The Douglas County COVID-19 Response Team is warning county residents of a spike in new cases locally, statewide and nationally. The team in a press release urged caution for those planning road trips, outdoor adventures and barbecues.

“We know you are anxious to get back to living your life, but we ask that you still continue to be vigilant in protecting the health and safety of you and your family from the spread of the coronavirus,” the release said.

County residents are still being urged to remain home if they are sick, keep 6 feet away from others, cover coughs, minimize interactions with others, wash hands, consider wearing masks and limit travel.

The team has begun reporting cases differently than the state by separating confirmed from presumptive cases. It reported two new COVID-19 cases in Douglas County Friday, one labeled presumptive and the other confirmed.

The total number of confirmed cases by the county’s count is 36, whereas Douglas County has had 38 cases by the state’s count. Five of the 38 were reported in the last week. Two weeks ago, the total number of cases was 29.

Of the 36 confirmed cases, 28 have recovered. Zero COVID-19 deaths have been reported in Douglas County.

Just one, Roseburg VA Medical Center nurse Jose Jimenez, remains hospitalized.

So far, 4,572 people have tested negative for the disease in Douglas County.

The Oregon Health Authority Friday said new modeling shows COVID-19 is spreading more rapidly in Oregon. It gave three projections for how bad things will get in the near future.

The most optimistic scenario said case counts could remain at an average of 180 cases per day over the next month. The report said, however, this scenario is unlikely.

The second scenario suggested daily infections could rise to more than 900 per day, while the most pessimistic scenario said they could rise to 4,800 per day.

Oregon State Health Officer Dean Sidelinger said in a press release the model “provides us with a sobering reminder that we all need to guard against continued spread, especially as we continue to reopen and the weather gets warmer.”

“Think hard about your choice of activities, especially as we get close to the Fourth of July holiday. Ask yourself: how can I reduce my risk and the risk I might pose to people around me?” Sidelinger said.

Statewide, 250 new cases were reported Friday and five deaths. That brings the total to 7,521 Oregonians who have tested positive so far and 202 who have died, according to the Oregon Health Authority.

The county continues to hold drive-thru clinics in Roseburg and Reedsport. People with COVID-19 symptoms including cough, fever, shortness of breath, muscle aches and pains, diarrhea, sore throat or decreased sense of smell and taste can talk to their primary care providers about getting a test.

Patients who don’t have a primary care provider can obtain assistance by calling Sutherlin Aviva Health Clinic at 541-459-3788.

Reporter Carisa Cegavske can be reached at or 541-957-4213.

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Senior Reporter

Carisa Cegavske is the senior reporter for The News-Review. She can be reached at or 541-957-4213. Follow her on Twitter @carisa_cegavske

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The United States, which accounts for about 4 percent of the global population, has nearly a quarter of the total confirmed cases, 2.4 million. States reported more than 44,000 new cases on Sunday, the WHO said in their daily situation report on Monday, higher than any nation on earth.


Another 44,7000 cases in the U.S. today.

Keepin it Real

Uh Oh! Mike has competition in the cra cra conspiracy theory realm! Seriously you two are nuts. Please, for the love of all, go away.


I notice by your comment history that you have commented only four times and each of your comments has been a response to one of my comments. Each time you have told me to go away without adding anything to the conversation. Why bother?


According to the CDC and medical experts nationwide, testing and contact tracing are essential to combatting coronavirus and slowing its spread. The US has now tested 9.8% of Americans for coronavirus which ranks it 27th highest in the world. Meanwhile Oregon is the second to last state in the U.S. in testing, having tested 5.5% of Oregonians. Even worse, Douglas County is the tenth worst county in Oregon, having tested 4.1% of its residents. If Douglas County was its own nation, it would rank 151st in the world on testing, just below Mexico and above Uganda.

Remember Ignaz Semmelweis

US CDC and "medical experts" lie all the time. Early on it was masks would not protect you so do not use them, international travel restrictions are not needed, don't stop flights from China, blah blah. Then when it spread beyond containment possibility, it was lock down the entire nation or we all die. Now it is you have to wear masks unless you are black (e.g. Lincoln County, Oregon), protesters against lockdowns and even individuals off in a boat in the ocean alone can spread the virus, but Antifa rioters and BLM protesters are close proximity are safe and cannot spread it.

