The Douglas County COVID-19 Response Team reported three people with new positive test results of coronavirus as of noon Thursday, giving the county a cumulative total of 249 cases.

Three Douglas County COVID-19 patients are being cared for locally, and 31 people are in isolation, down five since the agency’s Wednesday update.

The Douglas Public Health Network is also supporting an additional 174 contacts in quarantine throughout the county.

“We are still on a case increase trend,” the team said in Thursday’s report. “This should be very concerning to everyone. We have worked so hard to minimize the spread of the virus, but the numbers are increasing. So again, we would like to remind our residents that this is not a time to let your guard down.”

Statewide, the Oregon Health Authority reported 363 new confirmed and presumptive COVID-19 cases in its Thursday report, as well as an additional death, the 560th death in Oregon attributed to the coronavirus.

A 44-year-old Klamath County man with underlying health conditions was diagnosed on Sept. 21 and died on Wednesday at Sky Lakes Medical Center in Klamath Falls, the report said.

The state’s total of confirmed and presumptive cases reached 33,862.

Douglas County will be holding another COVID-19 drive-thru testing clinic Friday.

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Interesting from the CDC website:

Clinical Progression of Covid

Among patients who developed severe disease, the median time to dyspnea from the onset of illness or symptoms ranged from 5 to 8 days, the median time to acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) from the onset of illness or symptoms ranged from 8 to 12 days, and the median time to ICU admission from the onset of illness or symptoms ranged from 10 to 12 days. Clinicians should be aware of the potential for some patients to rapidly deteriorate one week after illness onset. Among all hospitalized patients, a range of 26% to 32% of patients were admitted to the ICU. Among all patients, a range of 3% to 17% developed ARDS compared to a range of 20% to 42% for hospitalized patients and 67% to 85% for patients admitted to the ICU. Mortality among patients admitted to the ICU ranges from 39% to 72% depending on the study and characteristics of patient population. The median length of hospitalization among survivors was 10 to 13 days.


Trump says he and first lady have tested positive for coronavirus.


18 U.S. States had over 1,000 new coronavirus cases today.


According to today’s press release from our County Commissioners, “Stopping the increase of COVID-19 cases in our county is really up to YOU, our residents.”

If true, why is Commissioner Boice commending people for NOT wearing a mask and holding anti-mask rallies?


I challenge the Response Team statement that, "We have worked so hard to minimize the spread of the virus" as being untruthful.

The Response Team is led by our Douglas County Commissioners. Chris Boice is the Chairman of the Commissioners. A maskless Commissioner Boice recently led an anti-mask rally at the county courthouse and said during a radio interview (below link), "Some folks don’t want to wear a mask…I COMMEND a lot of those folks.”

The way I see it, the leaders of the Response Team are working hard to increase, not minimize, the spread of the virus.


Following the Sturgis motorcycle rally, South Dakota’s coronavirus cases have been climbing and today reported its highest number of one day coronavirus cases at 747 with 13 deaths. What makes it particularly alarming is South Dakota’s state population is less than 900,000 people, about 1/5 as many as in Oregon. Just a gift the rallies leave behind.


You left an important fact out Mike, Boice didn't "lead" the rally, in his own words from the other day he just "stumbled upon it". I can just see how it happened. He musta decided to take an afternoon stroll through down town that day on his lunch break and when walking back, 100 people that weren't in the backyard of his office just spontaneously popped up there leading a rally. He probably said "gee, this looks like fun!" and participated in it! Dallas Heard musta just been taking a leisurely walk around down town too and stumbled upon it much like Boice and two of them had a merry time there. But remember, they didn't actually "lead" it.

I know that sounds ridiculous, but thats what they'd like us to believe apparently.

I also found the story ridiculous about his claim where he didn't like how the media portrayed his act of leading it, yet over a month into it made no effort to correct it or clear his name. Quite the contrary from his usual m.o. where if the NR says anything bad about him or the other commissioners, the next day he or his friends from outside the county are having articles published refuting anything negative and portraying them all as heroes. The recent case of the Oregonian publishing that article about their travel expenses was an excellent example of those behaviors.


I'm not sure of exactly everyone who is on the covid response team. On one hand the commissioners seem to be members. They represent the political leadership in the county. Then there's the medical team, headed by Dr. Dannenhoffer. I separate out the activities of these two groups. I don't give the politicians credit for the activities of the medical team and I don't blame the medical side for what the commissioners do. Past events here in Douglas County, long before we ever heard of covid, lead me to believe that if any of our commissioners or other elected officials tried to tell Dr. Dannenhoffer how to make a medical or ethical decision, the commissioners would be whistling into the wind. Dr. D has stood up to much bigger dogs than Chris or Tim and prevailed. A kindly demeanor can mask hidden strength.

I share your frustration with Chris Boice. I don't blame the medical team for his actions. They can advise him, but they can't order any elected official to behave. I'm still critical of Chris Boice's actions and his explanations and his smart aleck attitude. But I hold him and him alone responsible for his actions.

You might find this link interesting:


Mworden: I appreciate your comments. While we have disagreed on much, I do agree that lumping everyone together is wrong -- including lumping all three Commissioners together. I also think its wrong for Mike to continue to state the the Commissioners held an anti-mask rally when one only one Commissioner attended and that one Commissioner also did not organize or plan the rally. I think a fair debate is the Board's position on not using County resources to enforce the Governor's mandates -- but to say that the County has not invested considerable resources into the detection and prevention of the spread of disease is false. If you don't believe me call DPHN and ask them yourself. The County has put a lot of resources (staff and money) into getting them and other members of the medical community what they need to fight this disease. Like I stated before, this is a public health issue, an economic issue, a personal freedom issue and a political issue. I for one would not want to be the elected official that has to balance all of these with constituents on all spectrums of these interests. That's why I think a certain amount of grace should be afforded them.


