A Douglas County person who tested positive for COVID-19 several days ago remains hospitalized, but is no longer having any symptoms related to the virus, according to Douglas Public Health Network.

“This patient is no longer having any COVID symptoms, this person tested positive several days ago and was hospitalized for multiple issues but we believe the patient is now recovered from COVID,” Douglas Public Health Network spokesperson Vanessa Becker said. “The hospitalization number we report is the number of positive COVID cases that are currently hospitalized.”

As of noon Saturday there were no new cases of COVID-19 in Douglas County, leaving the total number of positive cases at 29 with 28 people having recovered from the virus.

Throughout Oregon there were a reported 158 new confirmed and presumptive positive cases of COVID-19, and one new death in the last day.

The 174th person in Oregon to die from coronavirus was an 87-year-old man in Umatilla County who tested positive on May 30 and died on June 11 at St. Anthony Hospital in Pendleton. He had underlying medical conditions.

DPHN will continue to test and hold two to three clinic a week, with other tests being performed at hospitals, urgent cares and clinics. The health network also continues with epidemiological investigations.

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Yesterday, OHA reported 255 ICU hospital beds and 945 non-ICU hospital beds were available statewide. Both are approximately half of the number of available beds reported during the first coronavirus case peak on April 4.


Coronavirus antibodies may disappear 2 to 3 months after people recover, a new study found. So much for "herd immunity."



There are 3 new cases of COVID-19 in Douglas County as of Thursday. This is largest number of new cases in the county in one day, since the pandemic began. County Public Health Officer Dr. Bob Dannenhoffer told News Radio 1240 KQEN that all 3 people who tested positive, appear to have acquired the virus from other positive cases, while traveling out of state. Dannenhoffer said 2 of the 3 people are related.

Wouldn't it wonderful if DPHN would provide this type of tracing information on their website so residents would know whether DPHN had identified the sources of the infection rather than leaving people to fear the sources of the infection were still walking among us infecting others.



Wouldn't it be wonderful if the NRToday considered it more important to publish an article warning residents of the 3 new coronavirus cases in Douglas County yesterday rather than an article about a new shower for the homeless.

There have been 989 new cases and 14 deaths in Oregon since NRToday published its last article a week ago about coronavirus cases.

While not exactly meeting their responsibility as a local community newspaper, they are indeed complying with their marching orders from our county commissioners to ignore anything related to coronavirus in their hopes it will miraculously disappear.


Coronavirus in Oregon: 8th consecutive day of 100 or more cases; 4 new deaths.



DPHN reported 3 new coronavirus cases in Douglas County today, bringing the total to 32 cases, which ties the record high set on April 14. DPHN reported 55 test results were received today.

The Oregon Health Authority reported 148 new coronavirus cases today. OHA also reported two more people in Oregon are on respirators, for a total of 28, which is the highest number since April 30.

OHA reported the six counties surrounding Douglas County reported 4 new coronavirus cases today and 37 new cases over the past week.



DPHN sent two emails this afternoon indicting zero new cases on their chart for Douglas County. The emails were sent at 12:04 pm and 12:09 pm. DPHN then sent a third email at 12:29 pm stating, “Sorry, our chart was not updated correctly in our noon case update today. See below for an updated press release that correctly reflects the new cases today.”


The Oregon Health Authority reported 120 new coronavirus cases today, bringing the week’s total to 1,158 new cases which breaks Oregon’s record for most cases in a week. OHA also reported 907 (19%) available hospital beds for the state which is a record low number. OHA also reported 26 people in Oregon are on respirators which is the highest number since April 30.

DPHN did not report a new coronavirus case today. However, the six counties surrounding Douglas County reported 7 new coronavirus cases today and 35 new cases over the past week.



I meant to say ventilators, not respirators.


It’s been over 100 days since Douglas County had its first coronavirus case. During that time, 3,935 (3.5%) of Douglas County residents have been tested for the disease. That is the 10th lowest testing rate in Oregon. Meanwhile Oregon’s overall testing of 4.3% of its residents is 2nd lowest in the U.S., which has tested 7.8% of the overall population.


The Oregon Health Authority reported 278 new coronavirus cases today, which is another new record, high, surpassing the old record of 184 cases set just yesterday. The past week total of 1,110 new cases also breaks Oregon’s record for most cases in a week.