The FDA has not validated most of the tests being offered, and they are known to have large false result rates. Since there are so many tests being used, you cannot even use such wildly varying results to monitor infection spread because test A may have 20% false negatives and test B may have 50% false positives and so forth and likely nobody is keeping track of which tests were used on whom in such a way the noise could be taken out of the corrupted data to extract a useful signal.

The government people and "experts" covered in MSM are largely liars and spread fake science and despair for agendas that are anti-American, anti-health, anti-science, and pro-profit.

The focus should be on boosting immune system function, treating those who get infected early on with cheap, safe, and effective available treatments that are being suppressed because Big Pharma can't make a windfall on them, and getting the economy running again before the US is destroyed by economic collapse and far more people die from that than the SARS-CoV-2 virus versions to date.

Meanwhile, be on the lookout for SARS-CoV-3 and COVID-20 or some other agents and diseases that could be next up and may need a whole new learning curve to figure out.


If testing can't be believed and the experts are all liars who spread fake science, what's your solution for stopping the spread of coronavirus. I'm not buying your vitamin argument. Sweden's citizens are top of the list of most healthy people in the world and they are also seventh highest and rising on the per capita death list.


The VA today reported total coronavirus deaths rose to 1,584. The U.S. military reported 37 active duty service members have so far died of coronavirus.

Roseburg's VA reported coronavirus cases was unchanged today at 7.

VA agency spokeswoman Christina Noel acknowledged VA's count does not include veterans who have died at state-run veterans homes. 28 states are not reporting veteran deaths, making the cumulative total unknown, said Linda Schwartz, a special adviser to the group and a former VA assistant secretary for policy and planning.

The Department of Veterans Affairs has begun supplying hospital beds, testing and health care professionals to supplement civilian medical needs nationwide. Examples include 276 COVID-19 non-Veteran coronavirus patients have been admitted to VA hospitals in ten states including Oregon as of June 22, 2020. Portland’s VA hospital is supplying up to 30 hospital beds for civilian coronavirus patients. 750+ VA employees are currently supporting non-VA facilities.


The six Oregon counties surrounding Douglas County reported 8 new coronavirus cases today. Those six counties have now reported 86 new cases over the past week. Like I said before, Douglas County is an island.

The Oregon Health Authority reported 247 new coronavirus cases today. This is the fourth highest number ever reported in Oregon. Today is the third day in a row OHA has reported over 200 cases in Oregon, a first. There have been 1,404 new cases reported in Oregon over the past seven days, which is another new record for one week.

The OHA reported 12.2% of the 2,018 test results it received today were positive. This is a scary increase and trounces the previous record of 8.9% set on June 15.

Starting two weeks ago, just when Oregon case numbers began to rise, OHA made the decision to no longer report key coronavirus statistics like hospital bed or ventilator availability on the weekends.


After asking Americans to sacrifice in shutdown, leaders failed to control the virus. The number of new U.S. cases this last week surged dangerously high, especially in states that had rushed to reopen their economies.

The result has been a realization for many Americans that however much they have yearned for a return to normalcy, their leaders have failed to control the coronavirus pandemic. And there is little clarity on what comes next.


The Houston-based Texas Medical Center, the world’s largest medical complex, quietly deleted data on current and projected intensive care unit capacity from its website, shortly after reports that beds were 100 percent full set off alarms about its ability to handle the surging numbers of coronavirus patients.


Seriously NR? Why is the kind of nonsense from "Remember Ignaz Semmelweis," acceptable in your comments section? Proliferating crazy conspiracy theory gibberish like, "Eugenicists such as the Gates Family and Soros (who literally was, and maybe still is, a *N*a*z*i* and who backs Antifa and uses #BLM) have been working for years on way to kill blacks off and to get them to participate in their own extermination," is irresponsible and dangerous. Come on get it together.


It's a slippery slope.

Remember Ignaz Semmelweis

to "S":

If what I am saying is such "nonsense", then arguing against it should be easy to do. Instead, you just jump to demanding censorship which is a mark of a weak argument being made by a bully who seeks to silence others who disagree.

"Conspiracy theory" is a term popularized by the CIA to discredit those who do not agree with the Warren Commission version of JFK's assassination.

Many people do not agree with the Warren Commission report. Many believe the CIA had something to do with JFK's assassination.

