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Doctors Brad Seely, front, and Bob Dannenhoffer don protective wear as they prepare to work at a drive-through station set up by Douglas Public Health Network to test for the new coronavirus last month at the Douglas County Fairgrounds in Roseburg.

The first Douglas County resident has died from COVID-19, according to county officials.

Douglas County Public Health Officer Dr. Bob Dannenhoffer said the person died at a Texas medical facility on Sunday.

Dannenhoffer received notice of the death Monday afternoon, from public health officials in Lubbock, Texas.

The Douglas County resident had traveled to Texas, and while there the person tested positive and was being treated for COVID-19 at a medical facility in that state.

“Today is an extremely heartbreaking day,” Douglas County Commissioner Tim Freeman said in a prepared statement.

“The Douglas County Board of Commissioners are deeply saddened by the report of our first death of a county resident from the coronavirus. To the family and friends of this cherished individual, on behalf of my family, the fellow Board of Commissioners and the DCCRT team, please accept our sincere sympathies.”

At this time, in the interest of privacy for the individual’s loved ones, no additional information will be released pending notification of family members, the Douglas Public Health Network said in a press release.

This is the first known death from COVID-19 of a Douglas County resident.

As of noon Monday, the total number of cases (confirmed and presumptive) in Douglas County was at 65. The new case brought the total to 66, the DPHN said.

There have been 5,971 negative tests performed.

Reporter Dan Bain can be reached at 541-957-4221 or e-mail at dbain@nrtoday.com.

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Dan Bain is the health reporter for The News-Review. He previously worked at KPIC and 541 Radio.

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Klamath County Public Health website reported, “Oregon’s 247th death was a 61-year-old woman in Douglas County who tested positive June 28 and died July 12, at Covenant Hospital in Lubbock, Texas.

Too bad I have to search Klamath County websites to find information about Douglas County coronavirus victims.



I have been nicely asking folks to wear masks, but they usually use the Fword to a 62 year old woman. Good luck to all and please wear masks! Please listen to Dr. Fauci. He is the smartest one in Roseburg, trust this!! Stop having parties!!


Just when we need it most, Oregon expects decline in coronavirus testing capacity over next 6-8 weeks.



Don't you think it's weird that he's counted as a death here and also in Texas, where he actually passed away?


It was not counted in Texas as the hospital in Texas contacted Douglas County. Sadly, I know this person.


The Douglas County Public Health Network reported 1 new coronavirus case today and the first Douglas County death, bringing the reported total cases to 66. However, it is unknown whether DPHN is including two new cases reported yesterday by the Roseburg VA on their national website. In the past, it has sometimes taken several days for DPHN to report new cases after being reported by Roseburg’s VA.

The six counties surrounding Douglas County reported 18 new coronavirus cases today and 146 cases over the past week.

The Oregon Health Authority reported 367 new coronavirus cases (third highest) and a record high 7 deaths today in Oregon.

Positive test rate is an indicator of whether coronavirus cases are increasing or decreasing in a community and is defined on a percentage of total tests that are positive. Oregon’s 7-day positive test rate continues to increase and is currently 6.58%, which is the highest it has ever been.

The below link provides graphical views of Oregon’s statistics.



Lubbock County has a little over twice the population of Douglas County, with about 50-60 times the numbers of cases and deaths. Do we know whether the infection was acquired here, there, or in between?


Roseburg’s Veterans Affairs hospital reported 2 new coronavirus cases yesterday (below link), bringing the VA’s total cases to 11. Roseburg’s VA is reporting 3 of the cases are “active,” while the other 8 cases are described as “convalescent.”


These 2 new cases at Roseburg’s VA should bring the total number of Douglas County’s coronavirus cases to at least 68.


Relative to the new cases at Roseburg’s VA and the total number of Douglas County’s coronavirus cases: The Roseburg VA reports cases system wide. With facilities in multiple counties in Southern Oregon, employees or patients who are COVID-19 positive or discharged from hospital (convalescent) may not, depending on their residence, be counted in Douglas County’s numbers.


To be transparent and provide confidence Douglas County coronavirus cases are being counted correctly, DPHN should mention each Roseburg VA case and indicate whether the person lives in Douglas County or not. Failing to do so only reduces the public's trust.


The article indicates Dr. Dannenhoffer received notice of Saturday’s death on Monday afternoon. Yet, Saturday’s noon update of the Douglas County Commissioner’s COVID-19 (below link) indicated only one person from Douglas County was in the hospital and that was Jose Jimenez who is still hospitalized in a Portland hospital. If this person was being treated in a Lubbock, Texas hospital and Mr. Jimenez was being treated in a Portland hospital, shouldn’t the noon update have indicated two people were hospitalized instead of one? Are there other Douglas County people hospitalized we don't know about?


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