DPHN did not report a new coronavirus case today. However, the six counties surrounding Douglas County reported 9 new coronavirus cases today and 35 new cases over the past week.


Similar to Douglas County’s 29 cases, Union County in NE Oregon only had 22 cases two days ago. Today, Union County has 240 cases of coronavirus, the majority of those new cases associated with the Lighthouse Pentecostal Church in Island City. Union County has a population of nearly 27,000, according to the U.S. Census.

I think many people in our community say not to worry about coronavirus because it is only up in Portland. Well guess what. Union County is about as far from Portland as Douglas County. How safe do you feel in Douglas County knowing much smaller Union County went from 22 cases to 240 cases in two days?


Arizona, Florida, Oklahoma, Oregon and Texas all reported record increases in new cases on Tuesday after recording all-time highs last week. Nevada also reported its highest single-day tally of new cases on Tuesday, up from a previous high on May 23. Hospitalizations are also rising or at record highs.



The Oregon Health Authority reported 184 new coronavirus cases today, which is another new record, surpassing the old record of 177 cases on June 11. OHA reported 2,059 test results received today which is the lowest number reported in eight days and does not support their claim that the high number of new cases is partly due to increased testing. The 8.9% positive test results is also a new record for Oregon.

The past week total of 898 new cases also breaks Oregon’s record for most cases in a week.

Douglas County did not report a new coronavirus case yesterday. However, the six counties surrounding Douglas county reported 3 new coronavirus cases yesterday and 26 new cases over the past week.


Oregon testing for coronavirus is the second lowest in the U.S. having tested 4.2% of the population. Eight U.S. states have tested over 10% of their population.


OHA reported up to 70% of recent coronavirus cases had NOT been traced to a source. That means the majority of infected people are still out there somewhere infecting others.


Officials said Monday’s record number of cases was due in large part to an outbreak associated with the Lighthouse United Pentecostal Church in Union County, where 99 new COVID-19 cases were identified Monday. Previously, the number of new cases in the state had never exceeded 100. But in the past nine days, seven have surpassed 100: 146 on June 7, 114 on June 8, 178 on Thursday, 142 on Friday, 158 on Saturday, 101 on Sunday and 184 Monday.



Yesterday, the Oregon Health Authority reported 133 people were hospitalized with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 as a result of the recent surge in new coronavirus cases. That is an increase of over 400% over the past two weeks and is contrary to what Douglas County Public Health Officer Dr. Dannenhoffer claimed on June 12 when he said, “the cases seem to be low in severity, so there are not a lot of hospitalizations associated with them.”

For the umpteenth time, why can’t Dr. Dannenhoffer simply tell the truth?



My mistake. OHA reported 133 people hospitalized for coronavirus on Saturday and 163 hospitalized on Sunday. What's the likelihood Dr. Dannenhoffer, on Monday, will admit he made a mistake on hospitalizations?

The comment said CLOTH masks, meaning cotton type masks so many people are wearing.

Not "masks," meaning all masks. There's a huge difference.

Included was a link to one of the top websites on infection control news that gives the tested efficiency ratings of all kinds of masks.

The comment was posted with no disrespect and apparently misunderstood as to mean all masks.

People who know how to sew can make their own masks that are far more effective than cotton only masks by adding commonly sourced HEPA filters made for air conditioning, furnace, or use in vacuum cleaners.

Look up TM2020 designed by a head Texas nurse, or Dr. Ryan Southworth, an EMS physician and medical director on You Tube, for directions on how to make the safest mask, with 9.7 million views.

Both their designs are equivalent to an N95 respirator. The TM2020 has been officially fit tested. Both shared their instructions with the whole world. There are many others out there if people care to look for them and want to help themselves.

Our intention was to share scientific information on "cloth masks" that don't do much to protect the person wearing them and let readers make their own choices. We care about people and encourage others to use the best masks they can to protect themselves and others, in addition to taking social distancing and hand washing seriously.

The concern is people may get a false sense of security from a "cloth only" mask that will not protect them from the virus when there are better options.