Do you agree with its "lone gunman" theory solely blaming Lee Harvey Oswald?

Are you a servant of the CIA by spreading their propaganda?

Conspiracies clearly do happen. The government prosecutes people for them every day. It also has many of its own conspiracy theories such as its version of 9/11 by which a bunch of terrorists (more than one, therefore a conspiracy) planned and executed what happened that day. Many people don't believe that theory, but even if you do, it is still by definition a conspiracy theory.

Soros himself admitted to being a *N*a*z*i* collaborator. He's got a lot of other problematic behaviors, too.

The Gates family is clearly tied to long-term eugenics organizations such as Planned Parenthood and also eugenics and population control positions. Based upon records, apparently three generations of them have such ties. Maybe you should take the time to find out more about Gates and what he is really up to via a very informative documentary on him and his foundation and their activities.

Remember Ignaz Semmelweis

In this time of many worsening crises, here are some steps Douglas County should be taking by encouraging everybody in the county to do:

1) Pay close attention to nutrition, particularly vitamin D3 and zinc but also vitamins C, A, and K2 and minerals potassium, magnesium, selenium, and iodine because all of those are likely deficient and the deficiencies are likely to result in much worse harm from SARS-CoV-2 infections. Eat better quality food and take some supplements to get those levels up. Your lives depend upon it.

2) Grow more food now as if your life and freedom depend upon it, because they do. Plant a garden, get some chickens to turn your food scraps back into food you can eat, and don't let fruits and nuts on trees in your area go to waste.

3) Learn how to store food to last at least until the next growing season even if the power fails. Store a lot of your food using such methods.

4) Knock it off with riots. Burning down police stations and black businesses does nothing to go after the people who really want you dead, the people like Gates and Soros and Big Pharma. They kill far more blacks than police do.

5) Report police misconduct legally, and keep on complaining to elected officials to ensure that it is not allowed to go uncorrected. This is much more sane than shutting down police departments and letting crime go wild and will help make some progress against the problems with police brutality without making everything far worse.

6) Prepare for spreading violence and even civil war, because there are many players who want this and seek to destroy the US and are backing Antifa and using #BLM. Take steps to ensure you can protect your family and property and can retain some necessary supplies even if rioters, criminals, or others show up to steal from you.

7) Realize we are in deep trouble and considering the vacillating advice, fake news, and fake science of those (Fauci, mainstream media, etc.) that got us into this trouble as gospel to be obeyed is going to make these troubles worse. Start listening to and reading more than just mainstream media. Mainstream media is owned by a handful of corporations that are controlled by people like Gates, Soros, and their allies and want to see the world burn and people die. For example, MSNBC = Microsoft + NBC, and if you are somehow totally out of touch, Gates is known for being a co-founder of Microsoft on which he made billions of dollars in profits. They certainly do not care about you personally except so far as how you can be used to pursue their agenda of profitable extermination of life and freedom.

8) Start talking with your neighbors about how you can work together to grow more food and defend your area from attack by Antifa and outside forces that seek to cause harm. Never talked with your neighbors before? Now is a good time to start. If you are worried about the virus because your immune system is weak, wear a mask and keep some distance.

9) Get to know some local law enforcement and talk with them about the current situation. Law enforcement engaged in dialogue with community is likely to reduce the chances for trouble between them and improve the chances of us all defending our families, neighborhoods, and nation.

10) Another lockdown is not a good option. It would likely destroy the US. Resist it by all means necessary, especially by recall, impeachment, or other legal forms of removal of politicians that keep pushing for economy-destroying lockdowns that are killing more people than the original SARS-CoV-2 virus itself can.

11) Share and discuss ideas on what else can be done to improve the situation. There is so much going wrong, there is no way any one person is going to be able to figure it all out alone. But working together peacefully, we can make a huge positive difference to improve our ability to stay healthy, stay fed, and stay free.

This is just off the top of my head. There is a lot of information available on the Internet on all of the above, and I have shared many such links in the past months.

If you think the above sounds totally crazy, maybe instead you should start digging a hole in your yard for your burial.

Remember Ignaz Semmelweis

It is not a coincidence that the mass rioting is happening across the country as the viral outbreak was starting to calm down. Rioting and violence further spreads infections to a population unprepared to stay healthy. It's a great example of how to use a low lethality pathogen or biological weapon to maximize damage.

