Douglas County residents whose addresses fall within three local ZIP codes have so far not been reported as having any COVID-19 cases.

As of the Oregon Health Authority’s most recent weekly report published Wednesday, the ZIP codes 97443 in Glide, 97499 in Yoncalla, and 97442 in Glendale have had zero reported cases.

The statistics don’t tell us everything. For example, in ZIP codes with at least one but fewer than 10 cases, the number is just reported as “1-9.” It’s impossible to tell exactly how many cases there are in those areas.

Another limitation of the statistics is they provide no information about whether there have been cases in ZIP codes with very small populations.

Citing concerns about patient privacy, the OHA lumps every ZIP code around the state with fewer than 1,000 people together and reports they collectively have 323 COVID-19 cases. Douglas County has eight ZIP codes — serving Umpqua, Azalea, Days Creek, Diamond Lake, Tiller, Elkton, Scottsburg and Camas Valley — with small enough populations to land in this category.

And in rural areas, ZIP codes don’t always fall where you might expect. A person living closer to Rice Hill or Elkton, for example, could have an Oakland ZIP code.

Still, the OHA’s zip code statistics do offer a partial picture of the spread of COVID-19 in Douglas County.

For example, they show us that two zip codes in Douglas County — both in the Roseburg area — had more than nine cases. The 97470 ZIP code had 12 cases and the 97471 ZIP code had 11 cases.

NineZIP codes had between one and nine cases. These included 97462 in Oakland, 97479 in Sutherlin, 97496 in Winston, 97457 in Myrtle Creek, 97417 in Canyonville, 97469 in Riddle, 97495 in Winchester, 97467 in Reedsport and 97435 in Drain.

Of course, the number of cases countywide and statewide is growing. So this description shows us only a snapshot in time. Things could look very different by next week.

Douglas County Commissioner Tim Freeman and Douglas County Public Health Officer Bob Dannenhoffer said in an email that areas with lower populations have fewer opportunities for the person-to-person contact through which the virus spreads.

However, they urged caution in interpreting the data.

“At this time, we have no reason to believe that there will not be cases in every zip code in our county,” they said.

There has been a recent surge in cases all around the globe, and county residents are being urged to remain vigilant.

“The coronavirus is still very much alive and continuing to spread. Residents need to keep washing their hands, keep practicing social distancing, staying home if they are sick, seeking medical attention if they are ill and utilize face coverings when out in public,” they said.

Reporter Carisa Cegavske can be reached at or 541-957-4213.

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Senior Reporter

Carisa Cegavske is the senior reporter for The News-Review. She can be reached at or 541-957-4213. Follow her on Twitter @carisa_cegavske

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According to this article, Douglas County Commissioner Tim Freeman and Douglas County Public Health Officer Bob Dannenhoffer said in an email;

“The coronavirus is still very much alive and continuing to spread.”

We should pay attention if Dr. Sugarcoat says coronavirus is now alive and spreading because this is the same Dr. Dannenhoffer who on April 1 said;

“The number of cases in Oregon has started to slow down.” Oregon, he said, “is heading into its second incubation period, which is when there should be the start of a decrease in new cases…that is really good news.”


If he is Dr Sugarcoat, does that make you Massively Mystified Mike?

Are you really trying to compare something said on the 1st of April about a new virus that acts in ways we don't fully understand to something being said today?? Over 90 days later? In what world does that make sense? The mullet haircut, rubik's cubes and parachute pants are no longer in style sir.

Your pseudo reporter attempt to point out some hidden conspiracy is completely unraveled by your lack of coherency in your "logic". And, no, the commissioners aren't trying to say the case increase is because of including presumptive cases in the totals now...that's your spin to the press release to fit your narrative you think they are up to something. Proof, not innuendo, is your ally.

Btw, there are zero hospitalizations at Mercy for Covid patients, and only that one at the VA who's been there for should post that factoid over all the Comment sections about articles for Covid. At least you'd be a source of positive for once instead of negative tear-downs.


I'm not comparing April 1 to now. My point, which you appear to have missed, is I'm saying Dr. Dannenhoffer implied on April 1 that coronavirus was going away and now we are setting new coronavirus records daily. Without fail Dr. Dannenhoffer has minimized the extent of coronavirus in Douglas County rather than providing the blunt truth. I may understand that coming from an elected politician, but not the Public Safety Officer. I can always re-comment my long list of Dr. Dannenhoffer's previous falsehoods and inaccuracies if you don't remember.

Its clear we disagree about the commissioners attempt to spin the total number of coronavirus cases. If you've forgotten, I also have a long list of those beginning with the commissioner's coronavirus advice to the public saying, “there is no call for social distancing...there is no call to close events...people should go about their lives...This virus, like most viruses, will cycle through and we’ll move on to the next thing.”

Btw, I've come to understand hospitalizations at Mercy is meaningless. Nobody goes to Mercy if they have coronavirus. Even if they are admitted, Mercy ships them to Eugene or Portland. Jose Jimenez, the VA nurse, has not been at the VA for months. He has been in a Portland hospital since late March and is still there. At least you could be a source of accuracy for once instead of negative tear-downs.


Under the direction of our County Commissioners, the Douglas County COVID-9 Response Team, issues a daily noon coronavirus email update that seeks to MISLEAD the public about the number of coronavirus cases in Douglas County. Yesterday’s update (below link) says in bolt type;

“The total number of cases (confirmed and presumptive) in Douglas County is now at 58*. OHA expanded their reporting for COVID-19 case management to “NOW” (caps and quotation mine) include presumptive COVID-19 cases in their total case number.” DPHN is reporting confirmed and presumptive cases and uses the OHA’s definition of presumptive.”

