This had already been a challenging week for Ten Down Bowling in Roseburg.

The cancellation of sports across the board due to the novel coronavirus — including the hugely popular men’s and women’s college basketball championships — had put a crimp in business at the bowling alley’s sports bar, Splitz Bar & Grill. The postponement of a statewide bowling tournament, scheduled to begin the first week in April at Ten Down, didn’t help either.

But those struggles are nothing compared to the financial and emotional hardship Ten Down co-owner Mariah Smith said she fears is coming following Monday’s news that the business would have to shut its doors for at least a month following a decree by Gov. Kate Brown.

“Of course everybody is extremely sad, mostly because our employees are losing their incomes,” Smith said Monday afternoon, shortly after learning Ten Down would have to close. “How do you tell one employee that they can take some hours and another one that they can’t? We have our group of owners and we’re going to get together and figure out how to best deal with this for us, our employees and their families.”

Brown announced Monday afternoon that she is closing the state’s bars and restaurants, and banning gatherings of more than 25 people, in the latest set of actions meant to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Restaurants can continue take-out and delivery options and the prohibition on gatherings will have an exemption for workplaces, grocery stores, pharmacies, child care and retail outlets. The ban is scheduled to last at least four weeks.

Violating the governor’s executive order is a misdemeanor, but Brown urged people to comply to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus. She also urged Oregonians to avoid gatherings of more than 10 people.

The decision was an about-face from Monday morning, when Brown said she was reluctant to close bars and restaurants, in part due to a conference call she held Sunday with hundreds of elected officials.

“Particularly in our rural communities, restaurants are a key provider of meals to a lot of the elderly and vulnerable folks,” Brown said earlier. “We are taking these concerns seriously as we develop policy.”

It’s the latest state response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As of Tuesday at 8:30 a.m., 51 Oregonians have tested positive for the virus and one has died, though a limited number of tests are available and are being offered only to those who are sickest and at the greatest risk, health officials said Monday.

Brown said the new restrictions are an effort to slow the rate of infection so that state and federal resources can catch up to the problem — a strategy many are referring to as flatting the curve of the outbreak.

The governor is also acting to prevent price gouging for high-demand items such as toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

She said her understanding from discussing the problem with retail outlets is that there is enough supply. But she asked state residents to exercise restraint.

“I want to encourage folks to only purchase what they need for a week or so,” she said.

Other states had already implemented strict measures in response to coronavirus. Washington Gov. Jay Inslee temporarily shut down restaurants, bars and entertainment and recreational facilities statewide, like gyms and movie theaters. Restaurants will offer take-out and delivery service only.

California closed all bars, wineries, nightclubs and brewpubs, while Illinois ordered all bars and restaurants in the state to close for two weeks to combat the spread of COVID-19.


Oregon restaurants had already seen a dip in sales, and Brown’s edict was another blow.

Some local eateries, including the Lighthouse Center Bakery in Umpqua, had already closed. The bakery posted the following message on its web site last week:

“Serving our community with love, compassion and care, we are taking this precautionary step to temporarily close Lighthouse Center Bakery during the coronavirus outbreak... We can’t wait to serve you again at Lighthouse Center Bakery with a smile once the coronavirus outbreak has subsided.”

Others had already limited their face-to-face contact with customers. At the Burger King on Northeast Garden Valley Boulevard on Monday, signs told customers that the restaurant had closed its dining room and was serving food through its drive-thru.

Several restaurants said they had already seen a sharp decrease in customers in the last week or so.

Logger’s Tap House owner Sam Gross said business has been down 15%. He said to his surprise there hasn’t been an increase in deliveries.

Jersey Lilly bartender Frank Kerp said he estimated business was down about 30%.

Pete’s Drive-In owner Darrell Orth said the business saw a decrease in visitors last week, but appeared to be having a bit of an uptick of late. Orth said he was surprised by the governor’s order, but he thinks he understands the intention behind it.

While Orth’s business will be able to continue under the ban, since all his food is takeout, he said it’s going to be difficult.

“This is kind of crippling the small business guy a little bit more than it is the big business guy, but time will tell and you know we’ll all just endeavor to persevere, right?” he said.

Kelsey Thomas, an employee at Ten Down Bowling since September 2019, learned of the news before arriving at work Monday.

“At first, I was like, yea, I get to go home now and have a spring break,” Thomas said, “and then I’m like, I have rent to pay.”

Thomas said her savings account should provide enough to help pay bills during what is expected to be temporary unemployment.

“I’m not worried about the rent part,” Thomas said, “unless this lasts six months.”

Smith, an owner of Ten Down Bowling, said it was hard to plan because the announcement was so sudden. Everybody was excited that Ten Down was hosting the two-month-long Oregon State Open Championship, which was initially scheduled to begin April 4.

“We’ve been ramping up, hiring new employees and getting them trained for the tournament,” Smith said.

