Linda Hellenthal exits JOANN Fabrics and Crafts in Roseburg last month. Gov. Kate Brown announced new rules on Wednesday that expand the use of face coverings throughout Oregon. 

Children 5 and older will be required to wear face coverings under new statewide guidelines to help curb the spread of COVID-19 released by Gov. Kate Brown on Wednesday.

“These are additional steps to protect ourselves and our communities,” Brown said during a press conference in Salem. “This disease is something that, for the time being, we must learn to live with.”

New guidelines set to begin Friday also include no more exceptions to face coverings. It also reduces the maximum indoor gathering size from 250 to 100 people. For Phase 2 counties, restaurants and bars must close by 10 p.m.

Brown also announced that in-care facilities with no reported COVID-19 cases, outdoor visits will be allowed.

She encouraged the public to keep in mind the 3 W’s: “Wear face coverings; watch your social distance; wash, wash, wash your hands.”

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“This disease is something that, for the time being, we must learn to live with.” stated Kate Brown; and for the time being, Kate Brown is also something we must learn to live with - or- recall her.


Our governor is a disgrace - and a liar.


And you are an ignorant disgusting woman. So I guess that evens it out!!!


I want to apologize for my remarks as they are not appropriate for these pages no matter how vehemently I disagree with any commenter.


The Oregon Health Authority provided the following Douglas County zip codes as of July 19 with the number of coronavirus cases for each (below link). Zip codes that have fewer than 10 cases were reported as “1–9”.

97417: 1-9

97435: 1-9

97457: 1-9

97462: 1-9

97467: 1-9

97469: 1-9

97470: 20

97471: 14

97479: 13



Norris Blueberry Farm was listed today as a workplace outbreak by the Oregon Health Authority with a total of 9 confirmed coronavirus cases (below link). It is unknown how many of these cases (if any) are included in the Douglas County Public Health Network published cases. Many of Norris Blueberry Farm workers are seasonal workers and live “out of the area.” DPHN only includes coronavirus cases on their website if the people live in Douglas County. Shouldn’t DPHN inform the public how many of Norris Blueberry Farm coronavirus cases are included in DPHN total cases? I suspect zero.


The News-Review published an article on July 7 (below link) about two workers testing positive for coronavirus at Norris Blueberry Farm and claimed twelve other workers who all rode together in the same vehicle had been isolated, but didn’t indicate whether they had been tested. Norris Blueberry farm claims in the article they had been testing 15 – 20 of their workers every day. Some of this doesn’t match up with information provided by the OHA and DPHN.


According to the OHA weekly report (below link), the investigation of Norris Blueberry Farms workplace outbreak began on June 25, twelve days before the article was published in the News-Review on June 7. Furthermore, Norris Blueberry Farm’s claim to have tested 15 – 20 workers every day is questionable considering there were days during that time frame DPHN reported less than 15 total test results received. Even if true, that means a significant portion (sometimes all) of Douglas County coronavirus testing were being conducted at Norris Blueberry Farm.

The workplace outbreak at Norris Blueberry Farm follows the previous week’s OHA report that identified Romtec as the first Douglas County workplace outbreak with 6 cases. Curiously, Romtec’s investigation began June 1; one week after the investigation began at Norris Blueberry Farm. Yet, OHA reported Romtec a workplace outbreak last week, one week before reporting Norris Blueberry Farm. I’d love to hear DPHN’s explanation for the two week discrepancy. I know there is little chance of that.


The Douglas County Public Health Network reported 2 more new coronavirus cases today. DPHN is now reporting 92 total coronavirus cases for Douglas County and 1 death. DPHN has reported 21 new cases over the past week.

The six counties surrounding Douglas County reported 29 new coronavirus cases today and a record 213 new cases over the past week. Today is the first time ever that all six counties surrounding Douglas County reported at least 1 new coronavirus case each.

The Oregon Health Authority reported 254 new coronavirus cases today and another 2 deaths in Oregon. OHA has reported 24 deaths over the past week.

The OHA reported a record low 15.5% of Oregon’s 4,712 non-ICU hospital beds are available today. A record high 231 people are currently hospitalized in Oregon for coronavirus.

The below link provides graphical views of Oregon’s statistics.



Do you need a Coronavirus test? You don’t have an appointment? Want an at-home test kit? The Oregon Health Authority (below link) now provides a website to tell you where ALL the closest testing sites are in your zip code even if you don’t have an appointment.

This website provides a much greater number and variety of testing facilities both inside and outside of Douglas County than what Douglas County Public Health Network publishes on it's website. It also allows you to sign up for an at-home test kit. How come DPHN hasn't been telling people about this website?



Also and not on OHA's list is Rite Aid on Stephens in Roseburg. The tests are free of charge and are for people NOT experiencing severe symptoms. Anyone can go to the Rite Aid web site and schedule a drive through swab. Results will be available in about a week.

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