Oregon Health Authority reported 409 new COVID-19 cases Saturday, but no new deaths.

Saturday’s record for the state eclipses the previous mark of 389 new cases set on Thursday.

Douglas Public Health Network reported three new confirmed cases in Douglas County as of noon Saturday, bringing the total number of cases to 63.

Douglas County statistics are updated at noon each day and includes confirmed and presumptive positives in its COVID-19 tally. Not all numbers from Douglas Public Health were included in the OHA release at 12:42 p.m. Saturday, due to different reporting deadlines for the two agencies.

“Today’s high number is partially due to a transition to a new reporting system, which prevented the processing of positive cases for a few hours Thursday,” said to a press release from the Oregon Health Authority.

There are 53 confirmed positive cases and 10 presumptive cases in Douglas County, with one person in the hospital and 22 in isolation. There have been no deaths reported and 5,797 people have received negative test results.

Douglas County is no longer reporting on people who have recovered from the coronavirus.

“Previously, we used the OHA definition for recovered that considered people recovered if they were 10 days from onset and symptoms were improving. As more is learned about COVID, the clinical definition of recovery is evolving,” a press release by DPHN said. “Due to the evolving nature of this definition, we have removed the column in our chart listing our recovered cases.”

The number of people in isolation “roughly correlates with the number of active cases.”

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Many of the same businesses that rebelled against the governors imposed shutdown orders are now begging those same state officials for help enforcing mask mandates. Businesses realize they will be shut down again if coronavirus continues uncontrolled, but clashes between employees and customers over mask mandates has left business groups pleading with state officials to involve law enforcement’s help with compliance.


Many of the same businesses that boasted their defiance of Governor Kate Brown’s shut down orders are now begging for forgiveness and asking for her help. Many of the same businesses that sought the public’s support in defying the Governor now don’t seem to comprehend why the public is unwilling to comply with mask mandates. What a bunch of hypocrites.


Businesses will NEVER be the winners in the battle with making customers wear masks with how the american's with disabilities act is at the moment. All they have to do is say they have a medical condition and thats the end of it. I'm seeing more and more people come into Costco with "medical conditions" so they don't have to wear a mask while shopping. Yesterday when I had went outside to get a cart for something I observed a man probably in his late 20s grab a mask from the employee at the door, but once he got inside, just put it in his pocket. Now at that point one could argue they probably didn't have a medical condition. But its the fact that if i singled him out like that about the mask it could potentially lead to a discriminatory issue and a possible law suit. I was half tempted to say something to this man but I deiced it wasn't worth my job over making a potential incident over.


Too bad they can't say nobody gets in without a mask. No exceptions. I'd like to go to Costco, but its not worth the risk.


A friend of mine who lives in a large California city with his wife and young children told me a couple weeks ago he was driving with the family to the Oregon coast for a vacation and a chance to get the kids out of the house. He has plans for the next two weeks staying in various bed and breakfasts from Crescent City to Astoria.

We talked again yesterday and he told me they crossed the Oregon/California border and are staying the next two days in Coos Bay. My friend wanted to know how many coronavirus cases Oregon has because he was surprised when he crossed the border that nobody in Oregon was wearing masks including most of the businesses, gas stations and restaurants.

New Yorkers were just like Oregonians when coronavirus struck their state in early March. Like Oregonians, New Yorkers resisted, revolted and generally disregarded every recommendation by public health officials. I’ve lived in New York City and know New Yorkers to be just as stubborn and strong willed as rural Oregonians. However, you would find that has changed dramatically if you went to New York City today. EVERYONE in the City practices social distancing now. EVERYONE wears a mask. Large gatherings are rare. Their restaurants and churches are open. Yesterday, New York City had 2 coronavirus deaths. Unfortunately, it took the deaths of 32,000 fellow New Yorkers before they changed their behaviors and began complying with the health orders.

The big question is will Oregonians learn from New Yorker’s mistakes or must we also see 32,000 deaths before we stop resisting and begin to comply? Based upon the observations of my friend staying in Coos Bay, Oregon is doomed to repeat the same mistakes.


California Governor Gavin Newsom announced statewide re-closures of businesses across the state today that halt all indoor dining and close bars, family entertainment, zoos, museums, gyms, churches, hair salons, malls and other businesses.

How long before the same business closures are mandated in Oregon?



The Douglas County Public Health Network reported 1 new coronavirus case today, bringing the total to 65. After averaging a total of 71 test results over the past eight days, Douglas County has now dropped to the sixth lowest County in Oregon for testing, having tested 5.9% of its residents. Not exactly confidence boosting considering Oregon, at 7.1%, is the second lowest state in the U.S. for testing.