Nobody needs to be dying from COVID-19, even if they were infected with it.

The virus is easily defeated by people who have healthy immune systems.

Yet mainstream media and government, controlled as they are by Big Pharma, do not share the heaps of science about how to improve your immune system and actually ATTACK those who do to shut them up.

Obviously they are not on your side, they are on the side of Big Pharma that would rather see trillions in potential profits and millions of dead Americans than to see low profits, no vaccine mandates, and few deaths.

Ask yourself, if every American contracted COVID-19, it was no worse than a typical cold for all but a few, and nobody died from it, would it be any big deal?

No, it would not be. It is technically possible to get close to that minimal impact level if people would pay attention to basic biology including nutrition, use of anti-viral herbs, and many other cheap effective anti-viral biochemicals such as vitamin C, ozone, and chlorine dioxide that have in the past all show strong benefits in people with serious viral infections and so are being clinically used and investigated for COVID-19, so far with many favorable reports outside mainstream media.

Having a healthy immune system depends upon many nutritional factors, meaning the typical malnourished American or those eating similar malnourishing toxic diets are going to vulnerable especially if they don't take some vitamins and minerals to help make up for their poor diets.

Zinc is a very common major deficiency, so of course in the fake studies to trash HCQ they left out zinc and in other fake studies they used made up fake data via a fake company called Surgisphere. Guardian in UK outed them, but not before they published their fake science in Lancet and NEJM, publications where mainstream doctors are fed fake science to dupe them into harming their patients and serving Big Pharma.

Another major one of those nutritional factors is vitamin D3, which is part of why the virus is more lethal for blacks.

Eugenicists such as the Gates Family and Soros (who literally was, and maybe still is, a *N*a*z*i* and who backs Antifa and uses #BLM) have been working for years on way to kill blacks off and to get them to participate in their own extermination.

People like them plus the government and medical industry intentionally do not mention vitamin D3, how people with dark skin are especially likely to be low in vitamin D3, and now to help get more of them infected, work to get them all riled up to spread infections between them to maximize black deaths while sparking a race war that it turning into a civil war.

In addition to killing blacks, they want to kill the US, too.

#BlackLivesMatter is helping them do both by spreading infections rapidly and focusing rage on police brutality that killed 9 unarmed blacks in 2019 so that people will not pay attention to the millions of blacks killed by corporations, governments, and medical systems that deny them basic knowledge regarding good nutrition and its importance to health plus hindering access to that good nutrition.

This is especially applicable to blacks because they are blessed with lots of melanin to withstand high levels of UV light but the cost of that is they need to be especially careful with their vitamin D3 levels else they end up with much higher rates of disease such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and poor immune system function.

#BLM doesn't even bother to talk about widespread medical atrocities against blacks like the Tuskegee Experiment or Gates Foundations forced vaccine experiments on African schoolkids. That's because #BLM is controlled by people who want blacks dead, and know how to spin it so they can get many well-meaning people to participate in black genocide and insurrection against the US while thinking they are helping blacks. Yeah, sure, they are helping blacks and themselves to an early grave by being so foolish as to trust an organization started by communists and backed by genocidalists.

SARS-CoV-2 is not a major threat on its own.

Malnutrition is a major threat on its own, and potentiates the threat from SARS-CoV-2 developing into severe and even deadly COVID-19. And with COVID-19 being used as an excuse for more lockdowns, shutdowns of farm harvests and food processing plants, malnutrition even in the US is going to get worse.

There are growing problems with crop failures and food shortages all around the world from various factors like locusts, flooding, lack of labor for harvests, and supply chain disruptions. To learn more, search for phrases like "grand solar minimum" and do some reading, listening, and watching.

Food shortages leading to worsening malnutrition are going to further potentiate COVID-19 lethality.

Meanwhile #BLM and Antifa are helping spread SARS-CoV-2 further. Idiot doctors are being quoted as saying protesters and rioters don't need to wear masks or pay attention to social distancing, thus further encouraging rapid spread of the virus for which the malnourished masses are not prepared to withstand.


Have you asked yourself why our county commissioners yesterday changed the way new coronavirus cases in Douglas County are reported and the timing of that change?

