K.C. McKillip is the owner of Backside Brewing in Roseburg.

A Roseburg brewpub owner caused a bit of a stir Tuesday when he posted a video on his Facebook page indicating the business would be open for customers — leaving the impression he might be violating a state mandate — only later to say that was not his intent.

KC McKillip, owner of Backside Brewing Co., 1640 NE Odell Ave., posted a video Monday on the brewery’s Facebook page in which he announced the decision to open and his reasons why.

In the 5-minute video, which was viewed more than 4,000 times since it posted Monday, McKillip said it’s important that local businesses be allowed to operate for the good of the community.

Backside Brewing Co. owner KC McKillip takes to Facebook and says his business will stay open during the freeze.

“Starting this Tuesday we will be attempting to operate with our normal business hours,” McKillip said. “We are doing this because we cannot afford to be closed, we can no longer afford to keep our employees laid off. We have beer that needs to be brewed, we have products that need to be distributed. We want to work, we need to work, our staff wants to work. We need to make money the old fashion way, we don’t want government bailouts.”

McKillip also said that the opening is not a political statement, but an economic decision.

“We want everyone to understand this isn’t a political statement of any sort, this is us just stating where we stand and how we’re going to move forward from here,” he said. “This isn’t something that you might feel as passionate about if you’re not directly affected by it right now, and that’s understandable.”

McKillip acknowledged that COVID-19 is real and caused “terrible things” to people, especially the elderly and those with health conditions.

“With that being said, sitting at home, eating junk food, watching Netflix, is probably not the healthiest thing,” he added.

McKillip encouraged other businesses to follow his lead.

“We’re going to stay open, we encourage everyone else to stay open as much as you can,” he said. “Obviously we don’t want people out breaking laws. But we need to survive, we need to keep our staff employed and we need to move forward. Sitting at home, not going out, that does not help the local economy here in our community.”

The video was shared 359 times by Tuesday afternoon and 65 people left comments. Many of the comments supported the move to open.

“You have our full support, hoping more small businesses will be brave and stand up, cheers,” one person wrote.

“Yes!! We support you and are behind you 100%. Oregon needs to be OPEN!!” another wrote.

“I wrote something similar last night but didn’t post it because as business owners it’s incredibly hard to speak your mind without causing some backlash,” said a third. “You did a great job and I’ll be by to support you!”

Backside faces possible fines and the loss of its liquor license if it is found to be in violation of Gov. Kate Brown’s state mandates. Casey’s Restaurant, also in Roseburg, opened earlier this year in violation of state mandates and now faces nearly $15,000 in fines.

When reached on Tuesday, McKillip said he did not intend to violate any laws and was just trying to promote that the business was open.

“We are promoting we are open. We are not promoting seating inside against executive orders. Just trying to put the word out,” he said.

When asked if that meant the brewery would not be serving anyone inside, the company responded: “That is correct. Not right now anyways.”

In November, Gov. Kate Brown announced strict regulations, including the elimination of dine-in service at bars and restaurants, in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19.

The two-week “freeze” took effect on Nov. 18 and extended to Dec. 2. Brown then extended the mandates another three weeks for counties considered at “Extreme Risk,” which includes Douglas County.

Under the restrictions, indoor dining is prohibited and outdoor dining is limited to 50 people. A maximum of six people from two households are allowed to share a table and establishments must close by 11 p.m., according to the Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Douglas County has seen a steep increase in COVID-19 cases over the last month or so. In the one-month period from Nov. 3 to Dec. 3, total cases went from 400 to 1,010, deaths went from eight to 19, and the number of people in isolation went from 54 to 174.

Statewide during that same period, total cases went from 46,460 to 79,263, deaths went from 693 to 973, and the number of people hospitalized went from 181 to 559.

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(45) comments

Marine Vet

The Argument has went from, More Die of the Flu / to More Die from car Crash's / to More Die from Cancer / The Ever Moving GOP Goal Posts. What's next after Over 3,000 Died in 1 day.? More Died from HITLERS GAS Chambers.?


COVID state mandate compliance issues / and COVID health issues aside -- this was brilliant marketing for this area. Via social media make it seem like you are not going to comply with state restrictions (instant media attention) -- then kind of walk back your statement -- then say you are going to comply for now (so do not create any risk of losing your liquor license, but still appear as though you are making a stand). How many hundreds of hits and shares did this get? How many people now know the name Backside Brewery that didn't know it before? Let me be clear, not advocating for violating the governor's imposed state restrictions (which Backside Brewery, kind of said they weren't either - but how many people will remember that part?) -- just commenting on the marketing aspect of what they did.


