Douglas Public Health Network confirmed that one more person in Douglas County has tested positive for COVID-19, bringing the total to 25.

The test was confirmed positive Saturday morning. As of Saturday, 23 of the people who tested positive for the virus have recovered and one remains hospitalized.

There was an error with Oregon Health Authority’s reporting of cases Friday, which reported one additional person in Douglas County had tested positive. There were additional errors in the organization’s reporting for coronavirus infection numbers for Baker and Wallowa, the OHA said.

“Due to four positive lab results, four presumptive cases are now considered confirmed cases, but they do not impact the confirmed case counts in today’s statewide total,” a press release from OHA said. “These cases have been added as new confirmed cases in the list of new cases by county.”

OHA and DPHN have started to report to presumptive cases, which will include people who had close contact with a person known to have COVID-19, showing symptoms and not yet received testing results.

The state’s death toll from the virus remains at 137 and there are 3,612 people who are confirmed or presumed to have coronavirus.

DPHN has continued two to three clinics a week, and hospital, urgent cares and medical clinic continue to test as well. Additional testing technologies, which shorten the wait time for results, are now available locally.

People who are experiencing cough, fever, shortness of breath, muscle aches and pains, diarrhea, sore throat or decreased sense of smell and taste are advised to talk to their health care provider about getting tested for COVID-19.

In Douglas County, 1,702 have received negative results for the coronavirus test.

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Judge tosses out Oregon's coronavirus restrictions.


DPHN reported a record high 152 negative test results were received today. I suspect a number of these tests were from contact tracing on the coronavirus case identified on March 16.

If so, I commend the DPHN for doing so. In the past, I have been critical of the effectiveness of DPHN's contact tracing because there were few or zero tests being done on people having come in contact with positive cases.

While it is unclear whether DPHN is testing more people as a result of contact tracing, since its all super secret, at least it appears that way.


Testing numbers are improving, you are right on that. It's all dependent on testing supply availability then contact tracing.

Numbers published by DPHN show the majority of tests are done through Mercy and assorted clinics and labs not DPHN. It doesn't matter who does the testing.

If you have good ideas to improve things and care about people why not consider volunteering instead of continually insinuating DPHN is less than outstanding which they have proven they are. The drama and negativity get old.


You stated, "numbers published by DPHN show the majority of tests are done through Mercy and assorted clinics and labs not DPHN."

Is it possible you can point me to where this information is published.

I do care about people and thought I had a couple ideas to improve things until Commissioner Boice asked me to call him and then proceeded chew me out, call me names and tell me my ideas, which I wasn't given a chance to explain, were all garbage. It isn't like he knew me. We've never met and that was the first time we'd ever spoke. Not exactly inspiring.

Regarding DPHN, our opinion's differ. I am particularly disappointed with Dr. Dannenhoffer and his tendency to sugarcoat the facts rather than being truthful. I'm perfectly happy to provide you with numerous examples if you are interested.


The following is a list of absurd, inaccurate and misleading statements made by Douglas County Public Health Officer Dr. Dannenhoffer:

During a March 9 meeting with Douglas County school superintendents, Dr. Dannenhoffer advised them against closing schools to minimize the spread of coronavirus, arguing school children would expose their elderly relatives to the disease.

During a Facebook Live video on March 13, Dr. Dannenhoffer cluelessly declared, “Looking at other countries, this may well last longer than two weeks.”

On March 24, Dr. Dannenhoffer missed the point of an article rating Douglas County’s hospital availability one of the worst in the country by saying, “this article underestimates the number of beds (in Douglas County), as we use Riverbend (Lane County) for some of our secondary and tertiary care locally.”

While admitting on March 25 that Douglas County had 3 positive coronavirus cases after receiving a total of 6 test results, Dr. Dannenhoffer said, “This suggests that although the virus is clearly around, it’s not widely prevalent in Douglas County yet.” Dr. Dannenhoffer then said he’s “been surprised at how few people have tested positive for the virus.”

On March 31, Dr. Dannenhoffer offered his expert opinion by saying, “the interviews with those in the county who have tested positive to the disease haven’t given them many clues…It’s really pretty much a mystery.”

On April 1, Dr. Dannenhoffer falsely said, “The number of cases in Oregon has started to slow down.” Oregon, he said, “is heading into its second incubation period, which is when there should be the start of a decrease in new cases…that is really good news.” When Dr. Dannenhoffer made this claim, Oregon had 736 coronavirus cases and 19 deaths. One week prior to this statement, Oregon had 266 cases and 10 deaths. In the 15 days after making this statement, Oregon’s numbers have grown to 1,736 cases with 64 deaths.

On April 2 while discussing the dispersion of 10 coronavirus cases in Douglas County, the public was left wondering when Dr. Dannenhoffer said, “If you tried to spread them any better, you couldn’t, so that’s good.”

On April 2, Dr. Dannenhoffer falsely said, “new statistics also indicate that statewide, Oregon’s social distancing rules are flattening the curve…I think we’ve done a great job.” On April 2 when Dr. Dannenhoffer made this claim, Oregon had 826 coronavirus cases and 21 deaths. One week prior to this statement, Oregon had 316 cases and 11 deaths. Two weeks after making the statement, Oregon’s numbers grew to 1,736 cases with 64 deaths.

On April 3, Dr. Dannenhoffer appeared bewildered while discussing the inaccuracy of Douglas County coronavirus tests when he said, “it’s usually accurate, but not always. A person with COVID-19 will get a positive result just 60 to 70% of the time with this test….right now, we have a test that’s slow, that’s pretty accurate but not as accurate as we would like….testing should have begun earlier. Months ago.”

