GREEN — Joseph Sanchez of Winston is in stable condition after being stabbed Friday evening in the 4600 block of Carnes Road in Green, according to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

After dispatchers received a report about a stabbing at a business around 7:20 p.m., responding deputies found the 40-year-old Sanchez with a stab wound in the lower abdomen.

Deputies said he was stabbed by 57-year-old Harry Thomas of Roseburg when an argument centering around COVID-19 and politics turned physical. Thomas is cooperating with law enforcement.

Sanchez was transported by ambulance to CHI Mercy Medical Center and was later transferred to an undisclosed hospital.

No arrests have been made and the case remains under investigation. Anyone with information or who recorded the event is asked to contact the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office at 541-440-4458 or email

The sheriff’s office was assisted by the Oregon State Police and Winston Police Department.

Sanne Godfrey can be reached at or 541-957-4203. Follow her on Twitter @sannegodfrey.

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I have known Harry for about 25 years and have never known him to be violent. I have never seen him mad! It amazes me on the comments that people make when they don't know the whole story. Knowing Harry like I do, I think there is way more to it than what has been told. For all we know, the guy attacked him. I think I will hold my negative comments until the whole story is told.


Do you know the whole story?


No, do you? Were you there?

NR blogger

I'm not shure about the coronavirus excuse for the stabbing. Could it be something else? Hmmm what else could lead to a argument and stabbing in Douglas County??? Hmmm I wonder about criminal history of the two involved. Any meth or heroin charges in the past?? Hmmm.


Joseph is my son-in-law and I can assure you he is not an illegal drug user. Does not even like alcohol. Don't know about the perp, but he is dangerously unbalanced for some reason.


People and Businesses True colors are really shining through during this Pandemic. People should be more considerate of others, whether it is what they believe or not. We are Americans and should be Untied. Integrity can go along way. Google that word.

Unfortunately just like Casey’s restaurant and their stance on disrespecting others rights, Johnson and Johnson excavation will now also be boycotted by my family.

Sad to see how divided America is becoming after everything our forefathers fought for. Selfishness at its finest!


Thank you!


Another coronavirus related hospitalization.


More likely the Fox "News" virus. Check out Harry's Facebook page.


That is a real concern! Even more so that he was not arrested and may be still walking among us armed with a knife and a gun.

I wonder if the Fox News virus had something to do with why this menace was not arrested immediately?

Or is it something else?

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