A coronavirus outbreak at a Glide business, one of nearly 60 workplaces identified Wednesday by the Oregon Health Authority as having an active outbreak of COVID-19, has been controlled, Romtec Inc. President Ben Cooper said on Thursday.

Data released by the state agency lists workplaces with five or more cases at businesses with at least 30 employees. According to the Oregon Health Authority, six cases of COVID-19 are associated with Romtec, with the most recent coming on July 8. In an interview Thursday, Cooper said four employees tested positive and the other two were associated with the Romtec cases.

Cooper said they are at the end of the outbreak and met the criteria of the Oregon Health Authority. A majority of their employees were sent home to work in a quarantine environment for almost three weeks, and they were able to continue the operation with little disruption. The outbreak, he said, was isolated in one section of the building.

Romtec has about 55 employees and builds restrooms and other buildings like pavilions, cabins, equipment and control buildings.

The Oregon Health Authority also reported Wednesday that the person from Douglas County who died at a medical facility in Texas was a 61-year-old woman with underlying health conditions who had traveled to that state. She is the first person from Douglas County to die from complications from COVID-19. The agency did not say if the woman contracted the virus in Douglas County or in Texas.

The information on the only death associated with Douglas County comes as four new cases of COVID-19 were reported in Douglas County on Wednesday for a total of 71 confirmed and presumptive cases.

The Douglas County COVID-19 Response Team reported 62 confirmed tests, nine presumptive cases and 21 people in isolation. One man remains hospitalized in Portland.

The state numbers were under 300 for the first time in four days. The Oregon Health Authority reported 282 new cases Wednesday, bringing the total to 13,081 for the state with four new deaths. That raised the state’s total to 247 deaths related to COVID-19. All four were over age 60 and all had underlying health conditions.

Douglas Public Health Officer Dr. Bob Dannenhoffer warned residents that it is a critical time for people to follow recommendations for social distancing and wearing face coverings in places where they are recommended.

“While we expected a nominal increase in cases after entering Phase Two, what we did not want to see was a steady increase in cases on a daily basis,” Dannenhoffer said in a press release. “The new cases have been attributed to people traveling outside Douglas County, and engaging in increased social activities with people outside their household. This is definitely not the time to forgo personal protective measures and allow the virus the opportunity to continue its spread. We need to be extra careful right now and continue to follow the recommended COVID-19 health and safety guidelines, including washing your hands frequently, wearing face coverings where recommended, staying home if you are sick, getting tested if you are sick, maintaining a 6-foot distance from others, and making sure to sanitize items and surfaces that have been touched by others.”

The next drive-thru testing clinic will be Friday in Roseburg.

The Douglas County COVID-19 Response Team said people who are having symptoms of COVID-19, including cough, fever, shortness of breath, muscle aches and pains, diarrhea, sore throat or decreased sense of smell and taste, can talk to their health care provider about being tested for COVID-19.

Patients without a primary care provider who are looking for a COVID-19 test can contact the Sutherlin Aviva Health Clinic at 541-459-3788.

Reporter Dan Bain can be reached at 541-957-4221 or e-mail at dbain@nrtoday.com.

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Dan Bain is the health reporter for The News-Review. He previously worked at KPIC and 541 Radio.

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Keepin it Real

It’s so oddly entertaining to imagine Mike at home, pounding away on his keyboard while toggling back and forth between umpteen different news sources, copying and pasting links.

Mike, go outside and get some Vitamin D already


Personally, I appreciate Mike's diligence. Too many people aren't taking this seriously enough. It's why we are in the position we are in as the world's leader in Covid-19 cases and deaths.


I aIso appreciate Mike's diligence.


According to the attached link, the ONLY time "keepin it Real" comments is to criticize my commenting. He never adds anything to the conversation. He doesn't present an argument. He only urges me to quit commenting. I wonder which one of the commissioners he is.



Once again you are wrong Mike, baseball cases were traced back to Idaho and no kids in roseburg were infected as of this time. There was 2-grants pass kids infected but they were on a junior team that never even came to roseburg. Grants Pass pulled out of Roseburg over concerns for there team exposure to their people. Please read all the articles from up north and here to state facts not just use what you think is true to bad mouth county officials. You are no better as you lie also.


I agreeee!


Please point to where I lied.


And your sources are?


I provide a link to my source on the majority of things I comment on so people can see where I got my information. Can you be kind enough to do the same?


"A little over a week ago, a representative from the Portland Pickles called North Marion baseball coach Randy Brack to inquire about the possibility of putting on games at the school. Brack said he briefly considered putting a team of his high school players together to play in tournaments in locations like Idaho, but after seeing the recent outbreak of COVID-19 among Newberg players who were competing at a tournament in Roseburg, he is glad he didn’t."



The Douglas County Public Health Network reported 5 MORE new coronavirus cases today in addition to the RECORD HIGH 5 new coronavirus cases yesterday. That's 10 new coronavirus cases in just two days. In contrast, it took 22 days for Douglas County to report its first 10 cases.

DPHN reported the total number of coronavirus cases in Douglas County is now 76. The 15 new cases Douglas County had over the past week also ties the record from the previous week.

Douglas County has had 18 new coronavirus cases over the last seven days which is another new record for one week.

Douglas County had 29 cases on June 5 when Phase 2 re-opening of our County began. It took 88 days for the first 29 cases. In contrast, it took Douglas County 12 days for the last 29 cases.

The number of new coronavirus cases in Douglas County has increased 162% over the past 40 days since our Douglas County Commissioners decided on June 5 to re-open Douglas County without seeking input from its residents.

The six counties surrounding Douglas County reported 29 new coronavirus cases today and 146 cases over the past week.

The Oregon Health Authority reported a RECORD HIGH 429 new coronavirus cases today and 2 deaths in Oregon.

The OHA reported 16.0% availability of non-ICU hospital beds today throughout Oregon.

The below link provides graphical views of Oregon’s statistics.



Why are you, without fail, so inaccurate in your reporting? Douglas County had FIVE new cases of COVID-19 yesterday, NOT four as you reported. I've attached the link below to the DPHN noon update for your to re-read.


How can Dr. Dannenhoffer say, "The new cases have been attributed to people traveling outside Douglas County," when Romtec had a workplace outbreak last week and we know the two baseball tournaments in Roseburg the first week of July resulted in at least 12 new coronavirus cases? Why must Dr. Dannenhoffer be so misleading when what we really need is a Public Health Officer who is brutally honest?


Where is the information about 12 cases that resulted from the baseball tournament?


Here you go.



Mike, those weren’t Douglas County cases.


I never said they were. That's one of the most frustrating issues with DPHN. All coronavirus case information in our county is secret. We wouldn't know if Roseburg's baseball team had coronavirus cases unless its reported in another city's media. Meanwhile, teams that while playing in Roseburg's tournament, returned home and were immediately diagnosed with the disease and cancelled the remainder of their season.

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