Thank you Backside brewery. It will feel good to support a responsible local business. I haven't been a patron of your establishment before, but will now. I'm grateful for some common sense being expressed, for all the right reasons. Work will set you free!


We've had at least five days now where more Americans died due to Covid than died at Pearl Harbor. Today, more people died of Covid than died in 9/11. The two deadliest days in US history are from the hurricane that hit Galveston and a battle during the civil war. The battle will be surpassed soon. You and I have a much different definition of the word "responsible."


Truly, we must. This establishment is following the mandate guidelines. My place of business has never closed, never laid anyone off, never ruined anyones livelihood, noone has died. Infact had a record breaking quarter. A quality of life is more than just staying alive to me. So yes I agree you and I do not define responsible the same. Opinions are like that, and I respect yours to stay safe in the way you deem fit. I will stay safe and maintain a marginal quality of life, were that is possible.



Just wow.

Arbeit macht frei.


That is not what I am referring to, your malice is obscene.

Marine Vet

Your IGNORANCE is Rich. Moron


Aprylmorris -- CitizenJoe translated your "work will set you free" into the original German. Arbeit macht frei. Did you know how that phrase became famous?

The slogan is known for appearing on the entrance of Auschwitz and other Nottsie concentration camps. I have to write Nottsie because the autoban feature on the N-R comment section refuses to publish posts using the correct term.

Aprylmorris, I highly doubt you're a Nottsie. I doubt you even knew the origin of the phrase or it's terrible meaning. I ask that you take a look at your sources of information and decide whether or not you want to associate yourself with people or groups who casually insert Nottsie anti-Semitic propaganda into conversation. It's a form of brainwashing. It's so close to John 8:32 in the Bible -- the truth shall set you free -- that most Christians don't even notice the difference.

And the next thing you know you're spouting Nottsie hate speech, while thinking you're saying something sensible. You're better than that.


I am aware. And that was not my intention. I believe in hard work as a catalyst to a quality of life. Hatemongoring is everywhere from those who decides it's in there best interest.


Aprylmorris, can you find another phrase to use in the future that gets your point across? Maybe "Hard work is the key to success." Or "I support full employment." Or anything that doesn't have such historical overtones of violence and hate.

Nobody has to associate themselves with hatemongers, not even carelessly and without evil intent.


Mworden I certainly will consider that. Its difficult for me to unlearn history to accommodate others feelings. Arbeit macht frei was not put there by haters. it was there long before. Its meaning is not insulting to me. As I refer to its original intent.


Aprylmorris, unfortunately the genocidal intent of the Nottsies displaced whatever benign intent was in the original phrase. All I ask is that you re-consider use of the phrase, even in situations where your intent is to promote the life-enhancing effects of work. Part of my family were Prussian Jews. The slogan over the gate to Auschwitz might as well have said Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here. That's history and I cannot unlearn it.


Furthermore, my great Grandmother wore the star on her. She lived until I was almost 30. She was a resident of Winston. I am very familiar with her plight as a young girl. I am not referring to any such history. Work is powerful medicine to those who enjoy it as I do.


German philologist Lorenz Diefenbach. In 1873 he wrote the novel called Arbeit macht frei. It was a beautiful story about finding a path to virtue through labor.

Marine Vet

So your a PATRIOT for DEAD PEOPLE.? Willful Ignorance. 3,000 + DIED 12/09/2020 & Your Complicit in that.


Ignorant, I may be. This ignorant citizen is apart of the work force that stays open and available to you, just incase you may need something.


Spelling matters.


Most business insurance companies have notified their customers they will not cover coronavirus lawsuits if the business was not in compliance with local coronavirus rules and restrictions. Backside will have to cover its own backside if someone sues for catching coronavirus and its traced back to Backside. Lots of "backs."


I'd suggest staying away from Backside as their are customers and supporters on their Facebook page calling for 2nd amendment actions against the governor and others they disagree with. Sounds like a dangerious place to go.


Please share with me any actual studies that compare similar populations were one wears masks as suggested and one doesn't.

As I think South Dakota, with no more and no less of an outbreak is a good example all this being bullshit.

Virus is real but 2020 Oregon deaths are down 2000 TOTAL from last year

Please no conjecture, your opinion is useless here.

I want science fact, not science "we think so".


Where are you getting your information from? Oregon deaths are higher in 2020 than any previous year. Oregon deaths according to the Oregon Health Authority death statistics (below links) are:

Oregon’s January 2020 – October 2020 deaths are 32,330. Average = 3,233 deaths per month.

