For people who want to get tested for COVID-19, one local store is offering to do the test for no charge.

The downtown Roseburg Rite Aid store at 444 SE Stephens Street, is offering a drive-thru testing for anyone 18 and older.

Those wanting to be tested can sign up to make an appointment at the Rite Aid website.

Rite Aid calls it the Baseline COVID-19 Testing Program in support of community-based testing initiatives.

People need to bring their driver’s license when they come to the drive-thru window at the store for the scheduled appointment time.

You will need to sign the COVID-19 authorization form. Rite Aid officials said data will be kept in a secure, encrypted database with restricted and monitored access.

The data will be shared with entities that assist with the testing program.

The person being tested will do a self-swab through the nose. The pharmacist will guide them through the process. The person will put the swab into a vial and then into a plastic bag before passing it back to the pharmacist.

The samples will be picked up and taken to a lab for processing. The results should be back within about seven days.

No referral from a physician will be needed and insurance companies are billed if applicable, but the test is free.

The free offer started July 16, and store officials said they’ve had about 10 people take advantage of the offer so far.

To set up an appointment, go to

Health reporter Dan Bain can be reached by phone at 541-957-4221, or by e-mail at

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Dan Bain is the health reporter for The News-Review. He previously worked at KPIC and 541 Radio.

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Do you need a Coronavirus test? You don’t have an appointment? Want an at-home test kit? The Oregon Health Authority (below link) now provides a website to tell you where ALL the closest testing sites are in your zip code even if you don’t have an appointment.

Now ask yourself why our Douglas County Public Health Network IS NOT providing this testing information on their website? Neither the Rite Aid or the OHA website is mentioned on the DPHN website or daily "Up in dates." Yet, EVERY update discusses DPHN's drive-through testing which requires pre-approval from your primary care provider, which costs money. It's as if they don't WANT people to know how to get tested cheaply or for free.


It's "Neither the Rite Aid NOR ..." Come on, Mike, a seasoned journalist like you surely knows proper conjunction use.


Thanks for the help. I can use all I can get.

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