On April 3, Dr. Dannenhoffer falsely claimed, “The weekly growth rate is down if you look at this week versus last week,” referring to Douglas County new coronavirus cases. There were six new Douglas County cases from March 28 to April 3 and three new cases from March 21 to March 27.

On April 3, Dr. Dannenhoffer falsely claimed, “even though the number of COVID-19 cases have been slowing statewide, it’s no time to relax the efforts.” Oregon had 899 coronavirus cases when Dr. Dannenhoffer made this statement on April 3. One week earlier on March 27, Oregon had 414 cases.

Dr. Dannenhoffer also falsely claimed on April 3 that the county had, “only one case since Monday so that’s a good sign.” Douglas County reported 10 coronavirus cases on April 3 when this statement was made. Douglas County reported 8 cases on Monday March 30.

On April 8, Dr. Dannenhoffer said while discussing the number of county coronavirus cases, “I think we’re driving up to the corner, I don’t think we’re at the corner yet….overall, I think we’re doing OK.” Douglas County had 12 cases on April 8 when Dr. Dannenhoffer made this statement. Douglas County continued to rise to 24 by the end of the monthy.

Referring to Roseburg’s homeless population, Dr. Dannenhoffer ignorantly declared on April 12, “As far as public health officials can determine, the homeless population hasn’t been affected, and none of those who have tested positive for the disease in Douglas County have been homeless…no demographic information is being collected that would indicate whether some of those who’ve tested negative have been homeless.” Dr. Dannenhoffer concluded, “the homeless population hasn’t been affected” but admits he doesn’t know if they’ve been tested.

Dr. Dannenhoffer is the leader and spokesperson for DPHN. He is its science leader and is expected to provide accurate data and information to the public, not sugar coated opinions. You may find Dr. Dannenhoffer's opinions outstanding. I happen to disagree.


Thanks, Mike. Some good info here:


Thank you. Interesting findings all people should be aware of. DPHN should publish its entirety on its web page.

Remember Ignaz Semmelweis

The virus testing is not accurate in any absolute sense due to the large numbers of false results. It is costly to society (but highly profitable to those selling the tests) to generate all those questionable statistics that are then spun various ways to supports various agendas.

Why not spend much of the money being wasted on unreliable testing on helping people improve their overall health and immune system status instead? That way they can more easily stand up to harm from any virus, be it SARS-CoV-2 or H1N1 influenza or something.

This may be especially important as SARS-CoV-2 mutates and makes antibody based immunity against mutations questionable.

As this medical doctor points out, the virus itself is not the main problem leading to deaths.

People getting severely sick and dying from this virus is a symptom of much deeper problems such as a trashed environment (air pollution, carcinogenic soil destroying glyphosate and Roundup spraying, etc.), poor nutritional status, and wrecked human and soil microbiomes.

Some of the common treatments (ventilators) and commonly proposed actions (vaccines) may make matters worse because of how they neglect to account for important scientific and clinical factors associated with COVID-19.

Past experience with H1N1 pandemic in 1918-1919 and other severe coronavirus outbreaks (SARS and MERS) show they flare out after about two years even without specific treatments or vaccines.

The extreme fear people are being manipulated into over this virus is setting up our whole society for very serious problems as our freedoms thrown away in a futile quest for safety that cannot be attained by the means proposed by those making policy.

The people like Fauci and Gates who are pushing these policies have been planning them for years with the intent of profiting on the damage they are causing and furthering their own agendas.

These people and their organizations are like a medical mafia running a protection scam.


According to the Oregon Health Authority, of the 36 counties in Oregon, Douglas County has tested the 7th lowest percentage of its residents at 1.59%. Of the six counties Douglas County tests a higher percentage of its residents, their combined total number of coronavirus cases is 24.


The governor’s Phase 1 reopening is based upon how well regions of Oregon are performing together. Douglas County is included with Jackson, Josephine, Lane, Coos and Curry Counties all in one region. There have been 4 new cases announced in Douglas County’s region since the governor’s Phase 1 reopening two days ago.


In Douglas County, 1,702 have received negative results for the coronavirus test. 25 have tested positive. That's a total of 1,727 people tested out of 110,980 Douglas County residents. (2019 numbers). So we have only tested 1.5% of the residents in Douglas County? Maybe it's just me, but the numbers thrown out there are never quite put into a usable context.


You may be making an assumption about the number of people tested. DPHN's web site doesn't say 1,727 people have been tested. It lists the number of tests performed. If DPHN is double testing patients to reduce the chance of false negatives/positives or double testing to verify a patient has recovered, the actual number of people tested and the percentage of residents tested in Douglas County may be significantly less.


For instance, if the commissioners and their families have been tested periodically to verify they don't have the disease, that could well account for over 50 of the tests.


Based on the attitudes and action of our commissioners (particularly Freeman and Boice), I'd be very surprised if either of them got tested or would make an effort to seeing as how they never really believed the virus was a serious issue since day 1.


Compare theirs to the attitudes and actions of our President Trump who now is tested every day and has all those around him tested every day also.


I get that people can be "non-symptomatic" but seriously. The hospitals in Douglas County are empty. People just aren't sick here. When I hear the numbers purported for Douglas County, I don't believe them. If it spread as rapidly as they are saying them it's just *not here.* Period. Do you k ow anyone who is sick? I don't.


People are afraid to go to the hospital for anything unless absolutely necessary. Positive cases aren't purported they are proven with testing. There could be asymptomatic people in the public anywhere.

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