First, the word “presumptive” is mentioned 11 times in the noon update. Second, what is the purpose of including "NOW" in that statement other than to mislead the public. Our County Commissioners are attempting to convince the public the reason coronavirus cases are rapidly increasing in Douglas County is because there has been a change to the way cases are “NOW” being counted by both the Oregon Health Authority and Douglas County Public Health Network. The Commissioners falsely infer presumptive coronavirus are “NOW” the cause of Douglas County’s recent increase in coronavirus cases. That is entirely untrue. Both confirmed AND presumptive cases have been included in DPHN’s count of total cases since May 5 (below link).

The OHA began reporting both confirmed and presumptive cases on April 27 after the CDC changed its definition of coronavirus case counts to include presumptive cases on April 14. Beginning May 5, DPHN announced they were expanding their reporting of coronavirus cases consistent with the OHA to include both confirmed and presumptive cases (above link).

The safety and welfare of Douglas County residents is NOT the first priority of our Douglas County Commissioners. Since the first week of March, our County Commissioners have down-played and withheld the extent of infection in Douglas County to facilitate reopening of businesses owned by their large campaign contributors. This attempt to mislead the public is just one more example.

Remember Ignaz Semmelweis

Based upon data coming out of Europe presented in new research study, the COVID-19 crisis in the US might be ended quickly and cheaply while simultaneously improving health outcomes in many other areas simply by widespread high dosage supplementation using vitamin D3.

The following article discusses the information you need to know:

A quote of some of the important information:

In a June 22, 2020, Orthomolecular Medicine News Service press release, Damien Downing, president of the British Society for Ecological Medicine, outlines how we could resolve the COVID-19 pandemic in 30 days for about $2 per person, simply by taking affirmative action to raise vitamin D levels. The downside or risk of doing this is basically nil, while the potential gain could be avoiding another COVID-19 spike altogether.

"If we could arrange to give everyone vitamin D, and it failed to protect them, so what? The risk from not acting is much greater than the risk from acting," Downing says, adding: "If you caught the COVID19 virus right now, having a good vitamin D status (from already having taken a supplement) would

* Reduce your risk of the disease becoming severe by 90%

* Reduce your risk of dying by 96%



Here's the link to the OHA weekly report.


This article is somewhat misleading. The author states, "the Oregon Health Authority’s most recent weekly report published Wednesday," but fails to mention the OHA clearly identifies the report is "as of 11 p.m. on Sunday, July 5."

In reality, this weekly report is 4 days old. Douglas County has had 8 new coronavirus cases since Sunday. The author should have stated that rather than making it appear as if the data is current.


The Douglas County Public Health Network reported new coronavirus cases 57 and 58 today. Douglas County had 29 total cases on June 5 when our Commissioners decided for us to begin phase 2 re-opening of Douglas County. Total cases have increased 100% in little over a month since our Commissioners made that decision without allowing the public to voice its opinion.

DPHN has reported 14 new coronavirus cases in Douglas County over the past seven days. That is a new one-week record.

The six counties surrounding Douglas County reported 32 new coronavirus cases today and 180 cases over the past week

The Oregon Health Authority reported a record high 371 new coronavirus cases and 6 more deaths today in Oregon. The 6 deaths is one short of the record number set on April 28.

OHA reported a record low 792 non-ICU hospital beds are available statewide today. OHA reported 1,082 hospital beds available on June 5 when phase 2 reopening of Oregon began a little over a month ago.

OHA reported 232 total ICU hospital beds are available statewide in Oregon today. OHA reported 265 hospital beds available on June 5 when phase 2 reopening of Oregon began a little over a month ago.

Positivity rate is an indicator of whether coronavirus cases are increasing or decreasing in a community and is defined on a percentage basis by the number of positive coronavirus cases divided by the number of test results. Douglas County’s 7-day rolling average positivity rate was 0.47% on June 5 when it began its phase 2 re-opening. In a little over a month, Douglas County’s 7-day rolling average positivity rate is steadily increasing to where it is today at 2.54%, which is Douglas County’s highest positivity rate since April 20. Oregon’s 7-day positivity rate is currently 6.13% which is a record high and climbing rapidly.


Norris Blueberry Farm reported 2 coronavirus cases a couple days ago and said 12 other people who rode in the same car together were isolated. Do we know whether those 12 isolated people were ever tested for coronavirus?

There may be a reason why those other 12 people were isolated rather than being tested. OHA produces a weekly list all workplaces with an outbreak of 5 or more cases of coronavirus. By isolating the 12 people without testing them, Norris Blueberry Farm avoids being listed as a workplace outbreak.

Remember Ignaz Semmelweis

Norris Blueberry Farm could give all their workers vitamin D3 supplements to lower their risk of anything serious happening to them from COVID-19.

The tests are expensive by comparison and also unreliable, producing high number of false positives that are probably being counted as "cases" despite a lack of infection.

It is much better to spend the money on improving nutrition that cuts the rate of serious infections and deaths to near zero while also improving cancer, cardiovascular, autoimmune, and other infection risks and outcomes.

The following article discusses such information you need to know:


The Roseburg Veterans VA reported one new coronavirus case today, bringing their total to 9. The VA has reported 4 new cases of coronavirus since our County Commissioners decided for all of us, without taking our comments, to begin Phase 2 re-opening of Douglas County on June 4.


Eventhough this info is Iimited, it is stiII better than no info. PIease give us a simiIar (or more specific) report when the data becomes avaiIabIe. Giving us easiIy accessed info is greatIy appreciated.

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