Douglas County now has four confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Douglas County Public Health Officer Bob Dannenhoffer on Thursday announced one new positive case of COVID-19 in Douglas County. Douglas Public Health Network has launched its epidemiology investigation related to the new case, identifying who this individual may have had contact with.

Identifying information about the newest case is not being released at this time. Close contacts of the confirmed case will be notified by public health.

Currently, there are zero deaths and 139 negative tests for COVID-19 in Douglas County. DPHN has set new online tracking system for test results from Douglas County residents. The goal is to have the chart updated at noon every day.

Residents will be able to go on the website and see the tracking of results. They will not be releasing any identifying information of those that had testing done, or those that have tested positive.

If a case comes back positive after that time, DPHN will announce it with a public statement and updating their website, until further notice. Go to the DPHN website to view the update:

If you have questions about resources available, call the COVID-19 hotline, staffed by local volunteers at (541) 464-6550.

Stay up to date on COVID-19 in Douglas County on the DPHN website at Find additional information on state, federal and international COVID-19 response from the following websites: Oregon Health Authority, Centers for Disease Control, World Health Organization and by calling or logging onto 211Info.

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The Oregon Health Authority reports Oregon's coronavirus death toll at 11.


The U.S. just passed both China and Italy with 81,322 confirmed coronavirus cases. We are now the world leader, not a good thing.

Remember Ignaz Semmelweis

The US probably already has 10 times or more that number of infections.

The CDC bungled the test kits and blocked everybody from using other test methods, so most testing being done now is catch-up. And the reports are often delayed, so somebody could be infected and tested and not get results back for many days or longer.

As the number of tested rises, it is likely to become more clear that the mortality rate of this virus is probably worse than seasonal flu but nowhere near as bad as the frightening numbers coming out of China early on, like that study saying 15% of infected die.

People are their own worst enemies when it comes to this virus. Almost everyone who dies from it has myriad serious health problems already.

Smokers are more likely to die, as are people with type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular and lung diseases. A lot of those diseases are largely preventable and even more or less curable with good diet, lifestyle, and supplementation. So if these people got competent healthcare advice before getting the coronavirus infection, they would be unlikely to die from the virus. Which raises the question, is it really the virus killing them or is it their underlying health mess?

The genocidal medical system in the US would rather millions die for Big Pharma to make huge profits than to risk a drop in drug sales.

Seriously, they are cruelly prescribing insulin for type 2 diabetes rather than a low-carb diet and nutrients and herbs (for example, GTF chromium and berberine) that can help restore insulin sensitivity and reduce blood glucose levels dramatically.

Insulin is a fat storage hormone, you raise insulin and fat cells will suck up blood glucose and store it as fat. So the insulin causes these poor people who mistakenly trust their idiot doctors to pack on the weight and develop diseases aggravated by high blood glucose such as cancer and Alzheimer's. Then those same idiot doctors will prescribe more medications, for more profits.

There are a few doctors who think people matter more than profits. Look up Dr. Jason Fung for instance, he has shown in clinical trials how to use time restricted eating and fasting to reverse type 2 diabetes and obesity. He has written multiple books on this and put together many free videos that explain the ideas. No excuse for a doctor to not know this information as it is basic biology and Fung has been talking about it for many years now. Any that do not know about this who are treating type 2 diabetes with insulin truly are idiots and should be avoided by the public.

Back to the coronavirus, you can expect lots of people to die in the US precisely because they are highly vulnerable due to the dysfunctional medical system in this country and the abject lack of knowledge in much of the public about basic health information such as how diet and lifestyle can prevent or cause diseases.

The deaths are truly more of an indictment of the medical system and government that an indication this is a really dangerous virus on its own.


Two U.S. Postal Service workers in Oregon tested positive for coronavirus. Earlier this month, a postal service worker in Washington tested positive for coronavirus. With deliveries now at holiday levels as locked-down Americans shop online rather than in person, the question remains: Can you catch the coronavirus from the parcels and packages your overburdened mail carrier keeps leaving at your door?