The USA has a continuing mask shortage and no significant backup of medical personnel if the virus gets out of control. Opening up the economy and requiring essential workers to wear masks just put a huge load on the open market and already known shortage for medical people to get needed masks. Now medical has to complete with retail. The USA's entire graduating class of 2020, 30,000 new medical doctors, is very close to the amount of medical personnel who have already contracted the virus. So what then, who do people think are going to care for them if they need to be hospitalized. The Oregon Health Association daily report for June 12th says as of that day 14% of all confirmed cases in Oregon were health care workers. It generally runs up to 20% nationwide. We all need to think about the big picture objectively, make logical choices, and help each other.


OK, lets break this down. My comment on June 12 said,

"Masks significantly reduce infection risk, likely preventing thousands of COVID-19 cases -study.

Though I wrote nothing about "cloth" masks, your comment on June 13 clearly focused on cloth when you said,

"cloth masks are not effective, respirators reduce infection risk."

Then the very same day you made a comment similar to mine WITHOUT differentiating or taking exception to "cloth" masks when you said,

"Dr. Fauci advised Americans to follow social distancing recommendations and to continue wearing masks in public.

Apparently its OK for YOU to encourage people to wear masks, but not me. If I make that comment, YOU believe I need specify cloth masks are ineffective. They have a word for a person who preaches one thing and does another.

(Edited by staff.)

We agree on encouraging people to wear masks, wish more people would use them when shopping, and thank those that do.

Sharing a link to Infections News Today, one of the top national websites on infection control, shouldn't personally offend anyone and didn't demean from any other comment. It was was shared if readers want to learn about the efficiency ratings of masks. It is a good source of information, that is all. And no, we aren't going to change what Dr. Fauci said, the link was provided.

We paraphrased the wording in the link, which say cloth masks are useless, and wrote cloth masks are not effective above the link as a short reference. It was not meant to detract from any other comment.



If your cloth mask response wasn't meant to detract from my comment encouraging people to wear masks, why did you say it? You didn't mention cloth masks when YOU encouraged people to wear masks.

People who have been following coronavirus article comments have observed you constantly attacking my comments is a disrespectful manner. I have frequently asked why, rather than argue in a respectful manner, you frequently attack me personally, dig up my past, tell me what I think, tell me where I live, call me names, tell me to move out of Oregon and otherwise do your best to plain shut me up. While most people who disagree with me choose to hit the ignore button, you go out of your way to insult me.

Assuming its possible, I look forward to someday being able to argue issues with you in a respectful manner and hopefully gain in knowledge. Until that is possible, I think everyone who reads these comments probably want us to disconnect.

(Edited by staff.)


Today marks the FIRST day since March 19 that the Oregon Health Authority has NOT published a daily update of coronavirus statistics including new cases and number of tests. Why this is noteworthy is because OHA made the decision to NOT publish its daily update at a time when the state is now experiencing a record spike in new coronavirus cases, having reported 873 new cases over the past week. Furthermore, the state admitted problems last week with tracing, indicating they don't know whether new coronavirus cases are being traced to their sources. OHA's graphs on Friday indicating 30% of the new cases had been traced to their source. That means there are a lot of people infected with coronavirus out in the public infecting others.


Today at 4:30 PM, OHA published their daily update which reported 101 new coronavirus cases and 2 deaths. Oregon has experienced over 100 new coronavirus cases in six of the past eight days.

There are zero new cases in Douglas County (possibly because zero test results were received). However, there were 4 new coronavirus cases in the six counties surrounding Douglas County during the past day and 25 new cases in the last week. DPHN does not publish whether positive cases were traced back to their source. Without that information, Douglas County residents have no idea how many unknown infected people are still out there infecting others.



Jose Jimenez, the Roseburg VA nurse who has been sick from Coronavirus since March 20, has been hospitalized since March 28, and is still in intensive care at OHSU. Jose has been in the hospital several months, NOT several days as Douglas Public Health Network spokesperson Vanessa Becker would have you believe. Most of on a ventilator. Shame on you County Commissioners, Dr. Dannenhoffer and everyone at DPHN for attempting to minimize the horrendous ordeal Jose and his family have fought through.



Mike, the "several days" was in reference to the more recent case, not the case of Jose Jimenez. I don't see that Vanessa Becker's statement was at all misleading, or that there was any attempt to minimize the gravity of the Jimenez case.