Oregon’s January 2019 – December 2019 deaths were 37,397. Average = 3,116 deaths per month.




A small town dragged its feet on COVID-19 mask mandates. Now residents are paying the price.



Governorjohn, serious question here ... where are you getting your info. I'd really like to know. You sound like a person with a willingness to know and understand the situation, not a guy interested in a bunch of pontificating. Here are some hard numbers. The source is linked on the bottom. Can you provide a source for your info about deaths being down and South Dakota with no more or less of an outbreak. Thanks.

South Dakota, covid deaths per 100,000 population -- 126

Oregon, covid deaths per 100,000 population -- 26

South Dakota has no covid restrictions. Oregon implemented covid restrictions starting on March 23.

In science, you don't compare total deaths; you compare deaths per population. Oregon is 5 times bigger in population than S.D. but we have nearly the same number of total cases. In short, South Dakota's covid problem -- with no restrictions -- is about 5 times worse than Oregon's, which has restrictions.



Missouri. The counties who opted out have higher numbers.


Typical comments from the whiners. You may want to actually read further than the headline to keep from making yourself look not so bright. Outside seating is still allowed and that is what he will be doing. The headline is in typical media fashion somewhat misleading, it gets you to click on it. You obviously did or you wouldn't have made it to the comment section. Why didn't you take the time to read the article before posting your angry comments?


Right. You have to actually read the whole article.


I hope the brewery owner has waivers of health care forms available for his customers. Anyone who goes there and hangs out drinking should forfeit the privilege of being treated for corona virus and should agree to pay for the treatment of others they infect. Also potential wrongful death claims if individuals become infected and die due to people going to this brewery.


Ridiculous...this is why covid isn't going away. I will never support this foolishness

Country Craftsman

Good for him and his employees.

The governor is breaking the law by continuing to shut down businesses anyway. The science and math do not support shutting down these places in the first place. We have been warned. If you are fearful by all means stay home but quit telling people they have to lose their livelihood over bad science. A great American died on the 7th General Chuck Yeager you can bet he knew when he climbed in a plane he my die but he did his job anyway. Lets all understand with out taking risk humans would have died off thousands of years ago.

Please do not be controlled by fear.


According to the Oregon Supreme Court, the governor isn't breaking the law. SCOTUS agrees. Your post is full of untruths.


I think I need a draft beer!


I will make a point of supporting Backside. It will be a better place now that the panicked sheep quoted above have announced their boycott.


5 bucks says this person has never actually been to the establishment before and had no intention of going too before either prior to this article other than making yourself look macho and intimidating.


While you're there you can discuss with the other patrons "the election fraud".


If you have to say it's not political, it's political.

One more reason not to go there.


Besides old beer yes another reason


What an irresponsible, selfish, dumbA$$. People could die because of his actions. We must support the small businesses that actually follow the law and BOYCOTT business owners who think they are above the law. May Karma act swiftly and put him out of business before he kills someone.


In no way do I disagree with anything you said, but from what we've seen already since March, its VERY unlikely this place will get shut down or face any type of repercussions with how our local leaders have publicly endorsed the act of rebelling and defying authority.

In the very unlikely event they do get dinged, you can bet Boice and Leif will be the first ones there with their wallets open to bail them out, though for their sake I'd hope its Boice first because we all know Leif is too cheap.


Here in Douglas County, we have a population of apparent toddlers with oppositional defiant disorder. Couple that with a sheriff who declines to enforce measures he doesn't agree with, and you have a recipe for disaster. Oregon is among the best states with regard to the coronavirus response, and outcomes; counties that behave like ours will not do well in the coming weeks.

I have enjoyed the Backside Brewery in the past; no more. Nationally, we need support packages for restaurants and bars, despite this owner's distain for such support.




Ok. So, you didn't read the article? Outside seating is still ok. They do say that Backside is not doing anything to violate any of the current mandates.

Country Craftsman

Oh calm down the man has to make living. If you dont like it stay home.




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As late as November 12, the European Union announced it had finalized a supply deal with Pfizer for 200 million doses. It is speculated President Trump held off on buying additional doses from Pfizer to make it more difficult when President-elect Biden takes over early next year.

President Trump plans today to issue an executive order that proclaims other nations will not get the U.S. supplies of its vaccine until Americans have been inoculated. But the order appears to have no real teeth and does not expand the U.S. supply of doses, according to a description of the order on Monday by senior administration officials.


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