A representative for the U.S. Postal Service was unwilling to discuss current sanitation protocols. But the agency’s website reports mailed items to ZIP codes beginning in 202, 203, 204 and 205, which serve federal government agencies in Washington, D.C, are put on a conveyor belt and passed under a high-energy beam of ionizing radiation that kills bacteria and viruses.

On CBS News’ “Face the Nation” on Sunday morning, Scott Gottlieb, the former commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, warned coronavirus could potentially be transmitted by contaminated objects. “This is a sticky virus,” he said. The structure of the coronavirus’ protective envelope helps it bond tightly to certain surfaces: skin in particular, as well as fabric and wood, but also plastic and steel.

China’s central bank previously announced it had would quarantined the entire country’s cash to prevent the disease from spreading from one person to another on money. The government collected bank notes and bathed them in ultraviolet rays. The newly laundered cash was then kept in isolation for seven to 14 days before being rereleased into the banking system.

A few weeks later, the U.S. Federal Reserve began quarantining dollar bills repatriated from Asia, holding them for seven to 10 days before allowing them to re-enter the domestic financial system. Bank notes are made of cotton pulp, not wood fiber, but still: Why sanitize money and not mail? And why only dollar bills repatriated from Asia and not the dollars now in circulation?

Remember Ignaz Semmelweis

The duration that the virus remains viable on items is in part based upon their composition, temperature, humidity, and other factors.

"The scientists believe the virus survives in the environment similarly to the SARS coronavirus (SARS-CoV) from the 2002-2003 outbreak, with the main difference being that COVID-19 (which the study refers to as HCoV-19, yet another abbreviation) survives longer on cardboard surfaces than SARS-CoV does.

Testing was conducted at temperatures of 21-23 degrees Celsius temperatures (69.8 to 73.4 degrees Fahrenheit).

They found the virus remains viable (infectious) up to 3 hours in airborne aerosols at 65% relative humidity.

The virus survived up to 4 hours on copper surfaces, 24 hours on cardboard, and 2 to 3 days on plastic (polypropylene) and stainless steel. The surface testing was done at 40% relative humidity.

The data for cardboard was "noisy" so they advise caution interpreting that result.

It appears cardboard shipping boxes are likely to be safer and require less time for viral inactivation than plastic wrapped boxes or plastic envelopes.

More surprising is that expensive "hygienic" stainless steel may be such a high risk compared to cheap cardboard.

All that Amazon innovation with easy to open cardboard product packages and their experiments with tapeless outer cardboard shipping boxes could pay off with bonuses for virus safety.

While 40% humidity is rather ideal for an indoor environment, many areas, particularly the Pacific Northwest, midwest, and southeastern portions of the US, often have outdoor humidity much higher than this, especially on rainy days. The virus is likely to remain viable for longer periods in such environments, but how long is as of yet unknown.

Most packages take more than a day to ship from their origin to the destination, so the amount of viable virus remaining at delivery on the outside of a package has more to do with the people and environments along the shipping pathway than where it was packed and sealed.

So far example if your package came from Seattle on a cool rainy day (higher risk) and was shipped to your home and left at the front door in the a Arizona desert city on a hot bright day, that dry desert heat and sunlight should reduce the viable viruses faster than if it was dropped off in cool damp cloudy San Francisco."

The above is from an article titled "Is Online Shopping Safer In the COVID-19 Coronavirus Era? Will Your Amazon Package Kill You?" . I guess you have to search for it if it is of interest. I have tried to post a link, but this site will not allow it and keeps saying it is spam to post a link. That article also has suggestions on what to do to improve the safety of packages you receive.


CDC says coronavirus RNA found in Princess Cruise ship cabins up to 17 days after passengers left.

Remember Ignaz Semmelweis

How do you manage to post links without them being rejected as spam by this site?


Sometimes it rejects it. Other times it doesn't. I'm not sure what causes it to be rejected.


When was this person sampled? Were they one of the drive-thru samples from 8 days ago? Why can't you give us some idea how long ago this person was sampled and whether they have been circulating in the community for the past week waiting for the results? This pronouncement is woefully lacking.

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