I disagree and think that was exactly her intent. First she says a Douglas County person “remains hospitalized, but is no longer having any symptoms.” Then she says, “no new cases of COVID-19 in Douglas County, leaving the total number of positive cases at 29 with 28 people having recovered from the virus,” which infers everyone has recovered once this Douglas County person leaves the hospital. No attempt is made to clarify Jose is still struggling at OHSU or the nightmare both he and his family have been through. According to DPHN, everything is peaches and cream.



The first two sentences of the article are very clear and we agree with Citizen Joe.


The only thing that appears very clear is you have your own agenda to disagree with everything I write. It's like your disagreeing with me that wearing face masks are effective ways to mitigate coronavirus and then the next day reversing course and writing face masks are effective against coronavirus. Somewhere along the line you've made the decision to disagree with EVERYTHING I write, frequently citing some obscure expert from months ago. Once again, your agenda is clear.

(Edited by staff.)

We agree with Citizen Joe, the first sentence of this article is very clear.

This specific article begins with "A Douglas County person who tested positive for COVID-19 SEVERAL DAYS AGO remains hospitalized.....

Mr. Jiminez is obviously not the person described in the article, he isn't even in our county, so they must count him wherever he is.


What exactly makes it obvious? DPHN didn't mention Jose's name or the other person's name. Jose has been sick for several days (several months also). DPHN didn't say what hospital Jose or the other person was in. What exactly makes it obvious to you.

(Edited by staff.)


Everything about DPHN is misleading. Today they sent out their email and updated their website to declare there "there are NO new cases of COVID-19 in Douglas County." What they failed to disclose is ZERO test results were received.

If commissioner Boice's daughter had been in ICU at OHSU for the past several months, we would have been reading a litany of stories EVERY DAY about his terrible plight and the personal sacrifices he was making daily to visit his daughter (even though visitation wasn't allowed) and still do his best for the community. But guess what. Commissioner Boice's daughter is fine. So apparently there was no reason for NRToday to write stories about Jose and his family's sacrifices because that doesn't fit into the commissioners' plan to reopen Douglas County. NRTODAY should likewise be ashamed.


Is the public really more interested in reading NRToday articles about Casey's GoFundMe website to reimburse them for breaking the law than reading articles about Jose Jimenez's months long battle with coronavirus and his GoFundMe website to help reimburse his family's medical expense? It's sad that I even have to ask that question.

Keepin it Real

Mike please, for the sanity of everyone, please let go of these crazy conspiracy theories. Go back to California. Do you even realize how ridiculous you look with all of your copy and pasting of the same comments? You seem to have a beef against Dr Bob and the Commissioners. I would suggest that you seek counseling and stay off your computer. Maybe get out and volunteer somewhere.


Why would I "go back to California?" I'm not from there. I'm from Minnesota. Please consider getting your facts straight. I bet you're that guy in the restaurant who butts in on the conversation at the next table because you can't help telling other unknown people what to do, how to do it and where to do it without really adding anything to the conversation.

Chris Boice

Didn't you live in California when this article about you was written, didn't you move from there to the North Umpqua?

Chris Boice



I've lived in 8 different states, including California for at least 2 years. Again, why would I go back to California? Except for the corrupt politicians, Oregon is much more desirable. You seem to like digging up my past and asking questions. How about I show you the same courtesy?

Below is a copy of the email Commissioner Boice sent me after we spoke (at his request) for the very first time on the phone and Commissioner Boice called me multiple names and told me my ideas were garbage without ever giving me a chance to present my suggestions. Keep in mind, we had never met before. The next day Commissioner Boice published in NRToday where my wife (who has no involvement) and I live to intimidate me into silence. He also called me a fear monger, know it all and a liar. One week later, I received the below email from Commissioner Boice.

I have two questions for Commissioner Boice. First, how many times has "the Lord convicted" you for your lack of grace? Second, how would you like me to publish the subsequent string of emails you sent me showing exactly what kind of person you really are?

From: Chris Boice

Sent: Apr 5, 2020 6:04 PM

To: Mike Ruehle

Subject: Re: Douglas County Commissioner Harassment


The Lord convicted me tonight at my church service for the lack of grace I've had with you. These are trying times, but I have no excuse. I hope you can forgive me.

Thank you,

Chris Boice.


Didn't think so.

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