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UCAN offers relief payments

United Community Action Network has announced expanded resources to Douglas and Josephine county residents affected by COVID-19. Additional funding has been made available for rent and energy/utility assistance through the Coronavirus Relief Rent Payment Support and COVID Energy/Utility Assistance programs.

Households that live at or below 80% in Area Media Income can contact UCAN to determine eligibility for up to six months of rental credit support, included monies incurred beginning in April. Parties will be asked to provide information on the impact of COVID-19, including loss of employment, loss of childcare and other issues, and a landlord packet will need to be completed to document tenancy.

In addition to current energy assistance funding, COVID Utility Assistance is available to support utility payments and credits.

Screening will occur mostly over the phone, though in person meetings can be scheduled. UCAN asks that only one detailed message with clear contact information be left per program per household.

Rental Support: 541-672-5392

Energy/Utility Support: 541-672-3421

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The six Oregon counties surrounding Douglas County reported 20 new cases today after reporting 20 new cases the day before. The six counties have reported 86 new cases over the past week. Meanwhile, Douglas County received 9 test results today and 37 the day before.

Does it make any sense that Douglas County has had zero new cases when all of the surrounding counties continue to report so many new cases? Could that be possible because our county commissioners have decided to minimize testing in Douglas County to keep the number of new cases down?


Forecast: 'Exponential growth' in Oregon COVID-19 infections.


The Oregon Health Authority reported 250 new coronavirus cases today in Oregon. This is the second highest number ever reported in Oregon, after 278 cases reported on June 16. Today marks the sixteenth consecutive day OHA has reported over 100 cases in Oregon. There have been 1,246 new cases reported in Oregon over the past seven days.

After yesterday reporting a record low 800 available non-ICU hospital beds in Oregon, OHA broke that record by reporting 797 available non-ICU beds in Oregon today. This comes two days after reporting a record low number of available ICU hospital beds in Oregon.

OHA reported today 35 people in Oregon are on ventilators. This is the highest number of people on ventilators since April 23.


Starting today, Douglas County NO LONGER follows CDC and OHA guidelines for reporting the number of coronavirus cases because it appears our county commissioners wish to downplay the increasing number of coronavirus cases in Douglas County. The Oregon Health Authority reported Douglas County now has 38 coronavirus cases (3 new cases). DPHN reported only 36 cases in the county. Starting today, Douglas County no longer reports presumptive coronavirus cases, those cases exhibiting all of the symptoms but not yet confirmed by testing. Rather than continue to follow conservative CDC reporting guidelines, DPHN has chosen to minimize the reported number of cases in our county. NONE of this is explained on DPHN’s website.

It is also important to note Douglas County received only 9 coronavirus test results yesterday and 36 the day before. At this low testing rate, there is little chance to confirm anyone has coronavirus in Douglas County let alone confirm presumptive cases which will then continue to go unreported. It appears our county commissioners have decided to follow President Trump’s advice to stop testing to reduce the number of new coronavirus cases. The problem is people in our county may die as a result.

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