Douglas County is an island. Both Oregon and the six counties surrounding Douglas County have been reporting daily record number of coronavirus cases for the past three weeks. Anyone who goes into Sherms or Walmart knows Douglas County’s low case numbers are certainly NOT due to its exemplary social distancing and face mask practices. So what IS causing Douglas County’s low numbers relative to its neighbors?

My best case scenario is Douglas County has been lucky. Our low case numbers are certainly not because of the efforts of our continually self-congratulatory county commissioners who have down-played coronavirus, withheld information, overtly resisted stay-home orders and repeatedly pushed for re-opening Douglas County even if done illegally. Our county commissioners have a lot riding on the line if Douglas County becomes an epicenter due to their actions, or should I say, inaction. If people start dying under their woeful leadership, they know they will be lucky to not be recalled or at least voted out at the next election. It’s not unthinkable both Douglas County and they personally would be sued by grieving families.

This leads me to my worst case scenario. This recent change to how coronavirus case numbers are reported may be just one more example of how our county commissioners may be manipulating Douglas County’s case numbers to make then appear lower than they really are. Considering what our county commissioners have riding on the line, how confident are you they are acting in your best interests rather than their own?

Remember Ignaz Semmelweis

Governments all over are playing games with COVID-19 statistics to push their agendas. Same goes for people and industries (such as Big Pharma) that own and control government officials and government agencies. I assume, until there is strong evidence otherwise, that they are as usual lying, deceiving, and manipulating to protect their own interests over those of the people.

Generally the evidence that comes out does show they are dishonest.

But you will seldom see it in mainstream media as that is controlled by them, too. For example, MSNBC is a Microsoft (Gates) "news" propaganda organization. This is not a new problem. Yellow journalism by Hearst got the US into the Spanish-American War, this is something that decades ago still was taught in US public schools. Apparently that is no longer the case? Controlled media has often been used to trigger and/or exploit other major conflicts and disasters.

Alternative media has its own problems, but you are more likely to find the truth represented somewhere in those many alternative voices as they are largely independent of each other and of big money control, versus mainstream media which is controlled by roughly 5 or 6 large media corporations.

Look at alternative media reports of how contact tracers are being told not to ask questions about participation in protests or riots, such as in New York. Such events are very likely ways to spread the virus, but they cannot be discussed in mainstream media because questioning the wisdom and safety of large concentrated urban gatherings like large protests and riots does not support the destroy America agenda.

Mainstream media said it was not OK to have smaller such gatherings to protest lockdowns because it would allegedly spread the virus. But it is now OK to have much larger violent gatherings because somehow they miraculously are not able to spread the virus?

There could be many explanations that go together to explain the full situation of low infections in Douglas County.

For example, many people in Douglas County spend a lot of time outdoors, such as loggers, farmers, hunters, fishers, gardeners, hikers, etc. Maybe they have higher levels of vitamin D3 than the typical population and so their immune systems work better and they get less severe symptoms?

Maybe the population density is so low that the virus tends to be often degraded to non-viable or low-infectious levels before it travels through the air to the next group of people?

Maybe the medical system is not as prone to spread infection between people and murder people using ventilators as in New York?

Maybe the local politicians were not mandating putting known COVID-19 patients in nursing homes like genocidal governors, e.g. New York Governor Cuomo?

And maybe the statistics are also rigged by self-serving government officials as you suspect? But it seems unlikely it can be only that alone because nobody I know around the county knows anybody in the county who has been diagnosed with it.

Regardless, SARS-CoV-2 and variants are here permanently. They are not going away. It is too late to contain it. It is going to keep mutating rapidly because it is an RNA virus that will be a moving target for vaccines, even if you optimistically think they could work.

But vaccines are a dangerous game of Russian Roulette, especially if rushed to market using unproven new technologies.

Anybody who objectively without personal financial interest (e.g. Gates, Fauci, and many others stand to make large windfalls on COVID-19 vaccines regardless of what their other agendas may be) who investigates them will understand this to be so for many reasons.

Particularly concerning is the new mRNA vaccine platform being pushed by Gates and Fauci that is untested and much like designer viruses. It cleans up some problems only to introduce many new ones. For example, it appears if used with the presence of reverse transcriptase (from a retrovirus or from such a vaccine itself) it might even be able to alter human DNA.

A focus on improved nutrition and already known cheap, safe, and effective therapies for viruses can make these infections no big deal, as is being shown by doctors around the world who try these ideas out against COVID-19 and find they do work.

