated yesterday bringing the total to 61,664 vaccine doses administered out of the 227,000 doses received. 1.37% of Oregon residents have received their first dose of vaccine, while only 27% of available vaccine doses have been administered.

595 people in Oregon have received two doses and are now fully vaccinated. No one in Douglas County is fully vaccinated.

All of this information is provided by the Oregon Health Authority on their vaccine dashboard. Unfortunately, the News-Review spam filter will not let me publish the link. However, you can get to it by going to the below link and scrolling down one half page to “Vaccination Data Dashboard.”

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