Oregon’s 178 new cases of COVID-19 reported Thursday were attributed, at least partly, to higher testing numbers and breakouts in workplaces, according to the Oregon Health Authority. That was the highest total for the state on any single day since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic began.

Two more deaths associated with COVID-19 brought the state total to 171.

The Douglas Public Health Network reported no new cases in the county, with a total of 29 people who have tested positive and 27 have recovered. Two people remain hospitalized. The county has had no deaths reported from the coronavirus.

The bulk of the new cases came from four counties: Clackamas County reported 47 new cases, Multnomah County reported 43, Marion County had 34 and Washington County had 15.

Oregon Health Authority officials say a big reason for the higher numbers in the state is the breakouts in the workplace, including Pacific Seafoods in Newport, where 124 workers have tested positive to COVID-19, and a new breakout at Harry & David in Medford.

“This is that second wave we actually predicted,” said Dr. Bob Dannenhoffer, Douglas Public Health Officer. “When we opened up I think we suggested that there would be an increase in cases, and I think we’re seeing it.”

Dannenhoffer said the cases seem to be low in severity, so there are not a lot of hospitalizations associated with them. He said more testing has resulted in finding more cases, but there’s not been a big difference in the number of hospitalizations. But he expects more workplace outbreaks.

“I think the most worrisome thing is we’re going to think this is over and stop worrying about it,” Dannenhoffer said. “Continue social distancing, certainly stay home when you’re sick, wash your hands, wear a mask and if you do get a call from public health about being in contact, try to be kind.”

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Dan Bain is the health reporter for The News-Review. He previously worked at KPIC and 541 Radio.

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Douglas County Public Health Officer Dr. Bob Dannenhoffer untruthfully said “the cases seem to be low in severity, so there are not a lot of hospitalizations associated with them.”

This is contrary to Oregon’s epidemiologist and health officer Dr. Sidelinger, who conceded Hospital admissions creeped up to 40 statewide last week, an increase of more than 50% from the preceding week. “I’m definitely concerned that could be a possibility,” Sidelinger said when asked whether this suggests hospitalizations might be high in a few weeks.


There is no public benefit to misrepresenting him with a partial statement. We heard him say cases were up due to the outbreak at Pacific Seafood and several smaller business outbreaks, but the severity seemed to be low at the time and there is nothing untruthful about that. It has also been mentioned that hospitalizations are generally several weeks after someone catches the virus. He also has talked about expecting a spike. Anyone can watch the DPHN Facebook videos and the facts speak for themselves, he's been perfectly honest.

Across our nation the blame game during the pandemic seems to be happening everywhere and doesn't help anyone.

People can have elective surgery again which affects hospital bed numbers as do all the people protesting, in fact there is an article in the Oregonian about that right now. The statistics are constantly evolving.

Dr. Dannenhoffer is highly respected member of our community and has been for decades. His integrity is clear.


The truth of the matter is Dr. Dannenhoffer referred to the spike in new cases when he falsely claimed, "there are not a lot of hospitalizations associated with them.” Spin it however you want. What he said was untrue.......again.

(Edited by staff.)


Oregon Health Authority reported 158 new coronavirus cases today which are the second highest ever for Oregon. There now have been 873 new coronavirus cases reported over the past seven days which is a new one week record for Oregon.

While zero new cases were reported in Douglas County, the six counties surrounding Douglas County reported 6 new coronavirus cases today and 21 new cases over the past week.

What is concerning is OHA is no longer reporting state hospital capacity statistics on weekends. This comes after OHA yesterday reported a record low number of statewide available ICU beds and available non-ICU beds during this spike in coronavirus cases.

Also concerning is the Oregon Health Authority went into the weekend admitting it did not know how many tracers were working statewide to identify the sources of these new cases. State health officials, after more than a week of questioning from The Oregonian/OregonLive and a public records request, said they would survey counties and expected to have results by today. No survey results have so far been released.



This is scary. According to Oregon Health Authority graphs, approximately 70% of the most recent new cases have NOT been traced to a known source. That means there are a high number of unknown people in Oregon who have the disease and may be infecting others.



Oregon Supreme Court sides with Governor Brown on COVID-19 restrictions.

Vacates Baker Circuit Court ruling.



Things are heating up. Governor Brown plans release of inmates to limit COVID-19 risk.



Masks significantly reduce infection risk, likely preventing thousands of COVID-19 cases -study.


cloth masks are not effective, respirators reduce infection risk



When ever is there not opposite opinions on any given topic. We can both find numerous articles to support our points. What I know with certainty is I will have absolutely zero protection if I wear NO mask. The converse is debatable.


The Oregon Health Authority reported 140 new cases today, the third highest total on record. Oregon has had 807 new cases in the past 7 days which is another new record.


This may be another case of Douglas County Public Health Officer Dr. Dannenhoffer misleading the public when he said, "the cases seem to be low in severity, so there are not a lot of hospitalizations associated with them."

This appears to be at odds with the Oregon Health Authority which reported today record low numbers of both available ICU beds and available non-ICU beds statewide at 233 and 993 respectively.



The six counties surrounding Douglas County reported 4 new cases today and 18 cases in the past week.


Gov. Brown on Thursday said all pending applications for counties to move into Phase 1 or Phase 2 of the state’s reopening plan have been put on hold.



At this point I have to question why it was necessary to put state reopening plans on hold if the new cases were due to increased testing as some commentors have asserted. Apparently Governor Brown has reason to be concerned other than the increased testing argument. Maybe its because they haven't been able to trace the sources of the new cases because nobody at OHA knows how many tracers are following up on the new cases. To bad she's not talking about it.


As identified daily infections reach an all-time high statewide, the Oregon Health Authority cannot provide basic statistics about how many tracers are currently working. State health officials, after more than a week of questioning from The Oregonian/OregonLive and a public records request, said they are in the process of surveying counties and expect to have results by the end of the week.

Dr. Dean Sidelinger, the state health officer and epidemiologist, said he did not know how many tracers were working but a survey would go out. This week, Philip Schmidt, a health authority spokesman, indicated in a statement that the survey had yet to be sent as of Tuesday.




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