The six counties surrounding Douglas County reported 8 new coronavirus cases today and 153 cases over the past week.

The Oregon Health Authority reported 268 new coronavirus cases and 3 deaths today in Oregon.

Positive test rate is an indicator of whether coronavirus cases are increasing or decreasing in a community and is defined on a percentage of total tests that are positive. Oregon’s 7-day positive test rate is currently 6.22%, which is the highest it has ever been.

The below link provides graphical views of Oregon’s statistics.



Inner tubing has specifically been defined by Arizona as one of five “high risk” activities that are shut down by the state during the coronavirus pandemic. The other four activities are bars, indoor gyms/fitness centers, water parks and movie theaters.



Will Douglas County residents say the same about their Commissioners?

“The obituary blamed the carelessness of politicians" and blasted elected officials for what they see as inactions that have deadly consequences.”

"They have blood on their hands. People are dying."

The family wrote an obituary calling out the carelessness of the politicians who continue to jeopardize the health through a clear lack of leadership, refusal to acknowledge the severity of the crisis and inability and unwillingness to give clear and decisive direction on how to minimize risk.

"I'm completely enraged by the lack of decisive clear direction, the downplaying of this virus…Their actions have put needless people's lives at risk…I'm compelled to speak up, not just to rectify my father's legacy, but to be able to draw attention to how core leadership and terrible policy is responsible for these surge in cases that we're seeing.



Patients who recover from coronavirus infections may lose their immunity to reinfection within months, according by researchers from King's College London released on Monday. Of the study group of 90 confirmed virus patients, 60 percent showed a "potent" viral response in the first few weeks after infection. However, after three months only 16.7 percent had maintained high levels of COVID-19-neutralising antibodies, and after 90 days several patients had no detectable antibodies in their bloodstream.



The Douglas County Public Health Network reported 1 new coronavirus case today bringing the total to 64. Douglas County had 29 total cases on June 5 when our Commissioners decided for us to begin phase 2 re-opening of Douglas County. Total cases have increased 121% in little over a month since our Commissioners made that potentially life threatening decision without allowing the public to voice its opinion.

The six counties surrounding Douglas County reported 15 new coronavirus cases today and 160 cases over the past week.

The Oregon Health Authority reported 319 new coronavirus cases and 2 deaths today in Oregon. This is the second day in a row OHA has reported over 300 new cases.

Positive test rate is an indicator of whether coronavirus cases are increasing or decreasing in a community and is defined on a percentage of total tests that are positive. Douglas County’s 7-day rolling average positive test rate was 0.47% on June 5 when it began its phase 2 re-opening. In a little over a month, Douglas County’s 7-day rolling average positive test rate has steadily increased to where it is today at 2.86%, which is Douglas County’s highest positivity rate since April 19. Oregon’s 7-day positive test rate is currently 6.07%.

The below link provides graphical views of Oregon’s statistics.



More misleading information from our County Commissioners. Today, Douglas County Commissioners sent out their COVID-19 Response Team daily noon update (below link) which begins by declaring in bold type “NO NEW confirmed cases,” followed by the statement in NON-bold type, “however, there is one new presumptive case of COVID-19 since our noon case update yesterday. Anyone glancing at this sheet would incorrectly assume Douglas County had zero new cases today, which is exactly what our County Commissioners want people to think.

This evidence of County Commissioners misleading the public is one of a long list of negligent actions by our County Commissioners I continue to document that is leading people to ignore nationwide coronavirus warnings from medical experts. It is negligent, misleading information like this that will continue to increase the coronavirus infections in our county by causing hundred people to float the rivers today while ignoring social distancing recommendations.



Florida has already reported over 15,000 new coronavirus cases today. If Florida were a country, it would rank fourth in the world for the most new cases a day behind the United States, Brazil and India.



At store yesterday: clerks were all wearing masks that covered their chins nicely--mouths and noses, not so much. Trump says mask makes him look like the Lone Ranger, and Pence said he didn't wear one because he wanted to be able to look people in the eye. Apparently, the concept is a bit difficult for some....


Trump got shamed into finally putting on a mask today. His fragile ego took a big hit, which I find enjoyable. Maybe more of the anti-mask morons will get a clue, but it's doubtful. Stubbornness over science.


I've watched literally 100's of people, in groups of 10 and 20, float down the river today and then all pile in one car together to shuttle back to the put-in to retrieve their cars with no attempts made to social distance. It must be OK for everyone to do so since Douglas County Commissioner Boice has written multiple times its OK for fishermen to do it.

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