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“There’s almost no reason to have a business if you can’t find a way to make it massively benefit the community,” said Trevor Mauch, co-founder of Young Entrepreneurs Society of Umpqua (YES) and CEO of software company Carrotly, LLC. “There’s a bunch of companies in this community that build…

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If you regularly drive through the Southgate area of Roseburg, you’ve probably seen the trash that littered the old Third Hand Resale store that used to operate on the west side of the highway.

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OAKLAND — A team of visitors with backgrounds in small business, tourism, real estate and downtown revitalization came to Oakland in late November to spend the day exploring the town and stopping by local businesses for the first time.

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Eagles, hawks, owls, falcons — a variety of these birds and others will be featured guests this weekend at the 21st annual ServPro Sportsmen’s & Outdoor Recreation Show at the Douglas County Fairgrounds.