Even when she learned the decision had been made to push the tournament back a month, she remained hopeful. Then came Monday’s decision by the Governor, and a whole new set of difficult decisions presented itself.

“We have to weigh our options and see if it’s worth it for us to do just carryout or delivery. We don’t know if that’s a good option for us,” Smith said.

And then the even more difficult decisions surrounding the bowling alley’s 38 employees.

“It’s hard to think about telling staff they may not have a job,” Smith said. “It’s scary to think what this is going to mean for us over a month.”

Mike Henneke contributed to this story.

Reporter Carisa Cegavske can be reached at or 541-957-4213.

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Senior Reporter

Carisa Cegavske is the senior reporter for The News-Review. She can be reached at or 541-957-4213. Follow her on Twitter @carisa_cegavske

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Remember Ignaz Semmelweis

Missing from all this government discussion is what you can do to reduce your chances of dying from infections such as COVID-19 and influenza if you catch them.

If people perceived COVID-19 as being about as dangerous as a common cold because they knew how to stay healthy so their immune systems can fight such infections, there would not be such panic.

Ironically, coronavirus IS one of the causes of common cold. Since this "new" version is more infectious and deadlier, they can fan the fears of flames, but only if they keep the masses ignorant.

Having a year stockpile of toilet paper is not going to save you.

Whereas a diet high in antioxidants (e.g. vitamin C in fruits and veggies plus more from supplements, vitamin A (such as in butter, egg yolks, cod liver oil, and chicken and beef liver), plant anti-viral compounds (e.g. licorice root, garlic, oregano), and getting enough vitamin D (wild fish such as salmon, summer sun exposure, plus vitamin D3 supplements rest of year) would really help your immune system ward off infections and fight them more effectively if you are infected and really could save your life.

Have not seen or heard a single government official say any of this, even though there is plenty of science to support it.

Vitamin C is needed for immune cells to survive as they use hydrogen peroxide to blast away at infections. Dr. Paul Marick MD even figured out it can be used to save people from death by sepsis, and showed this in clinical trials.

Vitamin A is needed for fighting viruses. Just see how kids who get measles end up with bad problems (such as blindness) if they lack vitamin A but get through it with vastly less risk from such bad consequences just by giving them extra vitamin A. Trials done in Africa showed this.

The research on vitamin D3, well you could build a mountain from that as it helps reduce infections, cancer, cardiovascular disease, bone diseases and breaks, and on and on. Look up "The Vitamin D Society" for an organization of doctors and scientists who thinks you should know about all of this. Also look into vitamin K2 as you need that to move the calcium vitamin D helps absorb into your bones and teeth because calcium in the wrong place (lining your blood vessels for instance) is not good.

Why doesn't the government mention any of this? Because they want you ignorant of what you can do to inexpensively and effectively help yourself already.

They sure do not want their fascist buddies at the drug companies to miss out on profits. Every pharma CEO needs a new yacht and another vacation home this year after all, the FDA executives need their pharma jobs after elections, and the politician always want pharma bribes, uhh campaign contributions.

Never let a crisis go to waste is one of their sayings.

They also want you terrified so you can be controlled and drugged soon with forced COVID-19 vaccines that will be so very lucrative when the government does the marketing and as usual protects them from liability for the people it will sicken and kill.

The Chinese tried for more than a decade to make a SARS vaccine but only managed to get one that would cause test animals to die faster when exposed to SARS coronavirus. Several papers on this, look up "Prior immunization with severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)-associated coronavirus (SARS-CoV) nucleocapsid protein causes severe pneumonia in mice infected with SARS-CoV" for example. Why would anybody be foolish enough to believe others will figure it out in months?

Since COVID-19 is RNA virus which mutates quickly just like the influenza virus (which is another RNA virus), it is going to be a moving target. So a coronavirus vaccine is likely going to work poorly just as the flu vaccine does because the strains they use seldom match what circulates.

Plus the flu vaccine increases the number of respiratory tract infections if you get injected with it. Look up the science paper "Increased Risk of Noninfluenza Respiratory Virus Infections Associated With Receipt of Inactivated Influenza Vaccine".

So that flu vaccine you got might cause you to be susceptible to common colds and COVID-19 infections!

This crisis is being exploited by government and industry who care more about power and dollars than people's health.

You cannot file a lawsuit against a vaccine company when your loved one is maimed or killed by a vaccine. They are immune from lawsuits, which is why they don't much care about safety or quality control.

You have to file your lawsuit against the government. They make it really hard with a rigged court that does not follow normal court rules and see to it that most doctors do not even know this exists so they don't tell patients about it.

Even so, they have paid over $4 billion in damages funded by taxpayers, because government believes pharma crooks should not have to pay for the people they sicken and kill.

Look into "National Vaccine Injury Compensation Act" if you want to learn more.