Such ideas are ridiculed in the fascist US which is run by Big Pharma, for Big Pharma, to make Big Profits.

An example of one of them which appears to be working very well in Ecuador:

This story also exposes how destroying Trump is worth killing hundreds of thousands or more people and wrecking the US economy to those who control the mainstream media.

You don't have to be a fan of Trump to see this, you just have to be willing to think independently and spend a bit of time checking into things like UV-C light used to eradicate viruses and long-known therapies such as IV ozone therapy and IV chlorine dioxide which are essentially injectable disinfectants effective against a wide range of viruses and bacteria and which also oxygenate tissues which is something badly needed in severely sick COVID-19 patients. None of these approaches are profitable to Big Pharma, so they want to suppress them to exploit the virus crisis for huge profits.


Let’s talk facts. There have been 6 new coronavirus cases since NRToday last published a Douglas County coronavirus article on July 19, NOT 2 new cases as claimed in the article. DPHN may be reporting 2 new cases TODAY and OHA is reporting 4 new cases in Douglas County today, but there have certainly been more than 2 new cases in Douglas County since NRToday last reported on the pandemic eight days ago.

Douglas County had 29 coronavirus cases eleven days ago. We now have 38 cases. That’s a 31% increase in eleven days, hardly a blip.

After all of these months and a 31% increase in new coronavirus cases, the Douglas County Public Health Network (better known as our County Commissioners) have only just NOW decided to change the way DPHN reports new coronavirus cases. DPHN no longer follows OHA and CDC guidelines on reporting coronavirus cases by failing to include presumptive cases in their total case report. This change will NOW report the most optimistic (least) number of new cases and does not include new coronavirus cases unconfirmed through testing.

Why this is important is because Douglas County received a meager 9 coronavirus test results yesterday and 37 test results the day before. Using DPHN’s NEW case reporting definition, presumptive cases will NOT be reported if they are not tested.

The Department of Veteran’s Affairs website reported a new coronavirus case at Roseburg’s VA three days ago. DPHN did not report the case on their website or report it to the state for two days.

DPHN claims on each daily email update that, “DPHN is following OHA policy related to outbreaks and will be reporting workplace outbreaks with 5 or more cases and only for workplaces where there are at least 30 employees." Roseburg’s VA has had 7 cases of coronavirus for several days now. In fact, Roseburg’s VA had 5 coronavirus cases in the first week of May. Yet, DPHN has never reported Roseburg’s VA as a workplace outbreak even though they claim to be following OHA policy on reporting outbreaks.

The coronavirus case numbers are increasing all around Douglas County. The six Oregon counties surrounding Douglas County reported 20 new cases yesterday after reporting 20 new cases the day before. The six counties have reported 86 new cases over the past week.


More facts. The six Oregon counties surrounding Douglas County reported 17 new coronavirus cases today. Those six counties have reported 92 new cases over the past week which is a new record for one week.

The Oregon Health Authority reported 276 new coronavirus cases today in Oregon. This is the second highest number ever reported in Oregon, after 278 cases reported on June 16. Today is the second day in a row OHA has reported over 200 cases in Oregon, a first. There have been 1,344 new cases reported in Oregon over the past seven days, another new record.

OHA reported an all-time record low 797 available non-ICU beds throughout the state of Oregon yesterday. This comes three days after reporting a record low 220 available ICU hospital beds. OHA yesterday reported a total of 18% combined ICU hospital beds and non-ICU hospital beds available for future coronavirus patients. Keep in mind Oregon’s Governor Kate Brown ordered state hospitals to discontinue non-urgent hospital procedures on March 18, when 39% hospital beds were available. Oregon currently has less than half the number of available hospital beds when our governor last ordered the hospitals to discontinue non-urgent procedures. The governor has so far not ordered hospitals to discontinue non-urgent procedures for the second time.

OHA reported yesterday 35 people in Oregon are on ventilators. This is the highest number of people on ventilators since April 23.


The Board of Directors of the Roseburg Senior Center has extended its closure. Executive Director Todd Boyd said the board met with County Public Health Officer Dr. Bob Dannenhoffer in order to determine if they could reopen under State of Oregon Phase 2 guidelines. Boyd said in its ongoing effort to slow the spread of COVID-19, the duration of the closure is now extended “until further notice”.

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