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February 6, 2013
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Spelling Bee 2013, Word List 7

The News-Review will sponsor a Douglas County Spelling Bee on Saturday, April 20, 2013, at Wildlife Safari in Winston.

Words will appear each Monday on the Schools Page. The word lists can also be accessed at our website, by entering ‘Spelling Bee’ into the search field or by entering directly into your web browser. The last word list will be published Feb. 11, 2013.

The County Spelling Bee Champion will go home with a trophy and a new computer system. Trophies and other prizes will also be awarded to the First, Second and Third place winners.

All public school, private school, and home-school students in the fifth through eighth grades are invited to participate. Students wishing to enter elimination rounds in their district must sign up with their school’s spelling bee coordinator.


distal. Located away from the center of the body. “The professor asked the students to identify the distal and proximal ends of several bones.”

rumormonger. One who spreads unconfirmed pieces of information. “If Alfonso doesn’t learn to hold his tongue, he’s going to earn a reputation as a rumormonger.”

oppressive. Overpowering or depressing to the spirit or senses. “The troops battled the oppressive heat by drinking large amounts of water.”

innovation. The introduction of something new. “The people of the small village were suspicious of all innovation.”

competency. The quality or state of being functionally adequate. “The prospective student questioned the competency of the professor.”

countenance. The expressive appearance of one’s face: look, expression. “The department store Santa’s countenance set Loretta at ease.”

tapir. Any of a genus of chiefly nocturnal hoofed mammals of tropical America and Myanmar to Sumatra that have the snout and upper lip prolonged into a short flexible proboscis. “The tapir is both a browser and a grazer, feeding on leaves, twigs, and fruits, as well as on grasses.”

savorous. Pleasurable to the taste, flavorful. “Mabel prepared a savorous Thanksgiving dinner for her family.”

stratose. Arranged in layers. “The stratose limestone was quite visible where the hillside had been cut during highway construction.”

billowy. Characterized by rolling or swelling surges. “The warm sun and billowy breezes dried them as they went.”

chivalrous. Marked by special courtesy and high-minded disinterested consideration to women. “Chivalrous behaviors of previous generations are less common in today’s atmosphere of equal rights for women.”

redoubtable. Inspiring awe or reverence: august, eminent. “Mount Rushmore is a fitting memorial to four redoubtable statesmen.”

ludicrous. Meriting derisive laughter or scorn, absurd. “The jury was instructed to disregard the ludicrous remarks made by the defendant.”

adamantine. Rigidly firm, unyielding. “Debra’s adamantine chain of logic bedazzled her philosophy professor.”

forensics. The art or study of argumentative discourse, debate. “Tara is captain of the forensics team at her high school.”

anticlimax. The usually sudden transition in writing from a significant idea to one trivial by comparison. “Dickens disliked the stupendous silliness of three stanzas with an anticlimax at the end of each.”

credulity. Belief or readiness of belief especially on slight or uncertain evidence. “Marco’s personality was a strange mixture of shrewdness and credulity.”

hypertension. Abnormally high arterial blood pressure. “Doctors recommend reducing salt intake for patients with hypertension.”

argumentative. Given to or fond of disagreement: contentious. “Jill is so argumentative that no one likes to sit beside her on the bus.”

grievous. Causing, characterized by, or indicative of severe physical pain or suffering. “Jason screamed as if the scratch on his leg were a grievous wound.”

analogy. A figure of speech involving an extended or elaborate comparison between two things or situations. “Hugo used an analogy to illustrate his point, but no one understood the analogy either.”

raspberry. Any of various usually black or red sweet juicy edible berries. “The raspberry is highly prized for making jams and preserves.”

recommended. Advised, counseled. “’Now step up! Now step up!’ he recommended.”

wretched. Squalid, dismal, foul. “After the flood, the whole neighborhood looked wretched.”

pitiless. Devoid of or unmoved by compassion. “The pitiless tornado bore onward, ripping up everything in its path.”

capitatim. Levied or granted at so much per head. “Collecting an affordable capitatim fee for civic pool use will not cover operating costs.”

altigraph. An instrument that measures height and is equipped with a recording mechanism. “Nora stored the readings of the altigraph in a folder in her backpack.”

mesomorph. An intermediate or average type of human body. “Students classified the mummy as a mesomorph.”

exterminated. Gotten rid of, eliminated. “The Grubes have exterminated the rats in the cellar with rat poison.”

disentangle. Straighten out, unravel. “Mrs. Luce helped David disentangle the strands of the plot in ‘Hamlet.’”

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