Douglas County had its first day without a positive test for COVID-19 in over a week. At the same time, the state had its first decline in the percent of positive tests since cases started climbing toward the end of May.

Douglas County has 39 people in isolation and none of those who tested positive are hospitalized. Those people in isolation have had a recent positive test or have had contact with a known case and have symptoms and are awaiting a test. There has been just one death of a Douglas County residentrelated to COVID-19.

The county has 119 total positive cases and Tamara Howell, a spokeswoman for the Douglas County COVID-19 Response Team, said they are finding more younger people testing positive. She said there are at least three positive tests for kids between 11 and 19 years old. She added that most of the recent cases have been related to travel outside the county and state.

The Oregon Health Authority’s weekly showed 38,179 test results were reported last week with 4.8% testing positive, down from 5.8% the two weeks before.

The state reported 342 new cases Tuesday and after having no deaths reported on Monday, there were 14 Tuesday that were considered COVID-related.

Umatilla County had the most cases of any county with 75, surpassing the most populous county in the state, Multnomah County with 74.

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Dan Bain is the health reporter for The News-Review. He previously worked at KPIC and 541 Radio.

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Sorry Mike I thought this would give you a reason to be positive, I was wrong. Keep being negative that is fine. I’ll keep being an open minded fair bad character!


OK, we get it, geez. We all now it's serious, but there needs to be a balance of being safe & living your life. Give it a rest, it's been months of blah blah blah all day, every day. Not healthy. Hobbies are good. Getting outside is good. If it's so bad around here, move on....I hear Multnomah County is doing great.


I’ve never understood why people don’t simply ignore my comments rather than expending energy telling me, in not very civil ways, to stop commenting. After all, I believe freedom of speech is still a First Amendment right for all Americans. And, I believe Oregon is still in America.

Freedom of speech is supposed to promote an open exchange of ideas requiring people to express arguments without insult. Yet, both discourse in public and online is becoming more or less shaped by bad actors such as Buligajo, TheDC1967 and other internet trolls more intent upon disrupting free speech than engaging in it. Rather than offering a counter argument to my opinion, Buligajo and Buligajo want me to shut up simply because they don’t agree with me. Sounds pretty un-American to me.


So that was a no


Today’s Oregon Health Authority weekly report (below link) confirmed 31 workplace coronavirus cases occurred in Douglas County since Romtec’s first case on June 25. Yet Douglas County Public Health Network says 34 cases occurred over that same time frame. That means 91% of Douglas County’s coronavirus cases since June 25 have been tied to workplace outbreaks. This begs the question why does every email and notice from DPHN over the past month say, “our newest positives test results have been directly linked to travel outside Douglas County, and especially those residents that have chosen to travel outside of Oregon.” How can this be possible when we now know 31 of 34 cases reported in Douglas County since June 25 came from workplace outbreaks?

OHA’s weekly report indicates there have been 23 confirmed coronavirus cases at Norris Blueberry farm and 8 confirmed cases at Romtec since June 25. The first case at Norris Blueberry Farm occurred June 25 and the last case was confirmed six days ago on July 23. The first case at Romtec occurred on July 1 and the last case was confirmed on July 14. By the way, you won’t find any of this information discussed by the Douglas County Public Health Network.

What we can conclude is DPHN is very misleading when it says “travel outside Douglas County” by residents is the cause for the recent increase in cases.


The Oregon Health Authority provided the following Douglas County zip codes as of July 26 with the number of coronavirus cases for each (below link). ZIP codes that have fewer than 10 cases were reported as “1–9”.

97417: 1-9

97435: 1-9

97457: 1-9

97462: 1-9

97467: 1-9

97469: 1-9

97470: 23

97471: 22

97479: 17


The information reported in this article is from YESTERDAY.

Douglas County Public Health Network reported 2 new coronavirus cases today and has reported 29 new cases over the last week.

The Oregon Health Authority reported 305 new coronavirus cases today and 8 deaths. OHA reported a record 40 deaths over the past week.

The six counties surrounding Douglas County reported 36 new coronavirus cases today and one death in Jackson County. The six counties surrounding

Douglas County have reported 1,175 total cases and 7 deaths.

The OHA reported 18.6% of Oregon’s 5,764 hospital beds are available statewide.


According to this article, "the Oregon Health Authority’s weekly showed 38,179 test results were reported last week with 4.8% testing positive, down from 5.8% the two weeks before." The "last week" referred to in this report was July 19 - 26. The OHA reported 14,774 tests and 963 cases since July 26. That represents 6.5% testing positive since this report was published on July 26.


Mike are you going to thank Dannenhoffer and Commissioners for this free day? You have bad mouthed everybody for the spread of this disease so maybe you can find it in your heart to tell them thanks for this one day!! Tomorrow you can start the blah, blah, blah all over again, but let’s celebrate this record. Yippee!


Are you serious? Celebrate ONE day without a new coronavirus case? Why don't you pose this same question to Jose Jimenez's family or the family of the Douglas County woman who died from coronavirus to see if they feel like celebrating? Maybe their families and others in Douglas County wouldn't have had to suffer if our County Commissioners hadn't downplayed Coronavirus and taken it seriously from the beginning?


The headline is INCORRECT again. It has actually been 30 days since there have been no new Covid-19 cases in Douglas County. Covid-19 cases include presumptive cases and those cases confirmed by a test. The headline speaks to ONLY those cases confirmed by a test.

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