Or go visit Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s (you know him, they killed his father and uncle) very good Children's Health Defense website that has lots of information on things like this. Search for their article "$4 Billion and Growing: U.S. Payouts for Vaccine Injuries and Deaths Keep Climbing".

OK, done with my entertainment break, off to write another encyclopedia volume!


Don't forget our government is making the medical insurance companies (not the pharma companies) pay for the coronavirus testing so it's free to the public.

But nothing is free. The insurance companies will just jack up their rates to cover the costs they were mandated to pay the pharma companies.

Following your train of thought, why is our government making the insurance companies pay for the tests rather than the pharma companies who produce the test kits and set their own price for those tests? Pretty rigged system that few question.

Remember Ignaz Semmelweis

Government tends to serve corporations and the very rich. A common way to do this isto take from the middle class, give a tiny bit to the poor to buy their votes, and most of it to the very rich so they can pay off the government people to keep on going with their crimes.

Government runs income transfer programs, such as the farm bill, that pay the very rich (billionaires) to not farm the farm land under the New York City skyscrapers they own. Because after all, the corn that could be grown there under the concrete could somehow destabilize the entire price.

Or like the Affordable Healthcare Act, force people to buy a bad product that does not do what they need and make it "affordable" meaning that insurance companies pay for even less than they used to cover and have to pay for less marketing since the government is using threats and financial violence to market it for them.

As far as tests go, it seems likely that insurance companies and pharma companies have overlapping board structures and ownership. If so, it is another scam to move profits from one company (insurance companies that are highly regulated) to another (pharma companies that regulate the government to serve them) and then be able to raise the insurance rates to make a financial killing while using accounting games to make it appear to be justifiable. The public reasoning is "Oh, we have to triple your insurance rates because X test and Y drug went up 590% in price last year" when the reality is that there is no justification for more than a tiny percent of those price increases.

Also, FDA ensures monopolies on many highly profitable dangerous poorly effective drugs (statins, SSRI anti-depressants, etc.) to keep the prices high and small competitors with better products that are safer, cheaper, and more effective shut out of the market.

The little company that has figured out how an herb or vitamin could be used to treat a medical condition with higher safety and effectiveness and at a lower cost cannot patent it and cannot afford the billion dollars to generate the often fake data to buy FDA approval to allow drug claims to be made.

Coronavirus tests should eventually be cheap because of mass-production by the tens of millions. Government should pay for many of these tests and use them via widespread random testing to estimate the overall spread of the disease.

Unfortunately, it is a subsidy to the testing companies, but there could be laws that restrict the profit they are allowed to make on this testing use because it does serve the public good and they are getting a huge volumes of sales they would not get for simply testing people with symptoms only which would not yield enough data to really understand disease spread.

If they did this, it might be showing that already several percent of the population is infected and the death rate is actually a tiny fraction of what it appears to be right now due to the very limited testing that has been done. People might be less scared and less willing to go along with quarantines, shutdowns, and isolation if they thought only 100 or so people out of 30,000,000 infected have died instead of 100 out of 6000 as it appears now.

However, if the purpose is to control people and take away their civil rights while financially victimizing them, then maybe having realistic estimates of infected does not serve the government well. If the perceived death rates have to be inflated, possibly the only realistic way to do that is to limit testing, thereby keeping the infected numbers very low so that number of deaths divided by number of infections looks really frightening and people will be willing to give up their civil rights for perceived safety.

Maybe this is why CDC so messed up the testing, to ensure that fear could be maximized?


Since it isn't mentioned, I guess I'm to believe bars, brew pubs, nightclubs and bowling alleys are still open.


Sorry about that. Read the article and didn't see bars mentioned. Then saw it in the headline.


"The governor is also acting to prevent price gouging for high-demand items such as toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

She said her understanding from discussing the problem with retail outlets is that there is enough supply. But she asked state residents to exercise restraint."

What retailers did she talk too? I work at Costco, that couldn't be any farther from the truth. We've literally gone days and sometimes a week without paper products of ANY kind. The same can be said for cleaning products. People ask when we're getting more in? At this point sometimes its not even a matter of when, its a matter of "IF" because the depots where the products come from before being sent to others warehouses literally have no ETA because the vendors can't meet the supply and demand. How an entire town can believe over night that american made toilet paper comes from china is beyond my logic and comprehension.

I have never seen such an outright amount of stupidity from within the community in my life over common sense and believing anything they see on the internet.


I'm there with you Sector. I ordered 2-day free delivery of food and drinks from Costco over a week ago and have yet to receive it. My on-line order status indicates it is still processing but hasn't shipped. Though I suspect I will never receive my order, it didn't prevent Costco from billing my credit card.


I tried to order some more food from Costco last night for delivery to my home. My order was confirmed and I received a confirmation email. Soon afterwards, I received an email stating my order had been cancelled.

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