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Just four new COVID-19 cases were reported Tuesday by the Douglas County COVID-19 Response Team.

No new deaths were reported Tuesday.

Currently, nine county residents are hospitalized with the illness, seven locally and two out of the area.

The Douglas Public Health Network is supporting 122 people who have the disease and are in isolation. It’s supporting another 267 people who’ve had close contact with an infected person and are quarantining.

Health care workers and nursing home residents and staff are included in the first priority group to be vaccinated, called 1a, but there aren’t enough vaccines available yet to cover that need.

Once all the health care workers and nursing home residents and staff in group 1a are vaccinated, the vaccines will next be available to the group called 1b.

At a press conference Tuesday, Gov. Kate Brown announced the essential workers included in group 1b will include teachers and school staff as well as child care providers and early learning educators. It’s also expected to include people over 75.

The state is creating an advisory panel to determine who will be included in the 1b group.

The Oregon Health Authority reported 1,282 new cases and 35 new deaths Tuesday.

The Oregon Health Authority reported Tuesday that 7,203 people at hospitals and long-term care facilities have so far received vaccines for COVID-19.

Through Sunday, the state had received 35,100 doses of the Pfizer vaccine, with more scheduled to arrive this week.

The state also received its first Moderna vaccines Monday and expects to receive more by next week. It is not expecting to receive as many doses of either vaccine next week as originally promised by the federal government.

The Moderna vaccine is a bit easier to handle since, unlike the Pfizer vaccine, it can be thawed and kept in a refrigerator for up to a month.

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49 residents were vaccinated in Douglas County yesterday for coronavirus, bringing the Douglas County total to 86 residents out of the 795 vaccine doses received a week ago on December 17 according to the Oregon Health Authority. At this rate of vaccinations, everyone in Douglas County should receive their two doses of vaccine by the year 2062.

61 new coronavirus cases were reported today for Douglas County by the Oregon Health Authority out of 724 test results received. This is a significant difference from the 8 coronavirus cases reported by the County Commissioners Task Force today.

The six counties surrounding Douglas County reported 183 new coronavirus cases and 5 deaths today for the second day in a row. The six counties surrounding Douglas County reported 1,566 cases and 32 deaths over the past week.

The Oregon Health Authority reported 897 new coronavirus cases and 21 deaths today in Oregon. Oregon’s 7-day positive test rate is 5.6% today.

The Oregon Health Authority tracks hospital statistics for seven different regions in Oregon. Region 3 consists of Douglas, Coos, Curry and Lane Counties. The OHA reported 12 ICU beds and 130 non-ICU beds are available in Region 3 today. 45 coronavirus cases are hospitalized in Region 3 today. 8 of them are in ICU. There were 88 new coronavirus cases reported in Region 3 today.


Oregon is expected to get a total of 130,000 of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine doses before the end of the year. That is enough to vaccinate 3.2 percent of the state population.

The state has approximately 200,000 health-care workers and 48,000 nursing home residents and workers, and the number of doses expected in December is enough to give 54 percent of them a single dose by the end of the year.

Through Tuesday, the entire state of Oregon has administered 10,407 doses, including 2,449 doses administered on Dec. 22.


The Roseburg VA started giving out doses of the Moderna vaccine Wednesday. Officials said they are one of 113 medical facilities across the country to receive the limited supply of the recently approved vaccine.


8 new coronavirus cases were reported in today’s press release by the County Commissioners Coronavirus Task Force, bringing Douglas County totals to 1,323 cases and 37 deaths.

795 doses of Pfizer coronavirus vaccine was delivered to Mercy Medical Center on December 17. According to the Oregon Health Authority vaccine dashboard, as of 12:01 AM Tuesday, 37 total Douglas County residents have been vaccinated. 35 residents were vaccinated on December 18 and 2 residents were vaccinated on December 21. At this rate, it will take 82 years for every Douglas County resident to receive two doses of vaccine.

The Commissioners Response Team reported 185 coronavirus cases over the past two weeks which calculates to a 14-day case rate of 164.8 today for Douglas County, which is less than the case rate of 200 required for in-dining restaurants, bars, theaters and health clubs to reopen.


Which cult are you talking about? Ca gov Newsom & SF mayor Breed who attended mask less super-spreader birthday parties at a fancy French restaraunt? The mayor of Denver and Dr. Birx who traveled hours after telling others not to? The cult that approves of destroying almost a million lives of the unborn every year? By your logic places with high percentages of folks "following the rules" should have lower instances of the virus. But that just isn't so. I for one am very thankful to be riding out the pandemic here in Douglas County as opposed to in some crowded city.


Nice job of getting your sanctimonious misogynistic jab in there. In fact, it's not the right of the religious to dictate what anyone does with their body, not when it's the religious who have killed more humans in the name of their Gods than for any other reason in human history. We're currently living in 2020, not 200.


Douglas County AGAIN makes national news. Douglas County officials say a person went to work with COVID-19 symptoms and sparked two outbreaks and 7 deaths. Could that person have been a medical worker at Mercy Medical Center? Consider the facts.

1. Mercy Medical Center has had TWO workplace outbreaks with over 70 reported cases. Mercy’s outbreak is the 4th largest on-going coronavirus outbreak among employees of all 62 hospitals in Oregon.

2. Mercy is the only workplace with at least 7 deaths, having reported 18 of Douglas County’s 37 deaths.

3. At least one of Mercy Medical Center Board of Directors encourages medical workers to ignore coronavirus restrictions and allow people to become infected with coronavirus to achieve “herd immunity.”

4. A Mercy survey of its 1400 staff two weeks ago indicated just 50% would be willing to get the vaccine.

On top of that, has our County Commissioner’s policy to withhold the identity and workplace information of coronavirus cases led to multiple deaths in Douglas County? Does their policy encourage people to go to work sick? After all, people know they can go to work sick and possibly infect and kill others without fear of ever being identified.


These trumped-up lies are strong in our community. I'd like one of the cult to explain exactly why they believe death is an acceptable result when it comes to demanding some sort of civil right. Seems it's only that they feel they can justifiably kill others. Dannenhoffer explains to the WA Post: "The top of the list for super spreader actions are people who are unwittingly and unconsciously choosing to go to work when they are sick." Or, they know exactly they could spread a deadly virus and refuse to understand that it's the Covid-19 Death Squad Leader Mitch McConnell in Congress who refuses to pass a funding bill to provide them financial relief so they can stay home. Dannenhoffer's explanations seem to excuse those who wish to spread death and illness while forcing those who don't want to die to shut themselves in their homes and refuse all contact with anyone. So, whose civil rights are being violated, those who are choosing to willingly kill, or those who choose to isolate to stay alive?


Aren't people awful ?

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