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February 15, 2013
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Letter: Obama and Morton choose which laws to enforce, why can't Sheriff Hanlin?

Others choose laws to enforce

This is regarding letters complaining that our Sheriff can’t pick and choose what laws to enforce, because it could lead to chaos and anarchy. I guess that’s true, but he’s in good company.

Obama openly said there are laws he wouldn’t enforce. Eric Holder, Attorney General, said the same about immigration laws he doesn’t like. John Morton, Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, tells his agents which laws to enforce and which to ignore. Recently, an ICE agent testified that they were told it’s no longer a crime to be here illegally and unless they commit a felony or three misdemeanors they can’t be arrested. The agent said they no longer know what to do, because it’s against all their training and the oath they took. He said the new regulations were written down but when the media started getting wind of it they were ordered to write nothing down, everything’s oral.

We have “sanctuary cities” that won’t enforce the law. The response from the left: silence.

Then there’s Occupy Wall Street, a rather lawless bunch. There was no enforcement of the law on them. I think defecating on police cars is illegal, so is blocking traffic, camping anywhere you want, rape, and a myriad of other illegal acts. They were mostly ignored by law enforcement. You’re right about one thing, chaos and anarchy did follow. The Mayor of Oakland, Calif., refused to enforce the law against the Occupiers and the end result was riots. Again the response: silence.

I think Christ said it best, “Hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye and then worry about the speck in mine.”

You go, Sheriff Hanlin. This disgusting, fear-mongering, gun-toting, ignorant country bumpkin is proud to stand with you!

Virginia Busch


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