Ghost of Tom, it's good to hear your point of view. You make excellent points. I, too, see the commissioners as three separate individual people and I see Dr. D. and the medical team as separate from the political actions of any single or all three commissioners.

I don't know anything about Commissioner Kress. I've known Tim for years, but we're not friends. I only know Chris from his public actions as a commissioner. In my opinion, Chris Boice and Dallas Heard have used their political voices to appeal to those residents who view President Trump as the most reliable source of info about science, covid, and mask-wearing. And now the President, his wife, several advisers and close contacts have tested positive for covid. It was predictable, but it's highly dangerous for the stability of our nation. I hope everyone recovers.

Whether or not Chris and Dallas Heard organized, held, attended or wandered into the rally is not the issue that irks me. Chris said he didn't organize or hold the rally and that's good enough for me. I believe him. But that does not negate any responsibility he and Dallas Heard have as our elected leaders for what appears to be giving their personal stamp of approval to those who wish to stand against the best scientific advice we have during this crisis. I find the way Chris has chosen to defend himself to be highly disingenuous. C'mon, man, don't play the victim, it's not a good look. We've been watching and you've been urging on people who may not be using the best judgment for the safety of themselves and others. Maybe you've also been fully supporting the efforts of DPHN at the same time. Life and people are complicated. I'm criticizing the public maneuvers and the politics behind them. I afford politicians grace all the time when they stumble or behave in a clumsy, but not mean manner. I don't go for glib talk over substance and I definitely don't go for seeing leaders playing the misunderstood victim when they get criticized. As my father used to say when he worked for the government, "When you stick your snout into the public trough, you have to live by a higher standard." Part of that high standard is learning how to take criticism without seeking personal vengeance.

That brings us to Mike. I do view Mike as someone who the county commissioners tried to victimize. I don't think it worked. I don't know who made the decision, but at least two of the commissioners had to be in agreement. MIke was doxed and blamed for the commissioners making their proceedings less available to the public. He was doxed and blamed because, as a private citizen, he had criticized the commissioners in the comment section of the N-R. If there were other reasons, I don't know about them. As I've said before, I don't really understand what's going on here when it comes to some of the intense official backlash against someone in the comment section of a small town newspaper.

I know from personal experience that it is a long-time practice of certain elected officials in Douglas County to try to shut up critics by naming, blaming and shaming them in public. I've seen it happen numerous times. It's not just rough and tumble give and take. It's a tactic to shut people up. Most ordinary private citizens with regular lives and regular jobs can't handle it. It's too humiliating and threatening. They go away with their tails between their legs and never say another word. When it happened to me, as a private citizen, I was embarrassed and that made me mad and instead of slinking away in shame, I started shouting back and waving documentation and making it clear that I was not going away. It is a shameful practice, unworthy and wrong. I saw it done years ago to another person who posts in the comment section regularly. Didn't hear a peep from them for years. It's a cheap, lousy practice meant to stop public participation in government and in the public forum. I'm glad to see that other person speaking up again, even though I disagree with almost every word they say. Seeing elected officials use public humiliation to silence them was rotten in every way.

Why was Mike named, blamed and shamed? I really don't know. But I know I didn't like it. That's why I afford him grace when he comes on stronger than I prefer. I understand it and feel it. And if anyone is wondering, I've never met the guy.




Regarding big dogs, on April 20, Dr. Dannenhoffer was quoted saying, “he knew of nowhere in the nation that was yet prepared to meet even the broad guidelines of the federal plan. Those guidelines include sufficient personal protective gear, robust testing and an army of people to follow up on cases. If somebody can show me that their area is ready, I’d love to see that,” he said. “Nobody has taken me up on that.”

On April 22, all three Douglas County Commissioners published a signed letter submitted to the Governor requesting Douglas County be reopened April 25.

On April 23, Dr. Dannenhoffer said, “It doesn’t mean we’re out of the woods yet, and we still very, very much worry that there are other states that have really high numbers of cases and since people can still travel we worry that diseases can still be imported.”

Dr. Dannenhoffer went from saying “he knew of nowhere in the nation that was prepared to meet even the broad guidelines of the federal plan…If somebody can show me that their area is ready, I’d love to see that,” to pointing to “OTHER states that have really high numbers” in seeming support of the Commissioner’s re-opening. I’m not saying Dr. Dannenhoffer signed the Commissioner’s letter. What I’m saying is Dr. Dannenhoffer’s words appear to support the Commissioner’s letter and he accepted the Commissioner’s decision without public protest, contrary to his previous statements.

That’s just one example of Dr. Dannenhoffer NOT acting independently of the big dog Commissioner’s political agenda. I have 16 or 17 more examples I can provide if you are interested.


Just let me know and I'll post them.


Mike, I responded to this in another thread. But I can't remember which one! In a nutshell: I support your efforts to bring info here for public discussion; and you and I have different expectations, neither one better than the other. I've probably heard or read all those examples, so I don't need them personally, but if you think other's might find them useful, go ahead and post them. I value all the hard work you put into bringing us information we might not be able to easily get on our own. Sometimes I agree with your emphasis and sometimes I don't. There's room for both of our approaches here.

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