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Days Creek Charter School Superintendent Steve Woods informed families that the school would return to distance learning, amid rising case counts. The weekly report from Oregon Health Authority revealed one of those cases was a staff member or volunteer at the school.

“There are currently no known confirmed cases associated with any current student, staff or teacher,” Woods wrote in a Nov. 11 letter to families and staff. However, according to the state, a case was reported that same day.

Woods explained that he didn’t hear about the case until late Saturday afternoon. The school was able to contact students and staff who may have been exposed and asked them to quarantine for 14 days.

The report listed several other schools in Douglas County as having outbreaks as well. A school outbreak means that one or more people at a school with at least 30 students tested positive or were presumed positive for COVID-19.

The state gathers the data each Sunday, but noted in this week’s report that some of its reporting was delayed due to a processing error.

In Roseburg Public Schools, Hucrest Elementary School had three cases, Melrose Elementary School had one case and Green Elementary School had one case listed. All Roseburg students will be participating in distance learning starting Monday.

In the South Umpqua School District, Tri City Elementary School listed two COVID-19 cases, Coffenberry Middle School had one case and South Umpqua High School had two cases.

Sutherlin East Primary had four coronavirus cases and Sutherlin Middle School had two cases.

McGovern Elementary School in Winston was listed with one case.

Students in the Winston-Dillard School District, the South Umpqua School District and the Sutherlin School District will continue to learn on-site.

Despite never having appeared in previous reports from the state, Douglas High School and Winston Middle School were listed as schools with recently resolved cases.

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