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February 2, 2014
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What moms really want for Valentine's Day | Moms

After talking to several mothers of young children (elementary school age and under), I discovered several common things that they would like from their husbands for Valentine’s Day.

They don’t have big requests. Not one person asked for jewelry or diamonds, although I doubt anyone would turn them down!

It turns out there are some very simple things that you can do for your wife on Valentine’s Day to make her feel loved, appreciated and refreshed.

Note that you could combine several of these without too much effort and have a very happy wife.

Here are some tips and suggestions:

Things to Give

Sleep. This was the single most popular request from moms of very young children. Tell your wife you are watching the kids while she sleeps in or takes a nap. Get the bottles ready and get up with the baby during the night so she can get one full night’s sleep. She will thank you, be in a better mood and have more energy for whatever else you have in mind.

Pampering. Busy moms often don’t have time to pamper themselves in the way they did before children. Watch the kids so she can take a bubble bath, get a facial or pedicure, go shopping, read a book or even just take her time getting ready in the morning. If you purchase a gift certificate for the spa, go ahead and schedule the appointment so she doesn’t have to ask you to watch the kids in order to use it.

Cook for her. If your wife does most of the cooking, this might be a good option for you. Make her breakfast in bed or work with the kids to make dinner. Make it extra special by purchasing the groceries yourself.

Clean her car. If she has young kids, chances are the car gets pretty messy. Vacuum out all the crumbs, wipe up all the spills, clean in, under and around the car seats. She will appreciate this each time she gets in the car.

Help the kids make/buy something for her. As tired as they are and as much as they appreciate a break, moms love their kids and everything they make. Take some time to help the kids make her a card or a picture or buy her a gift.

Date Ideas

Plan a date-night together. It doesn’t have to be a surprise, and it doesn’t have to be a meal. Find something that the two of you can do together, minus the kids. The woman you married who had hobbies and interests outside of motherhood still exists, she just may not have time or opportunities to show it. You could go to a concert, go bowling or go for a hike. Talk about what you would enjoy, plan together, and go do something fun.

Take her somewhere she can dress up. Women like to feel beautiful. Give your other half an excuse to get out of her sweats or work clothes and slip into a pretty dress and heels. Added perk—you get to see your wife in something other than icky mom clothes.


Personalize! Whatever you decide to do, make it personal. Most of us really do like flowers and chocolate, but put a little thought behind it to make it special. Personalize it by getting a specific type of flower or sweets that you know she likes instead of just an assorted box of chocolates. Maybe she prefers a certain kind of ice cream, cheesecake or dark chocolate. Have the flowers delivered to her at work.

Use words. Actions speak louder than words, but words are still needed, so by all means do something nice for her, but don’t forget to tell her (in person, in a card, whatever suits you, but in words) what she means to you.

Valentine’s Day gifts do not have to be expensive, they just need to be thoughtful and personal.

To all the men out there making an effort to make Valentine’s Day or any day special for your wives, thank you and good luck!

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