The Oregon Health Authority on Friday reported that Douglas County had one additional case of COVID-19 — the disease caused by the novel coronavirus — bringing the county’s caseload to 45.

The agency also released a “watch list” for counties where the “virus is spreading uncontained in a community,” according to the OHA. The eight counties — Jefferson, Lake, Lincoln, Malheur, Morrow, Umatilla, Union, and Wasco — have all seen significant increases in infections in the past few weeks.

The Douglas Public Health Network also said on Friday that Douglas County has 45 COVID-19 cases, with 40 confirmed cases and five presumptive cases. Between the presumptive and confirmed cases, OHA said the 344 additional cases reported Friday brings Oregon’s total to 9,636 since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic in March.

No deaths have been reported in the county, and the state’s death toll remained at 209. Eighteen other counties also have reported no deaths. Counties reporting the highest numerical infection increases Friday were Multnomah (59), Umatilla (49), Marion (32) and Clackamas (22).

OHA said Multnomah (2,361) has the most confirmed or presumptive cases in Oregon, but not the highest infection rate. The highest is Union County, which has 355 confirmed or presumptive cases out of 2067 tests.

Presumptive cases are those individuals without a positive diagnostic test who present COVID-19-like symptoms and had close contact with a confirmed case, according to OHA.

OHA also reported there have been 5,121 negative tests in Douglas County, although DPHN reported 5,146 negative tests. OHA also reported that Douglas County has seen 15 additional cases from June 18 to July 1. Smaller counties have seen spikes, including Umatilla (413), Klamath (55) and Union (102) in that same time frame.

Editor's note: Incorrect information as been corrected from the original published article.

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How does Oregon’s statewide mask order compare to 20 others around the nation? It’s more lenient than most.


The Douglas County Public Health Network reported 4 new coronavirus cases today which is a new all-time record for the number of new cases reported in one day. This brings Douglas County’s total to 49 cases which is more than double the 24 cases Douglas County had when it began its phased re-opening, a decision autocratically made by our Douglas County Commissioners.

DPHN has now reported 11 coronavirus cases over the past 7 days. This is also a new all-time record high amount of one week cases for Douglas County.

DPHN reported a meager 3 coronavirus test results were received today for Douglas County in its apparent quest to become the last place county in Oregon for testing.

The Oregon Health Authority reported 303 new coronavirus cases in Oregon today (below link) and 4 deaths. This is the third highest number of cases ever reported and the third day in a row OHA has reported over 300 new cases. 4 deaths is the highest number of reported deaths since June 9.

The six counties surrounding Douglas County reported 37 new coronavirus cases today and a record 176 new cases over the past seven days.

The U.S. reported nearly 55,000 new coronavirus cases yesterday. A record twelve states reported over 1,000 new cases yesterday. Yesterday was the third day in a row the U.S. reported over 50,000 new coronavirus cases for one day.


So masks are now required which according to "science" reduce infection rates, yet we're still having record breaking numbers and increases in oregon? Clearly more people developed "medical conditions" over night where they can't wear a mask, or the people in charge of manipulating numbers and science behind the virus (which seems to change daily) forgot to do so this week! LOL


Mandatory mask wearing pretty much started a couple days ago. It usually takes a couple of days for people to begin to feel sick enough to get tested. I suspect the majority of these record breaking numbers were infected before the mask wearing was ordered. And we probably both know only about half of the folks in Douglas County are abiding by that order anyways. I don't know how much it helps to wear a mask, but I am pretty sure it doesn't hurt in regards to contracting the virus.


A couple days? We were being told for months the incubation period for it was 14 days, or did the person in charge of science for it change their mind about that too? At this point I really think people are starting to just make up "facts" as they go when someone benefits politically and financially from it.


I think you may have missed the word "mandatory." It hasn't become mandatory for the public until a couple of days ago. And like you've said yourself more than a few times, not as many as hoped for in Douglas County are following the advice.


Grants Pass' legion team had been playing here in Roseburg for the annual Fourth of July tournament at Legion Field (One Champion Field). Two their players tested positive for Covid-19 and the team left town. So did the team from Newberg after hearing of the infected Grants Pass players.


Correct me if I'm wrong. My understanding is Grants Pass has three summer baseball programs; the Nuggets, the Riverside Ready Mixers and the Diggers. The Nuggets were the team competing in Roseburgs' 4th of July tournament. However the two players who tested positive were on the Diggers and never attended the Roseburg tournament. As a precaution, Grants Pass made the decision to cancel the season for all three teams after the cases were diagnosed. I've been reading the Grants Pass Mail Tribune and haven't read where any more cases have been diagnosed on the three teams. Have you additional information?


According to the Mail Tribune, the Grants Pass Diggers (not the Nuggets) participated in an earlier baseball tournament in Roseburg against Dr. Randol’s baseball team from June 24 – 29.

Roseburg's Dr. Stewart’s were playing in the Medford tournament at that time and actually lost to the Grants Pass Nuggets on July 28 as part of that tournament.


Meant to say June 28, not July 28.


Douglas County Public Health Network’s reporting of the number of coronavirus cases has been intentionally misleading. Prior to May 5, DPHN only reported coronavirus cases confirmed by a test. Beginning May 5, DPHN announced they were expanding their reporting of coronavirus cases consistent with the Oregon Health Authority to include both confirmed and presumptive cases. However, it wasn’t until June 21 that DPHN reported its first presumptive case and unlike the OHA, DPHN did not report the presumptive case as a new coronavirus case, nor was it reported in the total number of cases.

Following the reporting of two more presumptive cases in the following days, DPHN responded to multiple questions by falsely claiming on their website on June 26, “OHA recently expanded their reporting for COVID-19 case management to now include presumptive COVID-19 cases. DPHN will also be reporting presumptive cases and will use the OHA’s definition of presumptive.” That was an outright lie to justify the discrepancy between DPHN’s and the OHA’s reporting of coronavirus cases. OHA had not “recently” expanded their reporting of presumed cases. OHA had been reporting presumptive cases since the last week of April after the CDC changed its definition of coronavirus case counts to include presumptive cases on April 14 (below link). This was specifically discussed in DPHN’s May 5 daily update email so they can’t say they didn’t know about it. The number of presumptive coronavirus cases not reported in DPHN’s total case count was building and DPHN came up with this untrue lame reason why DPHN’s number of cases was so different than the number of coronavirus cases reported by OHA. And then it started getting even worse.

DPHN reported 5 more new presumptive cases over the next 6 days, none of which were reported as new coronavirus cases by DPHN, but were reported as new cases by OHA. Then, on July 3, DPHN’s daily email update magically reported total coronavirus cases to be consistent with the OHA definition including both confirmed and presumptive cases in the reported total number of cases (below link). The only explanation given was, “The total number of cases (confirmed and presumptive) in Douglas County is now at 45.” Where previously, presumptive cases had not been included in the total number of cases, it appears now they are included. However, DPHN has not yet changed their website to reflect this change.

st paddy

thank you mike for your continuing information on the corona


Please consider revising your article to correct the following facts:

1. The total number of coronavirus cases reported by OHA yesterday was 9,636, not 9,363.

2. The total tests that come back positive are usually called the positivity rate, not the “infection rate.” And Union County is the highest, with 355 confirmed “and” presumptive cases out of 4,738 tests, not Umatilla County. And technically, total tests does not equal cases + negative tests because cases includes presumptive cases that have yet to be tested.

Jon Mitchell,

Done and done. We'll also run a correction in the print edition. Thanks for catching that!


Thank you.

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