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January 15, 2014
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Robbin Carollo: Mom of four under 3-years-old | Moms

So I’m about a week into this whole “mother-of-four-under-three” thing and I am smacking the forehead of the me of a week-and-a-half ago. Poor, naïve Robbin Ann. Will I never learn?

When Dom and I got pregnant a couple weeks after our wedding, people were amazed that we wanted to start a family so quickly. We had just gotten married and moved to a new city, he was starting his second year at a firm in Portland and the ink was still wet on my first teaching contract right out of graduate school.

We were newlywed champs. I mean, who does all that in their first year of marriage?

My pregnancy with her was a breeze: I worked up to the Friday before Ans was born, on a Sunday. My labor and delivery was a whopping three hours with her and I was in and out of the hospital in 48 hours.

I had Ans right as the school year was winding down and I (shockingly) took to motherhood like a fish to water. As much as I loved teaching and the kids I had built relationships with, I knew being a mom was my calling, and that was what I told anyone unfortunate enough to ask.

Since I come from a family of three girls (37 months between the oldest and the youngest), I knew I wanted my kids close in age.

So, about six months after Ans was born, I got pregnant with Line. The whole time I was pregnant with her strangers kept commenting that I was so brave getting pregnant while Ans was so young.

Then, Line was born and It.Was.Different. Unlike her sister, Line was not the easiest of infants.

She’d have apnea when she slept, so she was with us for a long time which was terrible because she was and probably is still the world’s lightest sleeper. I swear I would turn over and it would be the start of a 30-minute cry fest.

I’d try to nurse her back to sleep, but she was tongue-tied so the first few months of life she struggled to eat. She is half me, though, so this didn’t result in any malnourishment on her part, but sleeplessness and constant baby holding on my part.

Even with all of that, when I had Line I thought I was so hard-core having two under two years old. I’d smugly smile at strangers who complimented my bravado at having two babies so close together.

Then, when Line was seven months old and I got pregnant with the boys, that smug little smile turned into a smirk. Yea, I’m a bad mo’fo. I was quick to tell anyone who asked about my pregnant belly that not only was I pregnant for the third time in as many years, but I was pregnant with two babies. I was going to be the mom of four-under-three.

Now, I’m sitting here, trying to nurse one baby and hold the other, shaking my head at all those smug smiles. I ignorantly thought I was laughing with those people who were telling me how brave I was… I’m now pretty confident they were laughing at me. And deservedly so.

Turns out pregnancy was the easy part.

I was going to be the mom of four-under-three.

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